Written by Perpetual

25 Nov 2014

When I got into the elevator I immediately noticed you...tall, leggy and somewhat aloof but when our eyes met I was sure I saw something but you looked away and when the couple with us got out on the 6th floor it was only the two of us.

The light inside the elevator showed that you were going just one floor higher than me...the 22nd floor.

You ignored me but then, between the 14th and 15th floor the elevator jerked once and the lights blinked a few times and then we came to a halt..

You looked alarmed and I stated the obvious about us being stuck...the minutes ticked away and by this time even after sounding the alarm it became apparent that we were in for a bit of a wait. You now looked a bit frantic but I calmed you down and then our worst fears was confirmed...power outage and we'd be stuck for about 80 minutes.

We started chatting and I used my phone to play some music that you liked...I had to hold you because you were shivering and then I remembered the bag of Woolies goodies that I had. Picnic?

She smiled and we got comfy on the floor and after some snacks I now knew a bit about you...the music was good and after the bottle of of red wine that we had, you were now leaning on my shoulder...

You felt tipsy you said and under the right circumstances you could lose your inhibitions...Yes?

I took a chance and kissed you...you did not stop me and after some hectic smooching...I let you know that I was up to doing the craziest thing that I could imagine...losing all our clothes and fucking each other 14 or 15 floors up...No!!!

Why not? I said...there's still 40 minutes before we're out of this thing so let's enjoy it...What about cameras???

What about it I said..It's probably not working but if it is..let's give them a show!!

So we got naked and you had certainly lost your inhibitions as we got each other horny as hell...my cock swollen and throbbing and elongated to the max while you were and incredible specimen...Bigger tits and boobs than I imagined with a centre line of puss fur delightfully part-covering a mound that was incredibly shaped. Your clit starting to peek from under its hood and your pussylips was starting to glisten with your inner moisture. I wanted what you wanted...to fuck hard and without inhibitions. You took the initiative and never lost it riding me while I lay back on the floor pushing up hard as I tried to establish a fucking rhythm. You ordered me to hold still while you rode my stiff cock, satisfying your fucking desire as I felt you entering the home straight then ordering me to start fucking as we now rode together. Then you cried out as your bouncing tits announced your coming. Your loins slamming into me while you bucked like wild pony, your hair failing over your face and then you lay over me as your cunt muscles contracted as your cumming subsided.

But I was only halfway towards my finishing line and I now snatched the initiative...pulling out and forcing you into a half-crouching position..holding on to the side of the elevator as I rammed my head into your cunt while I started to fuck you slowly driving into you until my balls hit your outer lips. Fucking faster now I started forcing upwards onto my toes like a wanton dog as you started pushing backwards into me. I now kneaded your clit relentlessly as I felt my balls pulled upwards and I started to fuck harder as you urged me to get you to your second coming.

We started to buckle at the knees but I held you tight as I started to come into you...fucking furiously amid your cries as we forgot about the world and focused only on the passion that we felt through our animal lust...

Fuck....Load-shedding had just taken on a whole new meaning.....