29 Jun 2017

A story that I wrote a little while back. This is part 2, following on from the story entitled "Performance review".

A couple of weeks had passed since my "performance review" and the incident with Mr. Smith and I was experiencing some unease. It was showing and my wife had started pestering me about what was troubling me. Eventually it came around to the inevitable - did I still love her, was there somebody else? I told her that I adored her and that there would never be anyone else, which is all true, but still she went on, "You know you can speak to me about anything, absolutely anything at all, please just tell me what is troubling you so."

I wanted to brush it off, to tell her that the economy and the state of politics was the cause, but knowing Sarah she would see straight through that too. I was still hesitant, but a part of me wanted to tell her the truth to get it off my chest. I decided to pursue a dangerous path, thinking I could still wiggle my way out of it, if I decided I wasn't ready to share with my wife. Although perhaps confessing to a priest would be a better option.

"Anything?" I asked.

"Anything," she replied, "provided it's not that you've got the hots for that big-chested floozy who's moved in next door." She laughed, knowing that we'd already openly discussed the floozy - Jenny - more than once. And that I'd already said I found her attractive, but that I prefer brains to boobs any day, which is also the absolute truth.

"It's about my performance review with Mr. Smith," I started. I told her how I had been called to his office and how he had unfairly blamed me for several project delays. She already knew that Mr. Smith could be unfair, and so she prompted me to continue.

And then suddenly it all started coming out. How Mr. Smith told me that Mrs. Smith was not attending to his needs and how he essentially forced me into performing oral sex on him. All the while Sarah stood there, not saying a word. Showing no emotion, no hint of anger. I stopped speaking and was silent for a minute knowing that I had said too much and still waiting for Sarah to say something. Anything.

Finally, without any obvious anger she said, "Why, that dirty, old, lech! I would never have expected that from him!" At least she didn't seem angry or disgusted with me, although I was still worried that it would come.

Then she asked, "So how did it make me feel?" I answered that I felt used and abused, which I had, and Sarah took me hand and gave it a squeeze, but she went on down a strange, unexpected path, "How did it feel to have to touch and suck another man?" I answered with more difficulty that I had done it mechanically but that I had somehow managed to perform the required task.

More questions, "What was I thinking while I had been doing this?". And more strangely, "Was I turned on?" I said I wasn't turned on, but she persevered, "Did Mr. Willy, respond at all?" I said that he stirred and that I got a little hard, and then she started asking about details which I had left out. Was Mr. Smith hard when he exposed himself or did I have to make him hard? What was his dick like? What did he taste like? Did he cum in my mouth?

I started relaxing and was able to answer her questions more freely. Eventually she stopped with the questions and again, totally unexpectedly said, "Oh G-d, John, that is so hot! I am so turned on." She took my hand which she'd been holding and pulled it inside her skirt. He panties were literally wet. Not saying another word about Mr. Smith or what I had done to him, she kissed me hard, unzipped my trousers, pushed me back onto the couch and mounted me. She came almost instantly, before I was even close and after a break we continued. She climaxed another two times, each orgasm louder and longer than the previous one and only then did I also cum. She kissed me again, this time more gently than the ravenous kisses she had (pleasurably) inflicted of on me during our love-making and said, "John you hot man, I love you so!"