Written by MaybeeBaybee

23 Aug 2016

After spending some time licking , sucking and gently nibbling my nipples Noel suddenly stopped and sat up straight . I was thinking to myself why he was doing this when he started talking . I was so aroused ... so warm so wet so ready to orgasm . He told me that he was getting out of the vehicle and even though I tried to stop him he was opening the door on my side in record time . I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little scared because i knew wild animals roamed the park ... but the excitement soon overpowered all fears I had ! I turned myself in the seat and opened my legs . Noel kneeled in front of me , started kissing my legs working his way up to the part of me that was now aching for his touch . As he neared the part of me that was begging for release he grabbed a hold of my hips and pulled me closer . Softly he started licking , circling my now very swollen clit . Round and round ... intensifying the pressure bit by bit . Oooooh fuck it felt so good !!! From my clit he moved to the opening of my pussy , licking and darting his tongue in and out . I was so close to orgasm when he stopped and asked me to get out of the car , I did not hesitate and with trembling legs I stood in front of him , naked and so ready for what was coming next . I stood there watching while he got undressed , almost too scared to touch him . His cock was rock hard once again and when he stepped closer and started kissing me , I was in ecstasy .... feeling so high on the combination of nature and raw desire !! Noel sunk to the ground and pulled me down with him .As he stretched out on the grass I knew what I had to do , I kissed him and positioned myself on top of him ... legs spread apart I lowered myself onto his cock . I looked at him while i guided his cock into my pussy and lowered myself completely till he was deep inside of me . He felt so good , so hard .. so right !! I started grinding my hips and stroking my clit . I moaned with delight , calling out his name . Noel got hold of my breast and squeezed ... with his other hand he was touching my leg . I started moving faster ... and I could feel my whole body tense up for that orgasm i so longed for . Noel was thrusting hard now meeting my every move telling me he was about to orgasm. That send me over the edge !! I threw my head back and when I felt my muscles contract around his cock I couldn't help but scream out his name . Wave after wave I was taken to new heights , I orgasmed like never before . It felt so good and when Noel climaxed I joined him in yet another intense orgasm . We clung to each other , both feeling satisfied and happy .... knowing that months of waiting was worth the while . THE END .