Written by Pam Nerin

03 Apr 2018

I open the door and without saying a word, your mouth covers mine and passionately kisses me. I can feel the power in your grip and I can feel the desire sweeping over my body to be owned by you.

You feel my body submit to you and turn the force up a notch. You push me down on the bed and in one movement rip my panties off my body exposing my shaven, and by now soaking wet, pussy.

You spread my pussy lips apart to reveal my love button and you take my clit between your teeth and nibble on it.

My pussy is aching for your rock hard cock to penetrate me. Just the thought of it makes wetter and by now my juices are dripping down my cunt and has moistened my thighs. You continue to eat my pussy while teasing my clit with your teeth.

I can feel the waves of pleasure flow over me and I beg you to fuck me. "Tell me how you like it, whore?" "i want you to fuck me like you own me. With one forceful push. I feel your cock enter me. I feel my pussy tighten around your big cock. My pussy muscles stroking your shaft. You can't take the pleasure that is overtaking your body and you pull out your cock and spray your cum over my tits.

At this moment you tie me to the headboard and blindfold me. There's a knock on the door and you open it. "Right on time.", you say. The other person doesn't respond. "Do you want to fuck a whore? She's all yours!"

I feel not one, but two sets of hands on my body, and I can't tell if you are one of the two or are there 2 other people in the room.

My pussy lips are being parted once again and a very deft tongue is exploring every nook and cranny, licking, no, devouring, the dripping cunt juice. "Nibble on her clit, she likes it." I feel my clit being grazed by teeth and it's driving me insane. "Put your cock in her mouth," you order the other person. I part my lips in anticipation and I feel a massive cock between my lips. I wrap my lips around his cock, tightly and using my both hands and my tongue, I suck that cock like my life depended on it. All I could think of was how much I wanted this big cock in my slutty pussy. "fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me like a whore!" I beg and the owner of the massive cock was happy to oblige. I gasp as he plunges the entire shaft in me without warning. I can feel it tear through my tight pussy, i know I am going to feel this cock long after it has left my swollen, raw cunt. The pain I feel is pleasurable. My tits are being sucked by the other person and I am cumming like a fucking whore in a gangbang. You ask the visitors to leave, you untie me and remove my blindfold.

The sight of me being fucked by two men has given you a raging hardon and I am happy to let you fuck me again at your will.You oblige and shoot your load in me while squeezing my tits hard. You fuck me several times. I am completely fucked but feeling fulfilled. You completely own me and you know the only place I can be controlled, is in the bedroom.