Written by Toyboytoy

16 Sep 2013

On a day like today... you could have so much fun with me.

I am tired, and i don't want to think today. I think way too much as it is, but my brain is tired today.

I just want to be in a place that's warm, comfortable and do what I'm told, without having to think about anything, except giving total and complete pleasure. You would be able to have me as a total toy, to attend to your every wish.

I would want to be nude, of course, all the time.

I know you have to work, also, so I would just do what i must do, while you attend to your mail.

Kneeling in front of you, while you sit at your computer. Your legs slightly spread, I would be gently caressing your delicate pink bits with my tongue.. not trying to make you orgasm, but just a gentle caress... a comfortable, not too distracting caress...

Slowly running the tip of my wet tongue all around.. , encouraging your own wetness that i can taste and spread around with my tongue. Slowly exploring every millimeter of you, inside and out.

Every now and again, I would slide my whole tongue, gently inside you, making it round and as thick as I can, trying to press as far as I can into you. Holding it there and feeling you squeeze it. Your one hand now on the back of my head, holding me in position as you squeeze, and i wriggle my tongue.

Then slowly withdrawing, my face wet with your moisture, to start those long, ice-cream licks, starting as far down as Ican reach, and gently, slowly, licking all the way up, over your little panic button... making you shudder slightly.

Then another and another of those long slow licks, lapping up as much of your juices as I can.

You're totally distracted from work now, and lean back in your chair, legs opening a little wider. I know the signs well, and I know that you now need some help to slip into total orgasmic pleasure...

I concentrate my tongue on, around, across and all over your clitoris, sometimes sucking it gently to help it swell a little more.

Your juices are flowing now, and I give another one of those nice long licks, scooping up your moisture and spreading it all over your clitoris.

You now have a hand on the back of my head, pulling me in, and I press my tongue as deep as possible into you.

Your press yourself against my face, wanting more inside, and deeper...

My tongue, as naughty as it is, sneaks back up to your clitoris, and I lick it... around and around and around, in tiny circles right on the tip. Again, you pull me into you, and my lips suck your clitoris in. My mouth is right over your clitoris, gently sucking and now with both hands, you hold me firmly and just slip away... into that eye fluttering oblivion, where nothing else matters except the trembles and twitches of your body, the arching of your back and that absolute orgasmic bliss.....

You are relaxed, with a smile on your face...

I am still kneeling, and attempt to clean you up a little, still with my tongue.. although it's not completely possible because the more i try to lick you all clean, the more your juices flow...

You push me away gently, and sit up again, attempting to concentrate on your mail again.

I slip out from under your desk, and walk to the kitchen to make coffee, and you can't help but notice that I am fully erect, and leaking pre-cum.. We both know the rules, and I do not ever touch myself until you allow me to. You do enjoy seeing me in that state.

Coffee made, I serve you ate your desk, standing on your left. As I put your coffee on the desk, you instinctively reach out and hold my swollen penis, tightly in your left hand. Still holding me, I stand there next to you as you sip your coffee, concentrating on the computer screen again. You alternate between sipping coffee and scrolling thru mail, while your left hand mindlessly caresses, squeezes and fondles me...

After reading a few of your mails, your left hand moves down, cupping my balls, weighing them in your hand... while you read another mail.

Then, turning to me, you say... "They feel full".

"Yes", I reply, "they are...."

Mmmmmmmm... you smile, very very gently squeezing and tickling them.

I am secretly hoping that you will allow me to masturbate for you, but will never ask. I do know that you enjoy watching me do that for you.

"Well, get dressed. I need you to go to the shop", you reply, withdrawing your hand, as you turn back you your mail.

I dress, although, I have a little trouble tucking myself all in.

"Please go and buy some fresh croissants, I haven't had breakfast yet", you say.

"With pleasure", I smile, turning and walking out the door...

You smile to yourself, thinking how that decision you made a few weeks ago, to have your very own toy, has worked out so nicely....

I have returned... with a brown paper bag, from the French Baker down the road. The aroma of warm, fresh croissants fills the room. Once again, knowing the rules, I immediately undress at the door. i know you do not like seeing me, or talking to me, clothed.

Naked, and semi aroused, I head to the kitchen to silently prepare your breakfast. You are still wading your way through all your mail. Most are work related, a few are from friends, and then, every now and again, you receive a rather exciting mail, from some mysterious man... His mail excites you and you often refresh your inbox, hoping to see another one of his, rather distracting mails.

I return from the kitchen, with a tray of warm croissants, butter, jam and two different cheeses. There is fresh coffee too.

Placing the tray on the coffee table, tell you that your breakfast is ready. You immediately get up from your desk and sit on the couch, patting the space next you you. Naked, and erect, i sit down close to you. Sipping fresh coffee, you say... "I am so hungry after this mornings little cum".

I butter a croissant, spread fresh jam on it and pass it to you.

I sip my coffee, leaning back, and my penis is in full view, in all it's glory.

Half way through your croissant, I butter another and sprinkle grated cheese on top, placing it next to your coffee, on a side plate.

"I'll only have the two, thank you", you say, adding.. "help yourself too"

I prepare one for myself and as we enjoy breakfast, you tell me that you will allow me to orgasm a little later,because I have been so attentive. My penis immediately swells further, and a rather large drop of clear, slippery pre-cum appears on the tip, and slowly slides down the side... You smile at it and know that I am excited at the prospect of masturbating for you.

I always enjoy it when you allow it. I try to make it last as long as possible, but it never works, when i'm being watched.

I quietly finish my breakfast and when you're done, I clear the dishes and head off to wash and repack them in the kitchen.

You sit there, sipping the last of your coffee, watching my bum in the kitchen.

Once the dishes are packed away and everything cleaned up, i return and sit next to you on the couch.

Turning to me, you ask me..."Where do you want to cum?".

Shyly, I reply... "you know..."

"I want to hear you say it", you reply... "You know it's good for you to tell me what you like".

Blushing a little, I reply... "I would love to cum on you".

"Where, exactly", you ask.

"Please may I cum on your clitoris", I ask softly.

"Well, you do know the conditions", you replay... adding.."We both know I don't like being all sticky afterwards"

Nodding, silently, I think to myself... "Yes, I do know the conditions.. that why i want to..."

Leaning back, your legs apart, your gown opening, you say to me...

"Come and kneel in front of me, and let me watch you stroke yourself".

Naked, kneeling and extremely aroused, I slowly start stroking my penis, pulling my foreskin right back, to expose the smooth, swollen head completely....

To be continued....