28 Sep 2015

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A new day, the sun lazily rises she’s such a lazy little bitch isn’t she? Yes I knew that you would agree with me but we love her anyway warts and all. She’s a naughty little shit darting here then there no matter how hard you try you’ll never be able to catch her she’s such a flirty one. She’s mischief personified I tell you true there is no accounting what shit she’ll get up to next no she keeps you offside’s all the damn time.

I’ve told you true she’s a naughty, naughty wild child you can remonstrate as much as you like it matters naught to her. She just gives you one of her hoity toity stares looks down her nose at you and quite haughtily laughs her throaty laugh and goes merrily along her own way. Ha you see I told you so, I told you she’s an impossible vixen now she sits there serenely humming a tune to herself, you can go your own way; you can go your own way. Christ she’s surely going to drive me totally crazy one day or drive me to drink mayhap both I don’t know, I really just don’t fucken well know, we’ll have to wait and see the final outcome.

She wakes up slowly stretching languidly yawning and groaning oh come on no need to groan now is there, it’s Sunday after all you silly wench there’s no need to jump out of bed today, you can have a well deserved lie in. You can, can’t you? Of course you can, she rolls over cuddling up and spooning with her husband, she smiles she loves him so much pulls him closer to her wraps her arm around him and contentedly dozes off.

Chapter 1

Oh my god look at that it’s absolutely stunning she finds herself lying on a beautiful luxuriously decadent bed the quilt is soft and silky under her fingers, she touches it again. Her eyes widen in surprise and her voice catches in her throat looking up at the stunning canopy surrounding the bed and wonders who has transported her to this decadent place. He magically materializes out of nowhere she gasps and gawks she hasn’t seen or spoken to him in over ten years, he smiles warmly at her indicating that she should come to him.

He opens his arms and she virtually flies to him running as if the she devils of hell are chasing her she runs to him, her eyes wet wondering how this is at all possible. Emotions coursing through her petite body, she can’t believe it suddenly seeing him again, she’s rocked to the core of her being as realization hits home. She never knew, never ever realized how deeply truly she and cared for this incredible handsome man. She had never told him that she loved him yet they had made glorious beautiful love many, many times before.

He enfolds her into his arms drawing her close gently closer to his chest, she feels his pounding heart beat against her similarly hammering heart and holds him close to her. He takes her face tenderly into his warms hands he penetrates her gaze with his beautiful brown eyes her stomach contracts she feels his growing erection rising against her oh my, oh my she longs for him with a yearning she has never before experienced. He sucks in his breath trying quite unsuccessfully to slow down his pulse rate all to no avail, his blood pounding in his head and ears coursing though his body like a runaway train. His gaze devouring her countenance, why-oh-why had he cut her off out of his life, it had felt right at the time, the right thing to do then. He knows he must have inflicted grievous pain on her just disappearing out of her life like a phantom, such a cowardly way don’t you think? Very cowardly indeed!

His eyes mist over oh Jesus I love you, love you so, so much please, please forgive me if you can I didn’t realize how I had wronged you. Her breath catches and snicks in her throat she would forgive him anything, anything at all in the whole wide world just to be held in his arms like this again anything my beloved.

He lowers his head softly kissing her eyes, tip of her dainty yet regal nose, her pliant lips the beautiful curve of her neck the top of her breasts a shudder rips through his body. He holds her as tightly as he can reams and reams of different emotions course through him, what an idiot he had been an arse hole of magnificent proportions there couldn’t be a bigger fucken idiot in earth. Tears of relief, course down her upturned face he softly licks her tears hydrating his body with them gently kissing her face lovingly he loves her totally with all his heart and soul.

They sway together finding solace in each other’s arms grateful that it’s not too late for them they dance to their own slow tune. He twirls her around and around their faces radiant, hearts expanding and contracting together close up to each other. He slowly manoeuvres her towards the bed they gently kiss and stroke each other softly caressing fingertips exploring each other’s bodies sublime divinely contributes to their rising fervid passion, desire that will eventually require to be quenched but for now they will make it last as long as possible they need to comfort each other rather than slake their thirsts. They know each other well they know each other’s bodies very well they will eventually ignite unrestrained uncontrollable ferocious and frenetic lust inside of each other. Then and only then will they start to satisfy their parched souls replete and sated. It will however not be slaked for they have been apart for far too long and they will need further succour many, many more times before they are finally sated for a little while at least.

