11 Jul 2019

Such an awesome time to get away, road trip down the coast with no plans, no rush....just an escape for the day away from the hustle ad bustle of the grind.

The sun shining, sea on the left of me, with a nice light breeze blowing just enough to let me smell the freshness of the ocean air, and to carry the sound of the waves to me. No need for the radio, this is the best music I've heard in ages.

I love to travel along the smaller roads, not the highway. It gets me away from all the crazy drivers, and allows me to explore the little towns that no one really stops in at. So what if it takes me longer to get to where I am going, thats the point, without a end point, I can enjoy the journey.....the way we should live our lives in a way.

As I go along, passing through a little cluster of houses, there I spy a lady walking along the road. Short denim shorts on, a pair of hiking boots, strappy top and a hat. Wonder where shes off to, its been a few kms since the last shops I past and who knows where the next lot are. Being polite, and somewhat curious, I stop and ask if shes OK or needs a lift? I've always been one to ask and offer rather than just driving by.

She tells me shes off to the next little dorpie, wants to go see this fellow shes been seeing on and off. I ask again if she would like a ride, thats the least I could do. She accepts, and slips into the front seat next to me.

As I set off, idle chatter about this guy, and where I'm from .... not kind of what I have had for the last hour or so of being able to loose myself in the tranquility but hey, good deep done for the morning.

I let my mind tune out what shes talking about, and tune back into the scene and enjoying the moment. I cant help but sneak a peak at her, sideways through my sunglasses so that she doesnt notice me glaring outright at her. No bra under her top, full gorgeous breasts that jiggle up and down with the bumps, and when the wind blows a little harder, the top moves enough for me to see her nipples. Damn, they need a good licking and sucking.....concentrate on driving man!! I wonder how long to her stop?

Glancing back, I see her lovely legs, stunningly shaped, smooth as silk, and the shorts that are so short and tight, that as shes sitting there I can see the shape of her pussy lips through them.

I ask her how far till she gets off, and she tells me at least 30 mins, depending on how fast I go. As a hint, I slow down to 60, and ask her and now? Maybe she will get my hint....and kind of hoping she'll notice the lump in my pants and my stolen glances at her. She laughs, and says at least 45 mins.....with a naughty smile after.

I ponder for a few minutes, and then decide, well hell take a chance. I move my hand to change gear again, and let it drop next to the outside of her leg. Not touching, but close enough where if she moved I would then tought the side of her leg.

She sits still, not moving an inch, then after what seemed forever she bends forward to fiddle with her boot laces, undoing them and taking them off. Reaching behind me to but them in the back, she gives me a full glance down her top and brushes her leg against my hand.

As she sits down again, she places her left leg on the dash, and her right leg against my hand. OH my, now my heart is pumping! I take my fingers and slowly trace a line up and down the outside of her leg. She smiles, says not a word but wiggles in her seat to turn her back a little towards me. If this carries on much more I am surely either going to crash or have to stop to carry on. I take the hint from her, and using my fingers, I now start lightly going up and down the whole leg, outside of her thigh, to the top....then with just my finger tips, up the inside to the edge of her shorts and back.

Her hand moves over to my leg and starts mimicking my movements. When i go to the inside so does she, if i move up and does her hand. I see how this is working now. I lift my arm and place it onto her shoulder, and then let my fingers start working around the edge of her top. I can feel her breathing, her heart beating. he hand is now resting on my leg, not moving at all. I let my fingers start to venture further down, tracing the outline and shape of her breast, letting the palm of my hand rub over her nipples. Each time i do, I feel her lean forward a little, trying to get more pressure against my hand.

I then let my fingers take hold of a nipple, I rub it between them, pinching slightly.

decide now is a good time to stop willingly, before things get way outta hand. I find a little pathway leading down towards the beach and pull the main road.

As soon as I turn off the car, with both hands free now, I pull her backwards onto my lap. Her face looking up at me. I lean down with my face and start kissing her lips...feeling them quiver under mine. Letting my tongue taste and explore hers. Pausing for a second, I lift up her top, pulling it off over her head, but keeping it over her arms still. Now back to kissing her, her arms above her head and my left hand now over her shorts rubbing her clit. Feeling her legs opening wider, I then lower my mouth onto her nipples, sucking on them, feeling them getting harder...then slightly nibble one between my teeth. Hearing the moan as i do, then I start to use my tongue against the tip of it as I hold onto it. My fingers shaking I undo her button on her shorts, and slid the zip down and push the shorts down to her ankles.

