Written by Bashier

03 Aug 2012

Names changed - Last night after I wrote to you about my first exhibitionist experience, I got so aroused that I had to use my vibrator to relieve my feelings. So, I will continue from where I left last time...

By the time we reached home, it was already 1AM. We changed ourselves into night clothes and immediately got into the bed. Both of us were exhausted with the intimate experience we had in the car. Within minutes, we were fast asleep. I woke up at around 7 in the morning. Ravi was still fast asleep. I thought about the last night. I could never imagine indulging into oral sex without the fear of being watched. That thought made me wet again. I started thinking; what was making me wet? Was it the act of oral sex or was it the thought of being watched? Was it normal? For a moment, I felt guilty. But then I recalled how Ravi was enjoying the whole thing. So, if both of us did not mind being watched, then why bother about it beinhg right or wrong? Sometimes I think a bit too much. May be because of the overall situation at my parents home.

I did not realize when I started stroking myself by putting my hand inside my pantie. I was engrossed in thoughts. When I came to senses and looked besides me, Ravi was staring at me. He smiled when I looked at him and asked, "Thinking about last night?" I nodded and turned towards him and put my arms around him and kissed his lips. "I didn't know you were awake" I said. "I was watching your expressions when you were rubbing yourself!" "What were you thinking?" "You guess!" I replied. "Was it about our making out?" I nodded in reply. "Its so hot to do it when you know other people may be watching!" Ravi laughed and replied; "Yeah, I know. I had read on internet about couples doing it in public and kind of spice it adds. Since then I wanted to do it. The best part is, we didn't plan for it and yet, it just happened last night !" I agreed and replied, "And we both enjoyed it!"

"So, Varsha, what was the biggest turn on for you from last night?" Ravi asked. He was caressing my back. I replied, "When you told me that some passers by saw my boobs. That made me real horny". Ravi chuckled, and said "Do you know what was the big turn on for me?" I looked at him with a question mark on my face, "When you started flirting with my buddies in the club! It was so exciting to see my beautiful, sexy wife showing her skin off to my friends, and seducing them!" "Yea, I enjoyed it too!" I replied. We both kissed again.

I could feel his penis getting harder. I touched it with my hand and said, "Looks like you are getting ready for action!" He replied, "Yes, but lets play a game! Let's pretend that I am Raj and you are doing it with Raj." Raj was Ravi's friend who had asked me to dance in the club. I nodded in agreement with Ravi. Ravi continued.. "Lets talk about a plot. The plot is, I got drunk when you and Raj were dancing on the floor. So, Raj came to drop us at home. I am dozing off on the bed and you and Raj are now getting into an act in the same room". I liked Ravi's imagination. I said, "Yea, lets do it. So we started role playing. I enjoyed the role play. Especially the thought of doing it with other man in the same bed where husband is sleeping, was very arousing. Both of were totally into the role play. As part of the role play, I played an aggressive, desperate wife and Ravi played my husband's friend. I was on top and riding Ravi and Ravi played with my breasts and often lifted his head to suck my nipples. I reached my orgasm when Ravi asked me to imagine that my husband wakes up to see his wife and his best friend in a compromising position besides him. Ravi sensed the contractions on his penis and that brought him to orgasm as well. We both were in a state of bliss. It was so much of fun!

After that experience, both of us realized that we were made for each other. Both of us liked to have good sex and our wild imaginations knew no bars. One evening, Ravi and I went to watch a theater show "La Clique" at a Hippodrome theater in the heart of London. We took a train up to Paddington station and then a tube (London's underground metro) to reach the theater. Ravi was wearing a beige color sports suit and dress slacks. I wore a cherry color evening halter dress with a deep neck. It had an opening at the left side thigh level. Ravi had ordered this dress online for me to wear in formal parties. To wear this dress, I got the full body waxing done in the beauty parlour. The dress fitted me perfectly. The deep neck showed off my cleavage and the opening at the bottom exposed my left leg about four inches above knee whenever I put my left foot forward while walking. Compared to my first attempt of wearing sexy clothes, I was pretty comfortable by now. Both Ravi and I enjoyed showing off my body.

