Written by Hornyhazyview

14 Mar 2014

As I stood and watched you, standing naked on the deck of our room, with sun setting behind you, reflecting off the swollen water of the Zambezi River. I can hear the distant cry of a fish eagle, the deck beneath us is trembling.

My cheeks hot, caught between shame and laughter, my manhood painfully swollen with desire.

I can sense and smell the hot rush of longing, between your thighs. I can see your desire on the top of your thighs.

The nape of my neck prickling with delicious anticipation as I approach you, pressing my hand against your womanhood the slick muskiness within oh the aroma of you has me trembling, your lips part instantly, your swollen mouth sucking greedily at my fingers, gripping them with muscular ardour.

I lift my hand to my mouth and lick it sucking my fingers, remembering the last time I tasted you with the arching fervour of my tongue, the perfect private taste of you.

I am alive with desire; every inch of me crawling with it I know you feel exactly the same

A whiff of perfume, your natural womanly scent, the remembrance of your eyelashes, your tiny pale almost girlish erect nipples, your breasts small and pert, your skin seems to glow like a pink pearl, dries my mouth and melts me the same way that just by looking at you; I can make the flesh between your legs turn liquid honey.

The longing is intoxicating me…

Your legs tremble as I run a finger tip along the cleft of your buttocks while you reach out and caress the tender tip of me.

The ungovernable swell of desire that has surged in your belly knocked the breath from you lungs. My right hand moves deftly over your pale creamy skin so that the fine hairs upon your thighs burst into tiny flowers of flame.

You move down toward me lying down on the chaise lounge Legs parted, bent at the knees and eyes closed, inhaling the leather smell of my hand upon your face every nerve in your body strained towards my touch as inexorably, miraculously, my hand moved upwards Un hooked by longing, your body arched towards me. When at last I reach to touch you, there is nothing else left, nothing in the world but my fingers and the delirious incoherent frenzy of pure sensation they send through you.

For like every one who falls for the first time under the spell of corporal desire. The shimmering anticipation between your thighs is a sight to behold.

As long as I touch you and caress you my fingers drawing a quivering music from tightly stung nerves till you reach a crescendo and gush an orgasm over my hand filling it with your womanly ejaculate, oh the aroma and flavour of you, to see the exquisite pleasure on your flushed face is almost enough to take me over the edge.

The pinkness of your open and swollen lips, topped with a thin strip of fair hair as soft as down.

With your pearl of desire standing out proud almost like a tiny erect penis. While you very gently play with it; as if you were masturbating me. Looking at you with your legs bent at the knee, offering yourself to me, to see you open with desire, to smell your desire and to see the moistness of you gently running out of you like warmed honey, slowly creeping down you towards your anus, glazing it with your juice.

I am mesmerized by the sight of your little pink star quivering, and clenching, tightening and relaxing, as you enjoy yet another orgasm

Oh I wish I could bottle the aroma of hot wet vagina.

I kneel down between your legs and begin to kiss very gently almost a chaste peck up your right leg, whilst massaging it with both my hands, moving up your thigh almost touching your womanhood, I blow gently on it and watch you buck and thrust, I move to the left leg and repeat the exercise, but this time very gently almost feather like I run the tip of my tongue over your little pink star, then softly using my lips only nibble on the skin between your anus and vagina, you are shaking and shivering, you breathing is fast, and stops as I give your pink lips butterfly kisses. I can taste the sweetness of you as you once again explode with absolute pleasure clamping my head in place with your thighs and massaging my scalp and directing me where to go next. You are asking me to use my fingers, my hand and even my manhood, but I refuse I want to taste more of your pleasure, I want you to squirt, before I go any further.

You loosen your grip on me and I get on my hand and knees , I move gently up over your mound past the thin strip of feather lite hair continuously kissing and oh so gently licking you, I swirl my tongue around , your navel and marvel as the fine light hair on your belly comes to attention, I continue to move up till I reach your amazing breasts, as small as they are with your tiny pink nipples standing to attention, I can see them twitching with desire as I bend down a lick them with the tip of my tongue and suck on each one in turn.