His laugh is joyous she joins him with a throaty laugh they beam at each other their faces aglow animated their eyes bright and alive. He rolls onto his back pulling her with him slides the top of her dress slowly down stroking her arms with his fingertips. She shudders in delight leans down kissing him softly then probing with her tongue tasting and savouring the taste of him quenching a very tiny portion of her thirst. Their tongues gently duelling, flicking in and out teasing each other in and out running their tongues around engorged lips they thrust and parry with their sensual tongues.

He gently starts massaging her foot. She sighs with pleasure and ecstasy as she had been on her feet most of the day. He gently starts stroking first her one leg then the other, working from the knee down towards her foot repeating this several times. He returns to the first foot and massages it gently, stroking her leg up to the knee then returns to the other leg again ministering to it as well. She toasts him with her wine and he reciprocates, they sip at their respective drinks.

He returns to her other foot performing the same ritual as before. This time he continues up her thigh, running his hands over her smooth skin. His hand moves to the inside of her leg and gently runs circles around it. He moves his hand over to her other leg and performs the same ritual. He lifts her leg places her big toe into his mouth, running his tongue around her toes then sucks them gently. He performs the same act on the other foot.

He expertly unclips her bra letting it fall wherever it wishes his hand cupping her exquisitely full breasts and draws them to his face he inserts first one nipple then the other into his hot sensuous mouth, rolling his tongue around and around, her nipples are rigid her love tunnel now warm wet and becoming moister second by second. Exhilarating sensations flow through her body, he grunts suckling at her hungrily like a starving baby might again and again his erect organ seeking attention straining to be released throbbing and pulsing it becomes more and more insistent demanding, his scrotum pulls tight into his groin he groans the heat building in his loins. He pushes his flushed face in between her breasts smelling the scent of her skin.

She searches for his well-endowed penis giving it the release it so dearly needs she takes him lovingly into her hand enveloping him in her fist and gently strokes his engorged member up and down he moans in ecstasy as scorching sensations rocket through his body, he’s insatiable he wriggles her dress further down over her hips and rump. He tosses it across the room his hands travel over her body her neck, shoulder blades, stomach, his hands encounter the elastic of her thong and he slides his hand inside, his middle finger finds her searing clitoris gasping as if burnt they both groan in ecstatic delight his finger slides down her distended love lips a convulsing spasm grips her oh, oh, oh yes please she begs him more please more she pants. She strokes him harder and faster he’s safely enclosed in her hand, his love-juice flows freely over her hand and digits his back arches letting her know what he needs. They had know each other so well they are able to communicate their wants, needs and desires that not a word needs to be spoken, he slides his digit into her hot molten core she shudders again and again of baby, yes, more as he thrusts his finger in as far as it’ll go. She rides him like this up and down again repeatedly their breathing hot and heavy almost like sprinting down a racetrack pumping faster and faster.

His hand covers hers they both pleasure him, his other hand manoeuvres her luscious body over his she splays herself opening herself up for his probing cock he finds her hot pot of nectar wantonly waiting to receive him he gasps and moans slowing down. Christ he doesn’t want to shoot his load off pre-maturely like a fucking inexperienced schoolboy he wants to savour every millisecond have it seared into his brain. He slowly rubs himself up and down against her distended turgid lips, exquisitely divine sensations rock them, panting, hearts stuttering he slowly slides his rigid cock into her, hot roiling honey pot. She kisses him passionately, inflaming him even more he starts riding her faster and faster spreading indescribable sensations through both their bodies. Grunting, groaning, gasping her hands on his hips she helps him to ride her, harder and faster repeatedly. Their bodies totally unrestrained in their passionate lovemaking, they thrash faster and faster her back arches she cries out, extreme cataclysmic spasms shudder through her body. Her treasure trove clenching and unclenching hard around his savage maundering steed, his body arching like a bronco wanting you off of its back. He grunts loudly his hands attached to her bountiful breasts she cries out in hedonistic delight as she feels his love-juice spurting into her, its hot and pumps out of him like hot lava erupting from a boiling volcano erupting into her waiting cauldron she milks him again and again until he has nothing further to give her, giving him the release he so dearly needs.

Their rigid bodies straining against each other convulsive shockwaves rip through them time and time again they shudder and shake holding onto each other tightly as they once again experience the blissful feeling of their finally fulfilled orgasmic relief hurls through their bodies to a climax as few experience in a lifetime. They were made for one another, they fit together like a pair of kid gloves, their bodies slowly relaxing, and their gasping and groaning gradually subsiding they look at each other astounded unable to believe that they have just rocketed through the stratosphere.

