10 Jul 2019

Inspiration from long conversations with Moonlightfairy led to this.....

Another day, another dollar....lets get to work.

1st call out of the morning, a blocked kitchen sink at a new client, oh well i think, might as well get onto it.

Walking up to the front door, toolbox in one hand, knock on the door and wait for the lady to answer. As the door opens, there is a treat for my eyes. A stunning woman, in a sleep shirt and dressing gown, wrapped up warm and looking freshly woken up. I tell her Im here to fix the sink...and she opens the door for me to come in.

I follow her to the kitchen, and she points to the sink, and mentions that its been giving issues for while, but her hubby is useless at tending to things around the house. I wonder if that includes tending to his wife....thoughts flash through my head.

I open the cupboard and lay down on my back to start trying to find the leak. I ask her if she would be so kind as to open the tap so I can have a look see.

She walks up past my legs and stands next to the sink, while I am under the sink and opens a tap slowly for me. What she maybe doesnt realise is that I can see right up her night shirt and dressing gown now. Maybe she does it on purpose but she moves slightly to give me a better look. I see a very we spot, glistening with moisture...and its not the leaking pipes either!

I quickly try and get my mind back onto the reason I am here...and hope she doesnt notice the growing bulge in my trousers. I start fixing the pipes, and making small talk about what I am doing....and she is still standing next to me...letting me see up her stunning legs, seeing her gorgeous pussy and ass right there....just out of reach!

I ask her to fill up the sink, and then let the water out so I can see if what I have done has fixed the leak. She then moves over, standing one leg each side of me and does what I ask for. DAAAAMMMMN!!! I cant take this any more, and I slowly reach up with my hand, gently touching the inside of her thighs as my hand moves upwards. Im half expecting her to pull away and scream blue murder, but she opens her legs even more and slowly bends her knees to bring everything into reach.

i let my fingers slowly start to rub against her clit, and then slowly around the outside of her wet pussy, then back up to her clit with her wetness. She slowly starts to move with my rubbing, pushing harder against my fingers.

i slowly rub my thumb around the outside of her wet, delicious pussy, then slowly push it into her. Letting my other fingers rub and play with her clit as i do it. Then I slowly take it out, and rub all of her warm juices over her clit, and lett my fingers rub further around.

I take my hand away, licking and sucking the juice into my mouth, and tasting her sweetness. I push my hand back up again, straight into her warm pussy again and fingers on her clit, i let a spare finger slowly apply a little pressure against the outside of her tight little ass hole.

As I feel her pushing down on my hand once again, I tell her to turn around and face away from me. She quickly turns around and sees the bulge in my pants which I cant hide any more. I tell her to kneel down, with her calves under my shoulders. I can feel her rubbing the outside of my jeans. I feel her start to undo my belt, and I tell her that thats not allowed...not yet anyways!

I slowly lift up the night shirt and gown, onto her back and giving myself full view of her from behind. With a slow and deliberate movement, i slowly push her downwards, so her face is just above my jeans, and take her hands away and place each one on one of her ass cheeks.

I make her open her self up wide, in full view of myself, and then as she does, I slowly kiss the inside of her thighs, The let my tongue tip lick the tip of her clit very slowly, then a long slow lick down to her wet pussy. Pausing there for a second, I let my tongue then go deeper into her pussy getting a good taste of her. As i take my tongue out i slowly carry on licking the whole way round to her tight little asshole and give her a little lick there as well.

Moving back around, I slide a finger into her pussy while my mouth works on her clit, feeling it get harder in my mouth as her pussy gets wetter and wetter. I take a 2nd finger from the other hand and slid that into her pussy with my other finger, still licking and sucking on her clit.

as I feel her getting wetter and wetter, I move her forwards slightly. I then carry on, but with a finger against her asshole. Shes now in a situation where if she wants more, and moves backwards to get me deeper into her, all fingers will slid into her. I feel the hesitation, and then she slowly and surely moves backwards, letting all 3 fingers slid into her, and my mouth harder and firmly on her clit.

She starts moving faster, and deeper...a slight moan comes out of her mouth as I can feel her getting close to cumming. I feel it as she starts to shake, and quiver from what I know will be the first of a few orgasms this morning.

I let her finish cumming, and she attacks my belt now, and before I know it shes got my jeans down and her mouth is wrapped around my cock. I feel as she takes a long lick from the tip of my shaft all the way down, and then slowly licks and sucks on my balls.

Damn she feels so warm, I can only imagine what her pussy feels like. I slowly move from under her, and ash she thinks that Im moving to her slid my cock into her pussy, I mover around so she is almost sitting on my chest.

I reach my hands up, holding her face, then slowloy down to her breasts and nipples. I play with them in turn, making them hard...and feeling her pussy drippnig onto me makes me even hotter. I spread her lips wide open, and start on her clit with my mouth, while looking at the in the eyes. Hands still on her nipples and breasts, I tell her to start rubbing her clit while i suck, like and tongue her in her pussy.

I so do love a good face fuck, especially from a hot, horny, gorgeous deprived lady like this. Her hubbys loss is definitely my gain.

My tongue deep in her pussy as she rubs and plays with her clit. I tell her to start fingering herself, while i let my tongue taste and play as she does. I slowly sit upright, letting her play away, her shoulders now on the floor, her legs over my shoulders and my mouth sucking and licking at her fingers as she plays. i slowly start to lick her asshole now as she fingers her pussy...damn I cant believe how tight she is and how good she tastes. I feel her start building up to another orgasm, and take this time to now slowly stand above her, and place my cock against her wet pussy.. I let her finger herslf then rub her juices over my cock, pressing it down against her clit, and the opening to her pussy.

I take the plunge and slowly slid it into her wet, warm pussy...damn it feels so good. After getting myself so damn horny by eating and playing with her like I have, I am so close to cumming, but dont want this to end.

I go in and out slowly, feeling her pussy tighten up as I go in deeper and then back out. I feel her start to move her hips with each in and out that I make, and I now move her hand away so that I can rub her clit. She takes her hands and hold onto my hips, trying to pull me deeper and deeper into her. I feel her start to get very very hot and wet, can see her nipples hardening, her pussy getting tighter around my cock.

I pause my movements, letting my hand rub even she starts to moan, i start pumping away very hard and fast. I cannot stop myself now...and keep going, feeling myself cum in her pussy, all our juices now mixing.

I pull out my cock, and then use my fingers to slowly go into her and pull out our cum, taking it and rubbing it over her clit and ass hole...then slowly licking it up. with each lick, i then deeply and forcefully kiss her, sharing what we've been doing.

As I get up, and she slowly pulls her clothes back down to where they should be, I let her know with a glint in my eye, that the repair is done, but will only last a week or so. Please feel free to call me in again so that I can try and fix it for you, and no charge until its done right!!

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