Written by gavin0066

11 Jul 2014

He nibbled at her small toe. Ran his fingers lightly up the insides of her thighs. She responded by throwing back her head, rolling her eyes in glee and parting her legs just a little.The tingling warmth flowed throughto her scalp.Now he was sucking her big toe in a gentle rythum. She closed her eyes letting the scene wash over her like a warm shower.With his wet tongue he lightly licked the soles of her feet and slowly traced a path up the inside of her right leg but stopped a few inches from her sensitive 'lips' and stated to make wet cilcles around her navel. Starting inside her 'belly button' and cirlcling outwards. Then he played his tongue fro one dark, erect nipple to the other, at the same time gently exploring her velvet mound of pubic hair.

She lay still hardly breathing, eyes closed.

She had dreamed of this momentbut this was beyond even those dream sensations.

When his tongue found her clitoris, she groaned in sheer delight.

She'd read of this. Love scenes in novels, but there were no words that could describe waht was happening to her.She had waited, what semeed like forever ,for this moment. She had saved up all of her fantasies for this experience, this once in a lifetime happening.

His tongue slid slowly between the already moist lips of her labia. He breathed long and deep, savouring her sweet warmth. And then back towards her clitoris he gently circled the small but precious point. Expertly he slid two fingers deep inside her and kept up a gently massaging action. her respons e was to arche her back feeling surges throug her whole being growing stronger and stronger.Years of riding horses had taken care of ant hymen restrictionbut he was so careful and coaxing as he knew that he was her first.

The circling tongue kept up its motion and now the clitoris was engorged, erect.

He needed no stimulation, her response to his touch was enough to make him so hard that he ached.

As she neared her climax he lightened his touch. then she was writhing and screaming in a shrill of delight. he slowed his fingers inside her , meeting her rising hips. Then she pulled up her knees in her rapture almost bashing her head as she thrashed around in extacy .

Soon he mounted her astride slowly , using both hands to guide his cock in to her willing depths. She cried out again with joy thrust her hips upward to meet his cautious first moves. Soon , with knees flexxed and both hands cupping her awaked breasts he rode her to the sweet rythum of her own thrusts. More, she pushed for more, deeper it seemed , until finally , with his climax she felt the wonderful warm spurt of his seed within her. He froze on top of her, locked in a joyous 'knot' and she , as if trapped by his power, sensual strength. she glowed and held still for him but could not relax. Not yet , not after such an earthshattering experience. She wanting to keep him inside her forever.