Written by Partyme

25 Feb 2015

M & F decide they want some photos of each other and can’t seem to take them them selves. They Call me up to do the Photo Shoot.

As i arrive they both looking like there nerves are at end as they never done this before.

The decide they want the setting of Seduction. First up M. F tells me what pics she wants of him. He starts to Pose here and there, F telling him what to do. At the End he is in his boxers and had enough. F.. You up. Same story M tells me what he wants. F is now down to her underware and abit shy so decides its over. I then ask if they dont want some together. They both pause for a while and decide what the heck might as well.

This time i am in control... Or so i think. They start by standing side by side, very light stuff. I then start suggesting how it could be more interesting. M to lie on the bed, F on top. I snap a pic from top down, then the side and the back. F is now feelin more relaxed.. Smileing and laughing... She Gives M a kiss and hops off, looking at me for the next suggestion.

I suggest a series of ideas to tease who ever is going to view the photos. Stand naked infront of M, your back against his cheast facing me. M must be naked to, his hands over your breasts covering up and her hands over the lower part. Then turn around, M’s hands over her bum cheeks. She agree’s and so the seduction series starts. Its now M’s turn in front. He stands infront of F and she covers his Machine , his hands up as if relaxing.

I now suggest they go to the bed. Without saying anything F jumps ontop of M again.

She Leans over and starts to kiss him. I snap up some shots.

M now feeling all her warm spots starts to get Hard.

F can feel it.. By this time they have even forgotten i am there. I start taking some more pics. F slides her body down M’s. She takes her hand and wraps it around his Machine. She then opens her mouth and takes a nibble. I take one or tow more pics and start getting warm myself. F reaches out her hand and grams my hand pulling me closer. She gets up and turns around, going 69 on M. I lean in and wrap my lips around the sharf of his Machine while F licks the tip. Together we have tounge wars around his Machine, having turns at the tip. I then move away and grab the camera. I move to When M is busy and take some close ups how her inserts his tounge deep inside her. F now gets and and turns around again, She moves lower reverce cowboy style, her back towards his head. I move in again snapping up a pic of both of them close up, there love nests millimeters apart. I go down and rub his now huge machine while licking the top of her pink lips. I then guide his machine into her. I take another pic of him deep inside her and put the camera away. I rub the top of her lips and he slides in and out. I then take the gap and pull his machine away as i put it in my mouth again Making it again dripping wet. I grab the shaft and rub it around her lips.

I reach over and grab the baby oil, and rub it alog his shaft.

F notices this and lifts her perfect bum, and moves it over.

M holding her hips, i slowly guide his machine to her bum, and she gently slides down.

As she slides down i start licking her again, She pulls me closer and i grab a rain coat. I kneel infront of them and rub my now placed raincoat around her lips. I gently insert.

Myself and M deep inside, we can feel each other’s Machine rubbing against each other inside her.

I take one more pic of Double Action and the battery runs flat.. Ny this point the Camera is anyway long forgotten.