Written by cottonthong

25 Aug 2017

We entered the club in PE’s vibey Richmond Hill via a tiny alley hidden from the local revellers, anxious but excited, my heart beating a little faster as we knock and enter through double doors and immediately hit by an alluring but calming scent. The nerves seemingly disappearing. We take a seat at the bar counter, dressed classy & sexy and for comfort and more sinister reasons, a skirt was an apt choice… long thin slender legs ending in kitten heals, just enough open abreast to surrender eyes. We order a cocktail and scan the room idly chit chatting, whilst enforcing our arrival together, a touch on the leg, a joke in the ear, a stroke of the hair. He’s mine and I’m his. He rises off his chair, finishes his cocktail as I swallow my last.. Standing between my now open legs his arms grasp my waist and in a soft voice…..he says, “let’s go find him”….

We walk, his arm around my back, through the couples lounge, just as another couple’s attention is caught by us, he notices and stops me and kisses me heavily grasping my ass as he glares at the couple (they smile heavily)… unaware I stumble a bit as he grabs my hand and drags me into the singles lounge, a few heads noticing our entrance… heading to the bar counter we order another drink and find a spot to sit, again scanning the room enjoying our drinks, whispering into my ear you leave me as bait and find the nearest wall to stand and watch… I plot my own bait… and tease for those looking. Rising to my feet, he gives me a confused look, and I approach him against the wall seductively, he matches my thoughts grabs me and twists me into the wall pinning me against it….lowering his body against mine kissing my neck, collar, chest as his hand moves slowly up my leg finding its way underneath my skirt, pressing my body against the wall I glance into the room and a tall figure at the bar counter catches my eye. He is handsome, rugged, smartly dressed, not young and not old, sipping his drink and licking his lips…I respond to my husbands advances and we kiss, losing sight of the stranger…My arms around my husbands neck, we release and smile his arms pinned either side of my head against the wall, but he releases and I take my seat but as my sight is cleared of his face … the stranger is now seated opposite on the leather sofa, leg over knee, arms over seat rests…. His gaze of want unquestionable. I smile shyly and take a seat, crossing my legs freely, his brows rise as he catches a glimpse under my skirt. I reach for my drink and sip it glancing his direction our eyes meeting, he smiles wryly….

I finish my sip of wine and place it on the glass table. My husband has now disappeared to the bar. I ask the stranger.. "Did you enjoy that?" He responds very matter of factly.. "I want to fuck you".._my eyes widen and I glance my husbands way. The sudden arousal below makes me blush. And somehow I think he knows it. I shift in my spot and as I do he rises.. His slightly bulging jeans catch my eye and I grin knowing full well I've done it. He glances the way of my husband who is now eager to join. The handsome stranger instructs me to stay put and joins my husband at the bar. I see words exchange and both look my way with desire in their eyes.

The barman is summoned and an exchange occurs, the stranger deposits cash on the bar counter and my husband receives a key. The barman glances my way and I grin ear to ear, heart beating….A few more words are exchanged and the barman points to a door nearby. I now know a private room has just been acquired. My husband disappears and the stranger rejoins me, grabs my hand and leads me quickly in the direction of pleasure...single men glareing in jealousy the stranger determined but gentle. We pass through 2 doorways and finally reaching a door marked "PRIVATE". Before he knocks for my husband to enter, he grabs me by the waist, pushes me against the wall, groin to groin and kisses me passionately, repeating what had caught his eye earlier... I am surprised and suddenly left wanting and wipeing my lips...

My heart is now pumping as I wipe my lips then lick them, his scent still lingering under my nose. I take a deep breath and open the door marked “private”. As I close it locks and the sound of that click is palpable. I lean my back against the closed door and find myself surrounded by a sheer white bedroom, my eyes take a moment to adjust to the contrast of the club. It’s settling, then my eyes are caught up in an array of tools beautifully arranged on the right wall, and standing beside them is the handsome stranger swinging a pair of hand cuffs in his fingers… my eyes widen as he takes another pair from one of the hooks, my eyes widen, and a shooting pang envelopes my now wet pussy…. I look for my husband and he is sitting grinning from ear to ear in a corner chair (yeah I know corny huh) .. I motion toward him and I suddenly hear the stranger out loud and very audibly say “STOP”. MY husband raises an eyebrow and crosses his legs to hide his noticeable bulge.