Ravi had bought a Champagne Dinner Package of the show. So, we were first served our drinks and then dinner. It was really a romantic evening. After the dinner, the show started. It was my first Theater experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was amazed to see the performances. The show ended at 10 at night and we headed towards the tube. The champagne and the show both had made their effect on me. Although I wasn't drunk, I was feeling light headed ness. We caught the Piccadily line tube at Leicester square and then changed to Bakerloo line on the next stop. The train was packed. We could barely get in. The influence of champagne and the jerks from the train pushed me against the old man standing in front of me. It was so crowded that my breasts were completely pressed against the man's back. He looked behind at me once and winked. I felt awkward but there was nothing I could do at that time. But I was enjoying being pressed against my will. I felt that he probably stepped back a little to feel my breasts on his back.

I also sensed an erect penis pushed against my buttocks. "Ravi has gotten hard" I thought. I adjusted myself so that the hardness of that erection rested against the crevice of my buttocks. His hand lightly pinched my buttock chick. I was aroused. I thought that Ravi was getting really naughty behind me. But I couldn't respond to him directly. I was sandwiched between two men. To feel the every inch of that erect penis, I slightly bent forward so that my buttocks pushed on Ravi. But then I also pressed my breasts against the man in front of me. He was surely enjoying that.

At Paddington, most of the train got empty. As I got on the platform, I looked back, but could not spot Ravi. So I looked around for him and saw him getting off the tube. I was surprised because I thought he was just behind me. "So I found you finally!" Ravi exclaimed. I looked at him puzzled and asked "What do you mean? Weren't you standing behind me in the train?" Ravi said, "No! I was looking for you after we got in the tube, but couldn't spot you!" I was shocked! So after all, that erect penis rubbing me from behind wasn't Ravi's! I was responding so boldly thinking it was Ravi. What would that man think of me? I had been groped! "What happened?" Ravi's words woke me up from my thoughts. "Nothing!" I said and we walked towards the platform to catch a Redding train.

The Redding train was hardly crowded. The compartment we sat in had only 10-12 people besides us. I spotted the old man who was in front of me in the tube. He was sitting diagonally across us. He stared at me occasionally. After the train started, I leaned on Ravi's shoulder. Ravi put his hand around me and asked, "Did you have fun honey?" "Oh yeah!" I replied and we both kissed. I was still thinking about the fun I had in the tube and Ravi was asking me about the fun we had in the evening with the show and dinner.

After about 3-4 stops, most of the passengers got off the train. Ravi looked around in the compartment. There were only 2-3 passengers and the man I had fun with. He was reading.. or may be pretending to read a book. Why I thought he was pretending to read was because I didn't notice him turning the pages. Rest of the passengers were 2 rows behind where we sat. Ravi put his hand on my thigh and he widened the opening of my dress. The part of my leg up to the upper thigh was now uncovered. I looked at him and asked him, "What are you doing Ravi?" Ravi winked. I knew his intention. I whispered, "That man can see us!" Ravi said, "Let him get jealous then". "You know, he was in front of me in the tube and when my boobs pressed against him, he had winked at me" I told Ravi. Ravi looked at him and asked "Oh! Really? Then he should really know what a sexy girl you are that he winked at". Ravi had a naughty smile. I kissed him. Ravi was rubbing my bare thigh while kissing. I glanced at that man. His eyes were fixated on my bare thigh.

Ravi now kissed my neck and he bent down to kiss my cleavage. He softly bit on my cleavage. I held his head over my breast. I was biting my lower lip to control the feelings. The old man was peeping at us through the book. Ravi was getting very horny. Before I realized what he was upto, Ravi had widened my V neck enough to pop my breast out. My left breast was now completely exposed. Ravi licked my nipple. I whispered to him, "That old guy is watching us Ravi". Ravi raised his neck, looked at the old man and then looked at me and whispered back, "Let the bloke see what was rubbing on his back!" and he continued licking my nipple. I could not imagine, I was sitting in a train, with my thigh and one breast completely exposed. My husband was making love to me in front of a stranger and there were few other strangers just behind us unaware of what was happening.

