13 Mar 2019

I can picture myself under your desk doing naughty things to you, like running my long red manicured nails on the outside of your trousers, trailing a slow sensual line into the inside seam of your legs, snaking my way silently to your cock.

Hearing you gasp as I reach for your zip, I slowly hook my nail onto the zip clasp sliding it down, feeling your cock straining like a stallion ready to explode out of the starting gate. Your body is trembling with anticipation, with an eye to the closed door of your office you wonder if you should say something about the door not being locked.

You try very hard to maintain an outer calm just in case someone walks in; you feel my tongue caress the head of your cock, using my fingers I gently stroke your shaft, leaning in slowly; placing soft kisses onto your head, my movements gaining momentum I take you into my mouth, sucking you, licking you, using my fingers I curl them around your shaft slowly gaining heated friction, watching you spiral out of control, you are dripping with pre cum and trying very hard not to squirm in your chair.

You are losing the battle within and reach out with your hands and grab into my hair, thrusting your cock deep into my mouth, I take it all, tasting you, smelling your sex, hearing you breathe harshly. Firmly taking your straining cock deep into my mouth, I suck down from the base of your shaft to the tip of your cock, using firm, even movements.

Your cock is straining for release; your legs are shaking with tension; your body tensing with anticipation. You are ready to burst, your heart is pumping madly, your brain ignores all reason, you seek your release and with one final hard thrust deep into my mouth, you erupt, shooting your cum deep into my mouth…..

In the aftermath of your explosion, you sit back relaxed and spent, whilst I clean you up. My mission has been accomplished; kissing you gently on the mouth I withdraw and sit on the other side of the desk, primly, ladylike with my notebook waiting to take notes.

"Jessica, Jessica....I am speaking to you, you really need to concentrate and pay attention, please take down the following notes" ....

Did that just happen, or did my imagination run wild again?