She slumps down on his drenched body exhausted sputtering and quacking after reaching an earth shattering climax never ever experienced before oh, oh, oh then what just happened here they ask each other astonished and amazed? They cuddle together like contented puppies sated and replete they spoon together him holding her gently in his arms. His one hand stroking her neck trailing up to her ear down her body trilling fingertips lulls her gently to sleep she feels like she’s floating on a cloud as she drifts away floating higher and higher. He hears her soft breathing knowing that she’s fallen asleep their unquenchable thirsts for each other slaked for now. God what magnificent bliss he also drifts off slowly his eyes close they feel heavy he cant’s stay awake cupid has made sure that his / her arrow was very, very accurately aimed indeed, yes indeed.

Chapter 2

He wakes up slowly his boyhood toy slowly starts stirring as well. Astounded good God surely not? He laughs softly to himself not wanting to disturb her, bloody hell he didn’t know he was still capable and able to rise to the occasion so quickly. Phew, better appreciate it while the goings good. He slowly draws her closer into him. Oh God he loves her so damned much he’s really glad he had a re-think about the decision made so rashly so many years ago. He didn’t want to come between her and her husband, but this time she came looking for him.

He raises himself up slightly looking down at her in repose he gently trails his hand over the curve of her neck and kisses her gently over and over again, his mouth trailing to her ear. He sucks her earlobe licks it softly probes into her ear with his tongue twirling it around and around blows his hot breath into it. She starts waking stretching lazily like a languid cat unfurling. His boytoy has grown considerably without any assistance at all, lucky fucking bugger!

“I wish I could get that lucky eish some people have all the fucking luck in the world, don’t they? They sure as hell do it’s so fucking unfair, don’t you agree? Yes, I thought you might agree with me!” “Do you know that she’s almost fifteen years, yes I promise you older than him!” He watches as his boytoy increases perceptibly grinning like some silly schoolboy, Christ some people just never ever grow up, hmmm they don’t seem to age much either. It certainly looks like a hot young one, hopping and bopping away quite happily against her rump. Oh now that looks decidedly hot! I wonder what trick he’s going to pull out of his sleeve. I mean what wild wicked trick his dicks going to pull, he takes himself in hand stroking himself gently moving his foreskin up and down his pre-cum juice starts flowing freely, he manoeuvres her one leg over to the side over his leg and inserts the tip of his boytoy into her teasing her awake. He slowly rocks back and forth, her eyes are still closed. She savours the tingling sensations coursing through her body. Her breath catches in her throat and that seems to turn him on even more he strokes himself all the way in between her nicely warmed up lips.

Oh my goodness I’m decidedly horny myself now but now is not the time to start with that otherwise we’ll never get the story told now will we? No I thought not, you’re such a greedy horny bunch out there wanting to know each and every detail of how the next scene is going to play out.

Ahhh slow is the way he does it he gets those juices going, flowing that they certainly do I tell you true. They’ve obviously done this many, many times before. You should see their faces ecstatic euphoria is a very apt description that comes to mind instantly.

He cups her full breast in his other hand fondling it gently his thumbnail twirling around and around. Her nipples are distended she sighs “oh baby you feel so good.” “I love you” she whispers shy about this confession. Laughing to ourselves ~ “doesn’t she realise he’s lapping it up, he certainly seems to be feeling very special right now, just look at that grin on his face. He feels exactly the same way the little bugger he just hasn’t recognised the fact totally as yet!

He’s always been the young stud able to snare all the fillies up willy nilly. His good looks Christ it’s much more than handsome I would actually say beautiful, gentle brown eyes, sensual mouth charming demeanour and good well maintained body that loves to slow dance. Jesus how don’t you fall for him hook line and sinker? Oh shit a brick or two now you see don’t you? Yes I know you realised it just the way I did right now. I absolutely love and adore him also how could I not do so? My heart overflows with love and contentment wondering how come it took me so damned long to reach such an obvious conclusion.

Oh God you must think I’m such a stupid silly cow, oh ha, ha, ha snorting with laughter tears streaming holding my sides. Jesus you are such a frigging joker playing these tricks on us as if you’re Cupid. Oh shit no, it can’t be can it are you Cupid as well? Snorting and laughing eyes streaming oh hell and damnation how fucking ironic that would be.