Now Ravi took my nipple in his mouth and sucked it. "Ouch!" I couldn't resist from reacting. I looked at the old man. I noticed that he was adjusting his hard penis inside the pants. "That guy has become hard looking at us Ravi" I whispered to my husband. Ravi responded by sucking even harder. I put my hand on Ravi's crotch and rubbed it. This time, I looked eye to eye at the old man. I bit my lower lip when I looked at him. He responded by winking at me again. He continued looking at me and rubbed his hardness beneth his pants. I smiled at him. He got the courage by my smile and he signalled me to show him my breast. It was covered by Ravi's head since Ravi was sucking it. I pulled Ravi's head and told Ravi, "The guy wants to see my boob" Ravi lifted his head and looked at the guy. Then Ravi cupped my breast and lifted it. My erect nipple was pointed at the old man. The old guy threw a flying kiss at us. Ravi prentended having caught it and applied it to my breast.

The train now slowed down as it approached Twyford. I separated from Ravi and adjusted my dress to cover my breasts and thigh. The old man also burried his head in the book. He covered his pants by putting a coat on his lap. At Twyford, all the remaining passengers got off. Now, it was only three of us in the compartment. My heart was pounding with an excitement. After stopping for a minute or so, the train departed for its last stop, Redding. It was about 10 minutes ride. As soon as train left the platform, Ravi pulled me closer to him. I again widened my opening to expose my thigh. Ravi asked me to get up and sit on his lap. I did so. Now Ravi was holding me on my waist. My buttocks were sitting on Ravi's hard penis. I leaned on Ravi and turned my neck to kiss him. Ravi pressed my breasts as we kissed. The old man had now shut his book and kept it in his bag. He removed his coat from his lap and unzipped his pants. His frail looking but hardened penis popped out. He started stroking it looking at us. We both got excited by this response. We had always talked about doing in front of a third person, but we did not think our fantasy would come true this way.

Ravi untied my halter dress' knot behind my neck and pulled the front down. I was now topless! Ravi cupped my breasts and squeezed them while kissing on my bare back. I rubbed my buttock over his penis and moaned. I didn't have to suppress my moans anymore. Ravi now asked me to get up. I did so. I was still topless. The old man, indulged in self stimulation, was watching our act intently. Ravi unzipped his chain and pulled his penis out. Then he put his hands inside my dress and pulled my pantie down. Now, he asked me to bend forward. I bent in my waist. My hands rested against the seat facing us. Ravi now got up and he lifted my gown. I was half naked in the running train and in front of a stranger. Ravi now put his penis inside my vagina and started stroking. My breasts were swinging with his strokes. I looked at the old man. He was stroking his own penis very hard. I was very wet. I didn't know if the arousal came from the thought of the old man watching me or from the strokes I was getting from Ravi. Ravi was now getting to the point of no return. His fingers were buried in my hips. I too was getting closer to orgasm. I again made an eye contact with the old man. I could see that he too would be cumming soon. The thought of seducing an old man upto the point of climax brought me an orgasm. Ravi felt the jerks. He gave last few thrusts and paused when he was deep inside. I contracted my pelvic muscles to squeeze his penis inside and that was it. He squirmed inside me. It was a feeling of warm jet stream. I moaned.

Ravi pulled his penis out of my vagina and put inside his pants. I picked up the pantie lying on the floor and pulled it over. Then I covered my breast by tying the knot of my halter dress behind my neck. We looked at the old man. Looked like he had his share of orgasm while we were busy dressing up. He was sitting there quietly looking outside the window. I and Ravi looked at each other and smiled. In just few minutes, the train pulled into the reading station and us three passengers got off the train like nothing had happened. While alighting the train, the old man said, "Had a great time, good bye!" and walked towards the escalator. We followed him until the parking lot. Our trip in the car to home was silent.....