The stranger commands me to undress… I take a spot at the base of the bed and stare him down while I slowly unbutton my black silk top, a little surprised by my strong reaction, a slight smile appears in the corner of his mouth. He motions toward me with both hand cuffs… my silk shirt now loose, breasts just visible. He places both handcuffs into his jean pockets, then runs his hands over my shoulders and under the shirt…. It drops to the floor, eyes locked on each other I’ve almost forgotten my husband watching from the corner behind us. He flicks each nipple together with both hands, suddenly im thrust toward him and he kisses me hard. His hands finding the back of my grey skirt. He plants his one hand between my breasts and motions me onto the bed onto my back and just as quickly I find myself stareing up at him… my legs instantly "wanting" to part... Im lieing still in anticipation of his next move, and before my mind is allowed to wonder his presence is obvious, towering strongly over me, his hands grab my waist and he swiftly turns me onto my stomach (which is now in my throat but wickedly delishishly), i can feel his hands in the small of my back as he looses the button of my skirt and slowly zips the skirt open to reveal a white cotton thong and silky cheeks.... i can hear him moan in visual delight. I feel the weight of his presence in my ear as he whispers "i'm going to enjoy this". . my heart races and my pussy now wanting and wet. He slowly removes my skirt, lowering down my body, slipping each shoe off, as he whisks it off to find the floor. He twists me over onto my back, now faceing him he slowly removes a set of hand cuffs from his jean pocket and places it along side me, my eyes instantly glued to its sight following its resting place, the anticipaction palpable. i lie in waiting. He returns his attention to me, seperates my legs and moves closer between them. He leans over and traces his fingers down my breastbone, over my tummy and and with his thumb inches it under my thong, finding my clit, the touch sending tiny ripples across my body, he circles it then slips it lower as he mixes it with my wetness and licks his lips momentarily stealing his concentration. He regains .... as he grabs my thong and slowly motions it down forcing me to lift my bum and close my legs, the feeling of finally being fully exposed is delicious, the wanting now more present..... i rest my legs on the bed semi closed, as he reaches for the set of handcuffs, my eyes following his every move trying to anticipate his next... suddenly his hands strongly seperate my legs, he stretches for my left arm matching it with my left ankle and as swiftly cuffs them together, my pussy now very exposed and wanting as he motions to his other pocket and removes the second set of cuffs, his left hand raises my right leg, cuffing it, reaching for my right arm, he again cuffs both together.. i can now barely move. my arms and legs strianing to find any comfortable position only to find comfort in exposing myself more, my pussy now sopping wet, anticipating his touch, wanting his touch, needing his touch. He steps backward admiring his work, AND the sight.... I have neglected thoughts for my husband in the corner and attempt to motion my head in his direction, when suddenly I am snapped back into “the moment” by the warm moist sensation of the tip of his tongue on my clit, the sensation so sharp it makes my body jolt.. I look down and engage the face of pleasure. His eyes piercing mine just as he disappears between my legs. My stomach muscles straining to view him. My body instantly rising as my head feels the bed in reaction to further attention. His warm mouth exploring my wet pussy, fingers parting my lips exposing my delicate and proudly erect clit. He wastes no time in teasing it. My body jolts again, straining against the cuffs. His mouth swallows my clit. Sucking and releasing. Licking with a full tongue.... constant teasing bringing me closer and closer as I feel my orgasm building. His punishment is relentless. taking me to the edge then slowing. His mouth and beard explore, I’m lost wanting to orgasm…. Again he takes my clit into his mouth swallowing it like it’s the last one. His tongue tipping it with more urgency, I moan, breath heavy & I plead, “don’t stop”. He continues silently, both his hands cupped over my breasts, his