I don’t care who you are by the way I just thought I would put that out there but you’re one cool dude uhhh, what’s that you say? Shit now I don’t know if it’s so cool is there such a word as dudette? Well there is now I don’t care what anyone says! I must tell them what you say, I don’t think they are going to believe me somehow, you know what a skeptical bunch they are down here. Tell them anyway. Okay just don’t shoot me I’m just the messenger.

God the Mother in Heaven yes believe it or not (God is a Woman) and is also Cupid and she shoots her arrows where ever she sees fit. You think you’re in charge of your destiny, well think again it’s not really so. You can resist and fight it but she (God) normally gets her way in the end. Okay I’ve got it totally!

Jesus, dear readers I’ve probably lost you ages ago you’re bored as hell by now well so you should be. I was supposed to paint you little pictures of how well they love / fuck each other. Shit I’m sorry I apologize profusely; I’ll try and stay on track from here on. I know, I know you want the pictures painted of how they fuck each other. I’ve got the message loud and clear, no don’t you dare don’t even try it, I tell you true I’ll give as good as I get. I promise you! Put that damned horsewhip down right now otherwise I won’t carry on painting pretty fuck pictures for you to drool over. I’ll withdraw my services from you forever. I promise you forever and a day into damned eternity! Fuck you too you’ll be the ones to regret it, sticks tongue out at them all snarly faced. I’ll perve to my hearts delight and shut you out, yes fuckit I will, she petulantly stomps to the door yanks it open glares once more at the assembled audience and slams it shut hard behind her, kathunk!

Chapter 3

She looks at him horrified, “did you hear that?” “That whoring fucking voyeur has been watching us on the sly shit, hell and damnation, what do you think we should do about her?” “You don’t know, well I’m sure we’ll think of something, now she wants to hi-jack us, telling our story ~ what a fucking little upstart!”

“I can paint pretty fuck pictures just as well as she can you know, you do know that don’t you?” “I also fuck much better than she does, oh you don’t know about that you’ve never fucked her; you should try it sometime, what a fucking slag you are.” “Screw her oh that’s what’ you’d like to do, screw her, you think that’s a magnificent idea, you love it I’m absolutely brilliant both of us can screw her at the same time, I don’t think so anytime soon.”

Now where were we hmmm oh no I don’t believe it you shared that fucking email I sent to you I’m shocked and appalled! How could you do that! You little prick that was supposed to be for your eyes only just between you and me. I told you yes, yes I did I told you to lock it away and do not share it with anyone Christ Almighty! I don’t fucking know, men always think with their dicks and not their brains God alone knows why she (God) gave you any I mean brains you fool.”

“What a sad state of affairs now that I think about it and yes you’re damned right I can think for myself, unlike you,” she glares at him balefully. “Your dick and your head are almost one and the same damned thing always well nearly always salivating at some or other pussy on offer. I know, don’t try and fool me I’m not that naive cunt I used to be.” “I’ve grown up you might like to know, oh fuck you to. So what you fucking little shit, I’m fifteen years older than you, you pubescent little toyboy.”

“Watch it just now I’ll fuck you in rage oh you think you’d like that, well then just to spite you I won’t. So there! Sticks her tongue out at him and glares at the fucking hi-jacking little upstart, you, you pack your bags and hit the road! You voyeuristic slag, what, you want her to stay. Are you demented you cunt eating maniac? Jesus holy fucking Christ, Mary Mother of Joseph, you’ll drive me crazy.” “They’ll send little green men in their white lab coats to come and carry me away you’d probably enjoy seeing that happen wouldn’t you, you bastard? Slap, slap. slap.

“Fuck the both of you yes really, really fuck the both of you skanks, slags, harlots, whores, putas. Christ Almighty, I’m done leave me alone I’m sick and tired of this shit just leave me alone the two of you.” “Fuck off don’t you have ears?” Hand pointing towards the door “get out now, not tomorrow or the next damned day, right fucking now.” Christ she’s furious with them what fucking pleasure it would give her to strangle them slowly, yes very slowly.

“You cunt eating harlots the both of you.” She hisses at them seething. “Oh I need my cunt eaten right now, yes you heard me quite correctly do you need me to spell it out for you! No I didn’t think so you pussy lovers you cum right over here right now otherwise I’ll ravish and devour you! Oh fuckit I give up, you’d love me to do that, I can’t win with you.”

