20 Jan 2017

It was a hot summers day. Jane was visiting with Morne, they had been friends for a few weeks now.

Jane was an excentric busty type girl, and Morne the lean shy type boy.

Morne was ready to strip down to nothing, when Jane suggested they go down to the river.

The river was surrounded by houses and in the middle of this river was a man made island, that had a few trees-just enuf for shade.

It was a work day, so morne agreed(what were the chances of ppl being @ home). They took a blanket and the clothes on their back.

Morne was 1st to strip down, he took jane and ripped her panties from under her sun dress. They 1st did doggy style then 69, and each time they both would cum as in sinc with each other. When Jane finally saddled Morne for their last orgasmic moment, jane saw-looking over Morne's shoulder, that quit a crowed had gathered by the one houses wall.

When the peeping toms noticed Jane looking, they had all cameras and phones ready. Jane didnt mind, she asked them after she had reached orgasm if they enjoyed watching. Morne was of course completely embarrased, so she just smiled and said to him, "now we gonna be famous"