Written by Mrs P

05 Apr 2017

After a long week at work, I decided to take a few days off and take a little road trip. My friend has been at me to visit her in Mossel Bay so we could enjoy some sun and fun together. So who am I to say no. Calling her up I tell her about my plans and she immediately jumps on the band waggon telling me that it sounds like an awesome idea but she has one small favour to ask me.

Seeing that I am driving alone could I bring her cousin with because he will be starting a new job there the following Monday. Not wanting to be a bad friend I agree because now I wouldn’t have to take the drive alone. Friday morning early I hear a knock on my front door and there is cousin Alex and I am a bit taken aback because he is not a little cousin he is well over 6ft tall gawking I intro myself and he smiles shyly saying he got my addy from Claire my friend in Mossel Bay. I invite him in so we can load the car and be off.

We started out listening to music and chatting about family and Claire, turns out he was a bit of a rebel growing up. He ended up with a few tats and some piercings. Interesting I know; I’ve always been a good girl and stayed far away from the bad stuff. An hour into our trip he asks if we can take a toilet break, as we drive we looking for a place to pull over. A couple of bends later and he is crossing and uncrossing his legs because the need is so great and I spot a picnic spot next to the road. Hurriedly I pull over and he makes a dash for the trees. Switching off the car as I get out I head to the same section because I too had the call of nature unknown that we were sharing the same bush. As I let go I look up and he is watching me pee. Mortified I turn and do my business blushing as I walk back to the car.

We decided to take a break and have a snack so I can rest a bit. I sat in the car door while he took a seat at the table and I kept staring at him out of the corner of my eye. What I didn’t know was that he was staring at me too, didn’t help that I was wearing a cut off jeans and crop top. Keeping conversation light he asked me if I had any piercings and I blushed because that was my one secret nobody knew about. He went on to say he just got a new one a few days ago and it was at the healing itching stage. Then I dared him to show me his and I’ll show him mine.

He stepped nearer and started unzipping his jeans. I blushed and looked away and he told me not to be shy because he wasn’t. Turns out he had a ring pierced right through his little eye on the head of his cock. I all but drooled wondering to myself how it tasted. He reached out to tweak it because it was itching a bit. Only I offered and reached out with my mouth before he could touch his cock. Immediately it went from semi hard to hard and I could not help but moan and took him deeper. At the same time, he groaned out loud because of the sensation of my tongue rasping against the ring. Taking him deeper I moved forward and opened my legs a bit sucking on his cock head. I let his cock pop out of my mouth and told him I wanted to show him my piercing and that grabbed his attention. I slowly lifted my top and showed him my pierced nipple. He could not believe it and reached out to touch my breast and nipple making me groan because by now I was so horny and wet the slightest touch will make me cream my pants.

After a few strokes, I lowered my top and we packed up because we had a lot of driving to do. So I told him I needed to pee again, and while he waited by the car I went behind the bushes. I lied I didn’t need to pee but I did need to come. So behind the bushes I pulled my shorts down and slipped my fingers in my G-string stroking my clit, I couldn’t contain myself and slipped two fingers into my wet pussy curling and they touch my G-spot. Moving my fingers faster I was nearing some relief and in the moment I did not hear Alex approach from the other side with his hard cock in hand. Lifting my head I saw him and took my fingers out licking them clean I stood up and he asked if he could maybe help with a problem. I turned around and bent down touching my ankles and told him to please help. He came nearer and only then I noticed he was already wearing a condom. Ever so slowly he penetrated my pussy with his hard cock groaning loud he goes deeper and deeper, making me grind my ass into him. Holding my hips tight to keep me from moving he starts pumping slowly warning me to keep quiet in case another car stops next to the road. The prospect of getting caught makes me wetter and I tell him to fuck me harder, he makes me bend my knees and we go down on all fours while his cock is still deep in my pussy. Now he goes at my pussy and with each stroke I can feel his cock ring against the walls of my pussy. Pumping faster my first orgasm overcomes me; he continues to drive his cock into my wet pussy making me come again and again. While he rides out my orgasm he uses his thumb wet with my pussy juice to slowly rub against my asshole. Feeling his finger at that forbidden hole has me moaning louder and that drives him over the edge; shouting he comes and grinds into my pussy making me come again.

