30 Jul 2019

Driving down Kromboom road every day I always see the empty Kfc from the bridge . But this morning , on this cold,wet day when under the cover of darkness at 6h30am I glimpsed the toilets. Mens and ladies rooms behind a glass door and the doors to the loo's are opposite each other out of site of the rest of the restaurant.

And then my thoughts wandered, what if I was wearing my red dress , black stockings , no undies alone in Kfc sipping my coffee then he walks in , has his coffee at a table opposite mine. I spread my legs my stockings have ripped at my wet crotch i flash him my dripping wet cunt I can see him grab a hold of his bulging jeans and try to adjust his tool. I am so turned on by his tall lean muscular body , his naughty smile his hungry eyes I must feel him inside me.

So I get up make my way to the ladies toilet knowing we only have minutes before the rush hour begins I hope he gets the hint.

Once I am inside the ladies toilet I rip my stockings more to expose my ass and pussy without any restrictions and before I know it I hear footsteps, he pushes the door to the ladies and sees me bent over ready for him to enter me. He locks the door behind him , unzip his jeans and unleashes a thick hard well-hung beast ready to eat. I feel his hard thick cock entering my dripping wet pussy thrusting me deeper and harder slow strokes so I can feel and savoir every inch of his delicious manhood. Before too long we both erupt with pleasure he fills my pussy with his cream. He then zips up and whispers thank you I whisper my pleasure. He leaves and goes back to his coffee , I fix myself and return a few moments after him. I sit at my table still so wet and horny filled with his cum . I then get up , my seat wet with our juices and as I walk by I slip him a piece of paper with my number and off to work I go.