Your hands are wrapped around my penis squeezing it rubbing it with very slow gentle strokes, your one hand fondles and gently massages my scrotum moving back towards my anus which you softly rub with you middle finger, your hand leaves my penis just for a moment and I feel it back again, this time lubricated with your sweet nectar that you rub over the head, making me buck and thrust into your hand, oh I so want to enter you now, I want to feel the warm almost hot moistness of your spread pink lips, I want to feel your swollen vagina sucking greedily at my penis, gripping it with muscular ardour, whilst you massage my balls and wrap our legs tightly around me ,but I am going to hold back.

I want to, take my time and pleasure you to perfection, till you are totally satisfied.


I now turn around with my head facing you feet and kneeling above your head I tenderly massage your scalp, moving down your slender neck, slowly oh ever so slowly and soothingly massage your breasts, softly rubbing your orbs between my fingers,

I nibble your long almost swanlike neck and softly bite your ear lobes and then gently kiss your lips, softly with very little pressure, moving my mouth to kiss your bottom lip, tenderly rubbing the tip of my tongue over your lip, your mouth opens and our tongues touch, oh want a wonderful sensation to taste, you knowing that you can taste your own juices. How ferociously alive you make me feel.

My hands continue their journey southwards tenderly massaging your thighs, up and down stay just out of reach of wet swollen lips, up and down your thighs, till I reach you knees and raise them placing your feet as close to your bum as I can get them, slowly, tenderly massage your calves, moving down to your toes and feet, massaging your feet and moving back up to the top of your calves, the aroma of your arousal floods my nostrils as I bend and gently kiss your wet swollen lips, light gentle pecks tenderly sucking each of your lips in turn going up one to your clit and giving it a twirl with my tongue and moving down your other lip giving it gentle little nibbles I can seen you are very close now your vagina is wide open and twitching flooding with that lovely juice of yours, overflowing and running down past your anus dripping on to the chaise lounge.

I cover you with my mouth as if French kissing your fanny and as I slide my tongue in to you, I watch your toes curl and clench the fabric beneath it at the same time I feel you contract on to my tongue almost taking it in all way, your thighs grip my head in place almost painfully and you begin to buck and thrust against my tongue I can feel you hot breath against my turgid penis and ball bag. My head is being crushed it feel as if it is about to burst as you, reach what I can only describe as a volcanic orgasm squirting your feminine love juice into my mouth where it hits the back of my mouth and throat with such force that I struggle to swallow it, but what a wonderful feeling, what a taste, I have never had a woman cum in my mouth like that before, oh the flavour of you makes me want to begin again. Your legs fall away from me, you become very still it seem that you have stopped breathing, this frights me and I sit up and look down at you, my penis dribbling pre-cum into your hair, you have this impish grin on your face, your cheeks are flushed, your pale blue eyes have rolled back, your arms lie limply by your sides, your eyes roll back and you look up at me, lick your lips, smile again, showing your pearl white teeth and sigh, you softly whisper .. now its my turn.


But first we must eat you say, damn but ok, we take a stroll from our chalet up to the restaurant, and start the evening off having a bottle of Kroner sparkling wine. The moon is full and because it is still rising it is blood red, reflecting off the fast flowing Zambezi river, we take our seats at a table and enjoy a fantastic dinner of oysters, steak med ium rare.

You spend the evening teasing me, you have a naughty sparkle in your pale blue eyes with Long almost unnaturally long eye lashes

that seem to look right through me, you have this uncanny way of being able to read my mind. You also spend a lot of time flirting with the girl at the table next to ours.

We finally leave the restaurant and stroll back to our room, stooping to admire the moon that has now risen, we kiss and cuddle and have a quick fondle before returning to your room, where you push me on to our bed and undress me, in fact you almost rip me out of my clothes before removing yours, you have an awesome body and you are very obviously aroused your lips are pouting and glistening.