Now as my hand comes back up, I force her legs wider apart and as they get between her legs, I can feel how wet she is already. I pause for a moment before letting 2 fingers slid over her wet pussy, then wet with her juice all the way up to her clit. Using my 2 fingers to open her lips wide, i use my other fingers to start rubbing on her clit...nicely exposed for me to have fun. Feeling her start to squirm a little, i go back to her pussy and now let my fingers inside, using the palm of my hand against her clit, squeezing them together in my hand and shaking my hand up and down to really get her thinking about whats going to happen next.

I get out of the car after I feel her cum in my round to the passenger side, open the doon and get her onto the edge of the seat with her ass. I get her to grab hold of her shorts which are by her ankles now, and pull them towards her head...leaving me with a nice little presented dripping wet pussy and ass. I kneel down, and start licking with my tongue, licking up all the juices where they have dribbled out of her pussy and down her legs and ass. making sure she is holding onto her shorts well and tight, pulling her legs towards her chest I start to lick and use my fingers more ferociously. Letting my hand slid 2 fingers into her pussy and the other 2 fingers to open her lips up wide so i can lick and suck on her clit with easy. with each pump of my fingers more juices flow out, so I keep at the licking and sucking as well as rubbing her hot wet mess all over her.

I reach forward and pull one of her legs free from her shorts, and let my hand go to her nipples and mouth with my fingers. Without stopping with my hand and fingers in her pussy ad mouth on her clit, I undo my belt and lower my jeans while i am busy with her...and start rubbing myself with her wet sex....and in one movement, roll back onto my heels and pull her out of the car and onto me. The sudden replacement of my fingers with my cock makes her gasp...and then my mouth on her nipples again and then to her mouth, holding her down on my cock...shudders...from both of us.

I slid my hands under her ass and slowly lift her up, and then let go. She slams down hard on my cock, feeling the juices come out of her pussy and start to dribble over my balls. I start to repeat the process, steadily at first. As she slams down after the 4th or 5th time, i open up her legs and reach down and start rubbing her clit. I lean her back a little, she reaches between my legs and starts to rub my balls which are now soaked with her juice. The harder I rub her clit, the harder she rubs my balls. Arching my back I raise us both up a little, and manage to start thrusting at the same time, her other hand starts pinching her nipples her self.

I take this time, move my hand from between her legs and start on her free nipple. Applying as much force as she is....feeling how her pussy has started getting tighter around my cock as she fucks me. I don't know if this is from my cock swelling getting ready to explode or from the orgasm shes building up to.

Taking my spare hand now, i slide it down between us, fingers each side of my cock, getting covered in the juices. Spreading her pussy open shes now rubbing like crazy against her clit and my balls. Feeling how close I am now, as she rides up on my cock I pull out all the way, and as she comes down i push deep into her...feeling her pussy close around my cock i cant take it anymore and start to cum. Pumping her tight wet pussy with all I have in me, and her rubbing on my balls empties every bit of juice I have in me out. I'm still shaking from the experience as I feel her start to gush hot sweet pussy juices mixed with my cum all over me as she leans back and pushes down against me and her hand on her clit.

After a moment, and after catching our breath, she slowly kneels up, letting my cock slip out of her followed by all our hot mess. Without a moments hesitation, and a glint in her eye, she starts to lick it all up, then leans forwards and plants a huge kiss on my lips..las if to say it wasnt all her fault causing the delicious mess!

Slowly pulling up my jeans, and her now with the few clothes back on that she had, she looks around and starts walking down the path that we had pulled into. I asked shouldn't we be on the road so I could drop her off at her chaps place that she was headed to. Without a thought, she piped up, hes waiting for me on the beach here, not 50 meters away.....

I wonder what he heard, what he will say when he sees the mess his Mrs is in after a good fucking, .... thoughts I pondered as I turned back onto the road and headed to somewhere....getting there when I get there

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