Written by MaybeeBaybee

15 Aug 2016

Not often does one experience something remarkable , something mind blowing that makes you realize that life as you know it has changed forever . And with each passing day feelings get stronger ... desire flamed by thoughts of a man who makes all others look bleak in comparison .

Four months ago when I joined SH I never thought I'd meet someone like Noel ... There was an instant attraction , and even though my whole being echoed run !!! I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame . It was his ways , in the beginning , that captured my attention . He was the '' Bad boy but good man '' type . After endless conversations we decided that we could no longer fight the flame burning in the both of us .... We had to be with each other , we had to still the hunger consuming us both . So ... after careful planning the day arrived , the day that made me realize no other man alive can make me feel the way Noel does . We agreed to meet in a National Park seeing that we are both lovers of wildlife and nature . While i drove to the park my thoughts was of Noel and how much I want him . Just thinking of him made me feel so excited ... I could feel myself throbbing and getting wet . When I got to the Park he stood beside his car waiting for me , I started trembling wondering how I was going to get out of my car to greet him . Still in thought I saw him walking up to my car .. he opened the door , took me by the hand and gently helped me to get out . Was this all a dream ? I asked myself .. not realizing i said it out loud . He looked at me , staring deep into my eyes he pulled me closer for what would be our first kiss ... At first his lips barely touched mine ... then passion and desire took over and we kissed each other like it would be our last kiss . We decided to enter the park using his vehicle , paid the entrance fee and drove off into the park after buying some refreshments from the shop .

I could not focus on what was around me , my attention was fixed on Noel and how bad I craved him . He was wearing jeans and looked so sexy ! I thought of how it would be to touch him , feel his desire for me . Before I could stop myself my hand moved to the part of him that was now rock hard ... it was obvious Noel was thinking of me too as his bulging jeans confessed . I started rubbing over his jeans and was contemplating on unzipping when he moaned softly . That was all the encouragement I needed . I unzipped him and after some fumbling set his hard ,very erect cock free . To be continued ........