I lie back and you start kissing my neck moving down by body, softly running your hands up and down my body.

I feel your hot moist mouth over my penis, licking it like an ice cream cone like the time I first saw you eating an ice cream, grinning at me, and a lustful look in your eyes, you move down and I can feel your Lips on my balls , then gently sensitively, tonguing with your the tip of around and around my star every fourth circle gently entering me with your tongue, one hand stoking my penis, one massaging my balls, I am Pulsating throbbing, shivering with desire.

Your hands warmed and covered in mango infused oil are massaging almost kneading my bum cheeks almost like bread dough, dribbling saliva on my pink star your little finger penetrating me but only just, just enough for me to want more. Your mouth moves back to my prick, the Tip of your tongue on my penis, as if trying to French kiss the hole in it. You move up my body giving me tiny butterfly kisses on my neck, nibbling my ear lobes, rubbing your finger around my anus, massaging the oil into me, your middle finger penetrating oh so slowly and gently me looking for the walnut, finding it and massaging it with your finger tips the feeling is exquisite you have found my g spot the most sensitive nerve cluster in my body. Sucking on my nipples you move your mouth back down to my penis kissing it rubbing it, squeezing it, Your long hair with a rich floral and strawberry aroma and a hit of ejaculate trailing on my stomach tickling sensation on my balls, you have turned around now to the 69 position. Your pink eye winking at me as you come by yourself oozing cum dribbling it on to my face it’s like liquid velvet with a glorious and intriguing aroma your tiny tight star clenching and releasing I try to lift my head I want to suck on those gorgeous swollen saturated pink lips I want to spread your but cheeks apart and penetrate your arse hole with my tongue. But here is the surprise you promised me she is wearing a pair of red cotton briefs the gusset are is soaking wet, she is has her hand on my forehead holding it down, with a wolfish grin she says no, no ,no you’ve had your share, I smell her feminine aroma a spicy plum aroma, she removes her briefs to reveal a nice clean plum, juicy oh so juicy for easy enjoyment I can imagine a sweet entry and a brisk finish. Her cherry like clit is stick out looking kind of feisty, she lowers herself on to me she has a beguilingly rich and smooth flavour which I know will leave a ripe juicy after taste in mouth.

You are stroking rubbing the head in circular movements with your friends love juice.

You rub your breasts and especially you nipple along the head of my penis, the sensations that are raging through my whole body are driving me wild all I want to do is come but you won’t let me. “Not yet” you keep whispering the ache I have in my scrotum is almost unbearable.

You now restrain me by tying my hands above my head with your knickers, my legs spread and tied to the legs of the bed with your pantyhose I feel that every part of me is accessible to you I know I’m not going to get immediate pleasure from you not yet any way

Your mouth sucking greedily at my cock, gripping it with muscular ardor your throat swallowing me hole I can feel your throat contact on me, whilst you are fingering me with your three fingers, every second penetration goes all the way up and you kind of pinch and squeeze my almond shaped prostate gland.

You have straddled my dick, reverse cow girl style you have released my one hand and place it between us taking my thumb up your ass, my dick deep inside you are riding me with a rocking motion with one hand massaging your clit and the other with that little massage machine you bought for me turned on to full you are matching your rocking pace sliding the prostrate massager in and out of my arse hole I know I am not going to be able hold on much longer I suddenly feel detached form my body, I have absolutely no control of my body which is quivering with anticipation, bucking and bouncing as I come I have never come like before, its liking having ten sneezes at once In the explosion of my physical delight, I lost my self, I was a million brilliant filaments shooting all into you.

The nerve clusters in the head of my manhood and around my arse hole are tingling as if on fire. This sets of a chain of orgasms, Squelching, we all three of come together, to the loud applause of your friends boyfriends and the guests from the room next door.