Chapter 4

Christ she’s magnificent he’s never see her rant and rave before. What a fucking treat laughing Jesus she’s turned him on just like that! His rutting cock wants to climb out of his shorts all by itself gasping for breath he moves over to her, her petulant pouty mouth, her glaring glinting green eyes, she’s so damned sexy and fuckable as all hell, he’ll never get enough of her! She’s still glaring at him her rage evaporates as she watches him coming towards her. She also starts laughing watching his wanton cock misbehaving.

Oh Christ she adores him every fucking inch of him! Their bodies convulsing with laughter Jesus he’s a naughty one isn’t he peeking at her evilly above the elastic of his shorts. Screeching with laughter she points to his stomach he looks down and gawks his body rocking with laughter.

“I suppose a fucks out of the question right now? He gasps at her. “Nope I didn’t think so either it might not work too well” still laughing and gasping he throws himself onto the bed next to her they hold each other. Bloody hell he loves her more than he ever imagined he could love anyone, he loves the way she snorts when something’s funny. They roll around on the bed like young puppies carousing and cavorting. I tell you I can’t imagine them not being in each other’s lives dang it! They are both so scrumptious they are, you just want to eat them up. They also make me laugh which is a great thing to have in your life.

Eventually their mirth subsides he pulls her to him looks deeply into her eyes brings her lips to his own he gently slowly sensuously kisses her. Goddang it what a kisser he is! Oh he takes my breath away, clean away, I tell you true. Oh I know they are going to fuck like rabbits again eish. I’m so fucking hot and horny and he’s not even French kissing me goodness I feel so frigging lightheaded I think I’m going to swoon you know where all the blood has surged to oi vai.

I’m sure you’re starting to feel it to they are both such devilish detectable morsels. I’m not sure my old ticker can handle all this fucking. Bejesus they’ve turned it into a fuck fest. They just keep going, where the fuck do they find the stamina it’s not like they’re teenagers anymore you know. You do know that he’s forty three and she’s fifty eight, him I can sort of understand having that sort of stamina, but fuckit they only had a little nap in between, you saw it for yourself.

Oh la la, now here they are starting to go for it again for the third time ayjaja in my life I have never seen anything like it nor did I have it as good as that! Wonderful great to hear you guys and girls never had it that good either. Sjo they are hot to trot those two, its fucking awesome being able to watch them like this it gladdens the cockles of my heart you know.

“Oh hell and damnation this puts a whole new spin onto their fuck fest. My body jerks yes you heard right jerks in orgasmic delight it almost feels as if it’s my wet and clammy pussy that he’s eating. Okay here we go you greedy little fuckers but you had better give me ginormous tips, yes I said tips are you deaf?”

“The wenches sure as hell are inventive, they’ve pulled the dresser stool closer to the bed he’s lying on the bed with his head on the stool she’s straddling him she’s splayed her fuck lips for him ahhh sweet Jesus her digits are concentrating on her clit, his tongue goes from her very fuckable pussy and he dips his divine tongue into her then slowly withdraws it and moves it all the way up to her delectable lips,

God they’re delectably distended lips till he meets her finger working industriously on her clit he licks it back all the way down, she’s helping here as well up and down helping increase the friction. His hands are on her thighs assisting her along nicely. Down into her molten lava, he’s savouring her juices, slowly up and down she fucks his tongue.” “He’s hit a hot spot her back arches oh yes lover boy she pants I’ve taught you well haven’t I?” Oh yes I have to admit your other teachers weren’t too shabby either, but then again you’ve always been a diligent student haven’t you?” “Oh yes you have been such a willing participant always ready to sample anything at least once, she laughs lustily.”

His cock in his one hand pleasuring himself, “I’d love to devour him myself you know, oh my back arches my cunt spasms, such a delightful deliriously wicked feeling comes over me.” “They are drawing this one out as much as possible, his other hand is on her rump caressing it, what carnal animalistic desires the two of them have ignited in me.”

They once again reach cataclysmic orgasms’. But now it’s time to go, they have other commitments elsewhere. This is after all a no strings attached liaison.

One word of advice, she learnt the hard way. Never ever say these three words to him, if you do ~ he’ll run, so never say “I love you.” He’ll think you expect more from him, even if you don’t!

Let it be a message well received. “Feel what you feel, just don’t share it, after all this is NSA.”

The irony of it is, if there’s no chemistry you probably won’t take it any further! So what is that chemistry called? Perhaps the best is to leave it un-named!