Written by Charlie

05 Oct 2017

Mrs Forbidden Fruit messages me today just to say hi, one text leads to another each getting raunchier than the previous. Once again we agree that we really need to make our fantasy happen. The problem is my mind dreams up new fantasies all the time involving her. While driving to suppliers between towns I manage to take a few pics of my trip. One pic I take is of a railway line running under a bridge. The pic is shot from under the bridge and shows the track curving off into the distance.

At this point my mind dreams of Mrs FF and how much fun it would be to seduce her under that bridge on the railway track, I have flashes of parking my car close by and leading her down there. Under the bridge we kiss tenderly and I slowly undress her while cars drive over the bridge above us unaware of the sweet infidelity been made just meters below them. I lay her down on the tracks and make raw love to her, the stones digging into my knees.

The feeling of sliding into her is earth moving , so much so that we feel the tracks rumble beneath us. Realizing that a train is approaching we panic and grab our cloths and flee the track quickly. Suddenly the thrill of been seen is real, realizing that the train can't stop quickly and would pass us by without been able to stop or even identify us I grab her and press her up against the wall, ripping the clothes from her hand s and throwing them to the ground. I lift her up and press her against the wall. Forcing her legs open I enter her as the train clear the bend. At first she is resisting, still wanting to hide but the driver has spotted us and wolf whistle from the window as the train cruises past. The thrill of been spotted seems to drive Mrs FF over the edge and she starts thrusting against me. My back is toward the train. Thinking it was a goods train I was surprised when Mrs FF shouts over the sound of the train that it is a passenger train. " Put me down" she exclaims. I obey thinking our little show is over but to my surprise she turns me around to face the train. Steeping in front of me she bends over. Glancing over her shoulder she shouts' " Look them in the eyes and fuck me hard". Her words turn me on, placing my hands on her hips I enter her again. As the train slowly passes some passengers notice almost turning their heads off as they pass. Some look disgusted, others clap hands. As the last coach passes Mrs FF pushes hard back against me letting out a gasp. I feel the wetness from her gushing over me. The thrill of the moment brought her to orgasm unexpectedly.

I'm snapped out of my day dream by the blasting horn of a train, I realize that standing on the tracks I drifted off into my fantasy world. Latter back at the office I email Mrs FF my fantasy. She laugh and says I have a crazy wild imagination..but she likes it.