head buried and savouring my taste….i can feel my orgasm building quickly, the pleasure flowing down through my body as it peaks and I cum so hard my eyes rolling, back arching, wrists and and ankles straining against cuffs, my body explodes sending ripples of pleaure, every inch of me tensing and shuddering. I’m lost… as my body slows its shuddering and I’m brought back energy consumed, breath slow, stomach tense.. he is above me now, and motions to his right pocket of his jeans and removes a key. My head motioning toward my cuffed ankles and wrists as he releases one, then the other, my limbs limp with sexual exhaustion. I think of my husband in the corner, I search for him, he softly mouths “I’m here babe… enjoying the show” , twisting my neck more I find him still sitting in the corner strokeing his now erect cock, I grin and notice he looks toward the edge of the bed as the stranger approaches him and whispers into his ear, his eyes light up…. I’m not privy to what is said…. My mind twists and turns conjuring possible words.as I watch the stranger round the corner of the bed heading toward me.. suddenly grabbing both my legs and pulling me closer to the edge of the bed, widening them, he releases them as they hang astride his legs. My heart in my stomach in anticipation of his next move. He leans in and whispers in my ear “I’m going to fuck you!!” My heart sinks to my stomach, turning to butterflies, my still wet pussy pangs in arousal. He stands above me and slowly unzips his jeans, lowers them off his hips releasing his erection, my eyes glued to it thinking “it’s perfect, I lick my dry lips and watch him strip out the legs of his jeans and a condom placed between his teeth. He asks “Do you like what you see?” as he breaks the seal of the condom and in seconds its on. He pushes my body further into the middle of the bed and climbs on kneeling between my now even more splayed legs, pussy wet and wanting, his thinghs meeting the back of mine as he handles me roughly grabbing both wrists and pushing them above my head pinning them to the bed, heart pumping, I lick my lips again, he slides his cock over my pussy lips, before slowly entering me, I gasp as he fills me, his face lifting eyes closed then glances in the direction of my husband, the smell of sex in the air as he glares into my face with lust in his eyes and starts thrusting, shallow thrusts that just tease, I moan as his pelvis hits my pussy as his thrusts now become more urgent…. Thrusting away he says “oh fuck you feel amazing”….. my breasts bouncing!!. Harder and faster he thrusts, penetrating me deeply, suddenly he pulls out… twists me over and commands me to my knees grabbing my hips, his cock penetrating me again, his hands grab my hips, takeing control. Deep penetrating thrusts, I moan out “ohhhh” as he hits that spot over and over, my breathing heavy, I can feel my orgasm building, the wet slapping sound of body on body. I whimper “oh god that feels good” my hair around my face, my body bouncing backward and forward as I glance at my husband, he is now standing proud next to the bed strokeing himself in pleasure of the sight. My head drops to face the bed, hands gripping the sheets, I can feel the waves building and building as the pleasure of his thrusting courses through my body……. I can feel it, that delicious edge of pleasure, “I cry out im going to cum” as my pussy tightens around his cock, his moans more shallow and lustful as I the waves or my orgasm course through my body, I shake and quiver in ecstacy, moaning in pleasure, I hear him equally groan in pleasure as he cums inside me, his body shakeing against mine, another slapping thrust before his grip on my hips weakens and another quick thrust as he empties himself, my body writhing and exhausted from pleasure. Our breathing both heavy. I glance toward my husband as the stranger slowly releases himself from my pussy, exhausted but eager to get to him, I crawl hand and knee toward the edge of the bed and take his cock in my mouth, his head rolling back eyes closed as he cums in my mouth, I swallow his warm buttery cum as his body shakes in pleasure. My lips and mouth sliding up and down his shaft before releasing him. He grabs me around the waist, pulls me close and devours my lips passionately embracing….. skin on sweaty skin. I whisper “thank you baby that was amazing!”