Written by ChicknDick

21 Feb 2015

I can feel the heat radiating from between your legs. It's driving me wild. Your obvious arousal contrasts with your calm demeanour. The way you tilt your chin ever so slightly as completely indifferent. Still I’d be blind not to see the raging fire that smolders in your eyes...

My God, what a Woman!

In that moment I know with absolute certainty, that I will give my kingdom for a kiss of your clit. A slow, sensual kiss. To be complemented by my slightly rough tongue. Losing myself in your velvety muff, marvelling at its smoothness and with only the slightest fuzz of hair. Pressure builds and releases, slowly mounting more and more as your chest rises and falls faster and deeper. I slip a second finger inside you and start up a steady rhythm, in tune with the pulse of your pussy. As I massage that tight knot of muscles, the thought strikes me that I am worshipping at your Altar. A heathen no longer, I have found my religion as I drown in the juices of your pleasure.... My cock roars its approval as my heart rushes a river of blood to my loins. As if it has a life of its own, my spare hand grips tight on the shaft of my manhood and wrestles the veiny beast.

My mouth is pulled so tight over your warm wet mound that I can hardly breathe, yet I cannot resist of the nectar of my Goddess. Your hands pull at my hair in almost frantic ecstacy and I feel your need with each thrust of your hips. As life and everything else fades into the background, I want more than anything, for you to explode down my throat in total carnal bliss. Judging by the almost animalistic sounds escaping your throat and the sweat beading on your stomach, you want the exact same release.

Your moans grow louder, more insistent, and the flesh on the back on my neck crawls in anticipation. I still can barely draw breath but I don't even notice any more. Your nails dig deep in my shoulder and neck, drawing blood through their scratches. I revel in the pain of your passion and can take it no longer, my fingers curl around your g-spot and I don't stop stroking, pulling, rubbing... It's all I can do to try hold on and keep up with you, my tongue still sucking greedily at your clit. As your back arches and your whole body trembles the intensity mounts until finally you can take no more. The muscles of your vagina take on a life of their own and the contractions spit my fingers out with terrible ease – their use fulfilled. Lucky me, I have the best seat in the house, as your pussy dripping with sex, squirts in heavenly orgasm a raging torrent of cum. Soaking me in wave after wave of ejaculatory bliss. Profanity pours from your sweet innocent mouth, sensual lips forming curses to God that seem better suited to a dirty little slut than the sated Angel of Fornication that lies before me. With my throbbing cock still firmly in my hand and doing my best to stop myself from drowning, I bear witness to this most hedonistic of scenes…. As it burns itself into my wet dreams for years to cum.

As the climax draws to its end, I instinctively know what to do. You need me. I slowly stand up, my body glistening in the light, my skin slick with your cum. I stand tall and proud and meet your fierce gaze. Our eyes lock tight and the challenge is accepted. I will satisfy you and your lust, you need not hold back. I slide my fat fucking dick inch by inch into your still quivering lips. I fill you completely, and you take me all. Your pussy embraces my member in the tightest of hugs. As I slowly drag my cock out, already losing control after that one single thrust, I can feel my veins bulge and brush up in you like never before. I see your eyes half close and your lips slightly open. My focus returns and the rhythm restored, my every muscle aligns as I enter you again. And again. Deeper. Harder.