Written by PsaSexcFun

11 Apr 2013

After one last look in the mirror to check my make-up I decide that this is one of those nights where I am a goddess. My body twinkles with glitter that draws eyes straight to my cleavage, which as per usual, I make no attempt to hide. I smile to myself and gently bite my lip, knowing she’s waiting for me. She sits at the bar, swaying slightly to the music. I know that she has put so much effort into what she looks like, because like me, she has been waiting for this night. I silently walk up to her and run my lips along her neck and down her exposed shoulders, planting little kisses as they work their way down across her soft skin. She smells so good. The butterflies in my stomach are replaced with a burning desire to please the goddess that sits before me. She doesn’t turn as I whisper in her ear “hi sexy, it’s been a while.” I see her smile and close her eyes as I run my hands down the lacy little shirt she wears that clings to her body in all the right places. I softly brush over her nipples making them stand up. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. My body craves her. I take my hands off, and immediately her skin cools off and it makes her wish that I never had to stop touching her, caressing her. I sit down next to her and order a drink. She looks at me approvingly. A spark passes between us, this is more than lust it has moved to another level where we need each other. We talk to each other, not rushing our drinks because we both want the moment to last forever, both knowing what’s coming next and wishing that just this one night, time would stay still and we could remain here forever.

Only through using every ounce of self-control that I have do I restrain myself from taking her right there, from making her mine. I watch as the droplets on the outside of her glass slide down…. I know that she’s as wet as that glass and I can’t wait anymore. As she drains the last few drops I gently take her hand and without a word lead her into the back room. Our husbands follow us, completely enthralled by the sight before them… the way our bodies respond to each other. The anticipation between us is electric and draws the gaze of every man and woman we walk past as they stare at us unashamedly. We are so lost in each other we hardly notice the stares. We walk through to one of the rooms, the lights are dimmed, and although this room is private we don’t bother to close the door. We don’t need it as our minds shut out the world around us and we completely lose ourselves in each other. I feel my thighs getting wetter by the minute in anticipation of the orgasms to follow.

She stares into my eyes as she slowly removes her shirt and skirt leaving just her underwear. The soft black lace a perfect contrast to her white skin. I find my hands take on a life of their own as they start to remove my own clothing. I look at the little dolphin on her hip, wanting to lick it and kiss it because it calls to me and then she turns her back to me. I press myself up against her as I run my hands down her neck and over her gorgeous breasts cupping them in my hands, down to her navel and then back up again and gently using one finger softly touch her lips. She takes my finger into her mouth and every nerve in my body screams in ecstasy. I slide her bra straps off her shoulders and start kissing her soft flesh. The bitter perfume mixed with her sweet skin is the perfect combination to drive me slowly out of my mind. I loosen her bra strap and let it fall to the floor she moans a little as I touch her boobs again… so soft except for her taunt nipples and I flick my fingers across them feeling the piercing that she teases me with so often. As my desire begins to overflow me I can’t resist any longer. I pull her panties down over her hips and let them drop to the floor as I run my hand up the inside of her thighs feeling her wetness on my fingertips, desperately wanting to taste it. She pulls away and I lick my fingers, she tastes so good. Stepping out of her panties she turns and lies down on the bed. Her eyes beckon me over and she opens her legs so that I can see the gorgeous pink skin of her clit. For a moment I am awestruck looking at this woman and I know, that she is the reason women exist, she is perfect in every way, at least to me. My body propels itself forward and I lean down and kiss her, she tastes heavenly. My hand slides down pausing for a moment at her breasts but then continuing down to her clit. I slide my finger gently over it and then between her labia. Inside my head I’m screaming her name as I feel wave after wave of desire course through my body. She is so wet and I can’t stop myself from running my finger up and down and feeling every inch of her. My mouth moves down over her perfect nipple taking the piercing into my mouth, the cold metal and the warm skin together as I swirl my tongue around it. She purrs gently as I softly nibble.

I slide my mouth along her gorgeous body breathing down onto her giving her goosebumps as I slide past her navel and begin licking her gorgeous womanhood. My wet lips rest on her clit as I slide my tongue into her, the metallic taste of her juices swirling in my mouth driving me insane. I lick harder feeling every inch of her with my tongue not wanting to stop. She is moaning as she gets closer and closer to orgasm her labia and clit swelling. I put two fingers into her as I suck her clit and I can feel she is about to explode. Frenzied I lick and suck harder and her moaning gets more urgent. The small crowd that has gathered around the door is holding their breath as they watch us lose ourselves in each other, we hardly notice them. Two ladies driven my lust and longing have fallen to their knees in front of our husbands, and are sucking them spurred on by our moaning and purring.

As I take my fingers out of her warm wetness she explodes. Arching her back she shoots her cum into my eager mouth and I swallow. At the same moment I explode. I don’t stop but carry on wanting to lick every last drop from her sensitive pussy. Orgasms wash over her in waves and she losses all control her body seizing with pleasure as I eat her out. Every time she cums my womanhood responds until we are both soaked. Then in with one final orgasm I feel her let go completely and for what seems like forever she squirts straight into my mouth. I swallow her juices and then crawl up next to her and we lay there naked our bodies completely relaxed and fulfilled as we bask in the afterglow. She is my goddess, and I am her willing slave… forever.