Cleaned up we head back onto the road and the conversation is stilted again because what we just did was forbidden; I mean he was my best friends cousin! Driving through the next town I only stop for fuel and keep going because now we have to catch up for time spent fucking. Finally, he breaks the silence and asks if I enjoyed myself; taking the bull by the horns I say yes and I am still wet and horny. Now it’s his turn to be stumped; groaning he tells me to look his way and he has his cock out and its hard and shiny gripped in his hand. Telling me our earlier pit stop has made him hornier, I whisper that he must stroke his cock for me and tell me how it feels. Stroking slowly he tells me that it’s so hard it's painful and all he can think of how wet my pussy got when he rammed his cock into me. As we leave the town in the dust the road is empty but luckily my windows are tinted as well. Alex on the other hand is stroking his cock faster asking me if I want to taste it. A few minutes later I see another picnic space and pull over. Parking as close to the trees as I can I switch off and push my seat back unzipping my shorts as I go pushing it off taking my G-string with it. Leaning back I open my legs and touch myself feeling how wet I am; using my fingers I play with my clit while my other hand tug on my nipple ring. Moaning for release I use two fingers and slowly start finger fucking myself while he continues to jerk off faster timing my fingers.

Moving faster with my fingers with my feet against the steering wheel he moves over and lightly touches my clit making me shoot in my seat and squirt all over myself. That got him so horny he came all over his jeans. After catching our breath we clean up, he got out to change into a short and I grabbed a skirt from my bag. A few minutes later we were back on the road next stop Swellendam.

About forty minutes later we do our pit stop at Swellendam load up on some water and hit the road again. The next stop is another forty minutes, so we settle on the road and chat about our little sexual adventure; he confesses that he saw me a while back at his cousin's place and has wanted to touch me since then.

Laying the ground rules I tell him we can only have fun as long as we are on the road because I am not looking for a boyfriend, laughingly he agrees because he is going to settle in Mossel Bay. Half way to Heidelberg he asks me if he can taste my pussy because so far he has only licked my juices from my fingers. Eager to get my pussy licked I start looking for a place to pull over; a few turns later I spot a picnic spot and pull over. After our earlier sexcapade, I didn’t put on any panties so when I pulled over he got out and I sat on his seat and spread my legs. He went on his knees and slowly ran his tongue through my pussy and slowly sucked my clit. Wrapping my legs around his neck I lean back and he starts tongue fucking my pussy making me orgasm in his mouth.

Slurping up my pussy juice he continues to suck my clit while he slowly finger fucks my pussy making me come again and again making my pussy juice run down my ass. Ad he finger fucks my pussy he slowly penetrates my asshole with his thumb double penetrating me. Jerking off the seat at the added pressure I come loudly squirting all over his face; he doesn’t stop sucking and makes me orgasm again.

Slowly coming back to myself I see that he has lowered my skirt and cleaned himself up. Knowing that we still have another two hours left our trip we get back on the road and skip stopping on Heidelberg and head straight to Mossel Bay. Half way to our final destination I ask him if we can fuck one last time because when reaching there he will be off limits, he agrees. As we reach Albertinia I see a BnB and we agree to pull over for a few hours. He goes and gets us a room and we head up

As we walk in a start stripping and he notices the tattoo on my shoulder and starts kissing it. Helping me out of the rest of my clothes he nibbles on my neck and I help him out of his shorts. Pushing me back on the bed he climbs on and tells me to turn around and get on my knees and I comply. Feeling him behind me he runs his tongue from my ass to my clit and tongue fucks me for a few seconds getting pussy nice and wet and before I know if he is ramming his cock into my pussy making me moan and buck back into him. Slowly fucking my wet pussy he again uses his finger to penetrate my asshole making spasm around his cock, in turn, making him fuck me harder. Bending over my back while fucking me he asks if I mind if he tries to fuck my ass and I say no. Popping his cock out of my pussy he runs his fat cock head over my asshole telling me to touch myself. While pushing three fingers up my pussy I feel his cock head stretch my asshole and he is in. At first, it is a bit tight but as I relax it starts feeling so good I can’t help but move. With my fingers in my pussy and his cock deep in my ass I can help but squirt and I end up wetting the bed. Hearing me come he grips my hips and push his cock even deeper into my ass coming with me. Slowly slipping out of my ass he lies down and pulls me down next to him. We doze off still dripping of sweat.

Waking up an hour later we decide to have a shower and hit the road again we still had forty-five minutes left of our trip. As I got into the shower all I felt was a cold draft and I was not alone anymore. Grabbing the soap he soaps me up rubbing my whole body down the moves me under the shower to rinse; turning me around he lifts my hands and tell me to hold onto the wall and lifts my one leg at the same time shoves his hard cock into my pussy to the hilt. As he starts fucking me I can only hold on to the wall and ride out the orgasms. He starts fucking me harder and faster and I feel myself slipping; we turn and he is against the wall holding me up as I lean against him under the shower. Grinding into my pussy he makes me come again, I start rubbing clit. As my orgasm build he whispers that he is near and I tell him to come in my mouth; before he comes he pulls out and I go on my knees yanking off the condom I take his cock in my mouth just as he starts coming down my throat.

Finally clean and dressed we head back onto the road. We agree that Claire does not need to know what happened and when we reach her place we part ways but I leave him with my number….

The End