17 Jul 2016

OK so I've just moved to the new department' I was excited that at least now I'll be working with a new team' far from the norm of just a team that consisted of only men....I quickly introduced myself around the office and took my place at the corner adjoining the printer ' across me sat a beautiful English speaking doll who to me looked Italian ' from where I sat' I could see clearly under her desk' hmmmmm, this was going to be intresting ' as the days passed I learnt she was divorced and lived on her own' she seem like she was in her late forties ' perfect for me because it meant I wouldn't have to teach her a thing' she became very friendly and I knew this will be the woman I'll be fucking' it was at the team building that I started flirting with my colleague' I told her straight that I need to eat her Ass' yeah that's a bum I had to lick' she didn't seem uncomfortable to the fact I made it obvious ' I knew I had to move fast' in fact I had to do it today' she led me on and told me to follow her to the to the back of the chalets we book earlier in the day' I pulled her close and started kissing her mouth like there was no tomorrow' my thick sircumsised throbbing cock rose to the ocassion ' I quickly layed her down on da table in front of the fireplace ' I pulled her tracksuit pants down and spread her legs' I moved my head to her garden of eden' I lifted her legs so I could start eating. .....her pussy was the camel toe I always wanted' I began muffing' slowly I could feel her clit swell ' she held my head between her warm thighs as I continued to lick her pussy' she moaned as I perused her with great interest' I decided to turn her over and also began licking her milky Ass' I could feel her vibrate as my tongue slid up and down her Anal area' she loved it no doubt ' I kew this Ass was mine' I took her to the chair and made her bend' I pulled the studded condom and rolled it down my throbber ' I gave her a couple of more licks and the placed my thick cock at her entry ' she grabbed it guided me into the no go area' I pushed slowly and then all he'll broke loose ' I began pounding the milky way ' she started riding me now and I could feel the passage give way' I rode her until she came' never had I thought through anal a person could climax ' she shook and then she trembled' yeah my cock took the pressure ' i could feel the veins to my cock get softer' yeah I knew this was going to be my personal office fuck.