Written by oldtoppie

24 Mar 2017

As I get out of my car and walk up to the bar, I notice that there are quite a few more people than usual hanging around. I see the sign on the wall saying its ladies night and drinks are half off for all ladies. I figure that this must be my lucky night after a hard day’s work. I would love some lady company just to have a chat and talk about anything else but work. I pulled open the door and I notice absolutely gorgeous women everywhere hanging together at the tables whilst men throw down cheesy pickup lines; one right after the other. There is a sweet scent in the air that crosses between the smell of alcohol and perfume. The bar is dimly lit like usual and the bartender is hard at work.

As I scan the area, I notice a couple of younger girls sitting at the bar having margaritas. I run my hand over my head as if I have hair and check my breath before starting to walk over; but then out of the corner of my eye, I notice you sitting on a small bar chair; drinking a glass of red wine alone and also checking out the scene. You looked a little older than most, but none the less sexy with a black dress and black heels to match. I glanced over your body and noticed your gorgeous round tits, tight butt and was thinking to myself…would love to fuck that. I stop for a second and reassess my game plan. You didn’t notice me yet, so I start walking towards you and sat down next to you. You looked over at me and give me a smile, then continue people watching. I order a whiskey on the rocks and looked over at you. You had beautiful dark hair that curls down to your upper back. I couldn’t see your eye colour because of the poor lighting but I could see you had a beautiful smooth skin and every time you smiled at some of the other guys, I dimple was clearly visible.. I tried to start a conversation.

"Interesting crowd tonight," I say. You looked at me and I saw your eyes drop a little as you scope me out.

"Yes it is, you answered. Which one is going to be the lucky one?" This question caught me by surprise but I thought why not play along?

"Whoever wants to get lucky; shall get lucky." I stare into your eyes and hold it for a second then start to laugh. You start to laugh with me. "That's pretty deep. I'm sure it will work on blonde girl one and two over there, you responded. "I am pretty certain it has worked already," I say, as I toss you a wink. "You have no idea." you gave me a little smile then got up and heads towards the dance floor. I then noticed your gorgeous butt; curved to perfection, the black number your wearing making sure no one can miss it. I smiled and finish my whiskey and get up to follow you. You started to dance by yourself in the middle of the floor as the beat from the system blares on. I walk up behind you and grab you by the waist and start to dance. You looked back just slightly with a smile and pushes back against me. Your hands come up and behind you to grab my arse.

I think to myself that there's no need to be bashful, so I lean in and start kissing your neck as your head rest against my shoulder. My hands start to explore your body. You pulled away slightly and I hoped that I didn’t mess it up. You turned around and grabbed my neck and pulled yourself closer to me. I wrapped my arms around you and it felt great. You soft warm curves pressing against me. You lowered your one hand and again grabbed my arse pulling me closer to you.

I guess this is where you felt my now rock hard cock fighting to be released. I move my right hand down your side to where the dress cuts off and feeling your bare thigh. This caused my cock to move and twitch inside my pants and I saw you smile. You move my hand back up, but under your dress to where I find the most beautiful thing. You were smooth shaved and weren’t wearing any panties and you are wet already. Purely focused on your wet pussy and forgetting where we are I move my finger tip up and through your juicy lips, softly pushing over your clit and up to your mound. You were soft, soaking wet and warm and that was the trigger for my cock to start throbbing. You began to moan and dig your fingers deeper in my arse pulling me closer. You other hand releasing my head as you grabbed my cock on the outside of my pants. It was with so much force that it hurt for a couple of seconds. I move my finger tip down again between your pussy lips and penetrate you just enough to get the end of my finger covered in your love juices. We started fondling each other with passion, melding our bodies together. I pull my finger out and slide it into your mouth and let you suck on it ever so seductively. You then gave me a come and get me grin and starts walking towards the exit.

I walk over to the bar and close my tab as fast as I can. I look over and you were already gone. 'Shit, come on!' I scream in my head. After I finally close the tab out, I started to walk towards the door. When I finally get outside, the night breeze hits me and I stop and look around. You were nowhere to be found. I can't believe it! I kick myself a thousand times and swear off using a card at a bar. Then out of the corner of my eye, I see the sexiest woman in a black dress and eyes that dug into me from afar. I look over and you grinned at me, blow me a kiss, then turn and heads down the alley, sliding your hand across the wall until all I see is your fingers as they escape into the night. I couldn’t let you go so I ran in your direction down the alley. You were waiting for me at the entrance of your flat and invited me in. Obvious the word NO was not part of my vocabulary for the night.

I was surprised with how your department looked inside. It was high class and only the best. You took me by the hand and lead me to the living room area. I had a seat on a luxury soft three seater couch. You asked me if I would join you in having a glass of wine and I replied with a soft “yes please”. Still overwhelmed with the luxury I noticed the pictures on the wall of a man, child and yourself. I didn’t dare to ask because I was afraid of the answer. You must have noticed the expression on my face and when you sat next to me said “it’s my son and husband. Does it bother you that I’m married?” obvious it did but again I didn’t want to ruin the night and I said “no, not at all”. We left the subject and started talking in general about life and what we do. Amazingly we were in the same industry but in different regions and didn’t know of each other until now. We moved away from work and our private lives and started to focus on each other and why I was there. I lean back and slowly spread your legs a bit just enough for me to see your smooth shaved pussy. Obviously that caused a major disruption in my pants as my cock started to grow again.

I couldn’t stop myself so I leaned forward and took you in my arms. I kissed you on your soft lips. It started of slowly. It felt fantastic. Your soft lips on mine, your firm tits pressing against my chest. The kiss turned into a tongue twisting vigorous kiss. When our tongues met it send a shiver down my spine and ended up in my cock. My hands slowly lowered down to your tits. I started fondling the one tit softly and I could feel your nipples getting harder. You pushed me back and started to loosen my pants. I stood up allowing you to get rid of my clothing. The moment you pulled down my underwear my cock sprung upright. You smiled as if you were amazed or shocked. I remember from army days that I didn’t get the monster (mine is 18cm) so I was hoping that size didn’t matter. In the meantime, you had a smirk on your face because I was smooth shaved and I made sure that I use bio-oil so it was nice, smooth, soft all over. I dropped my clothes to the floor and you took my rock hard cock in your mouth. Firstly slowly flicking the tip with your tongue, teasing it until the tip became wet with pre-cum. Then you started licking the shaft down to my smooth balls. They were pulled up in my ball sack. I was so fucking horny I wanted to fuck you so badly. You licked the shaft then you took my member in your mouth, slowly moving up and down. With your one hand you started caressing my balls and it felt awesome. It was obvious that you knew exactly how to please a man. This went on until I couldn’t keep it anymore and just before I cum in your mouth I pulled away.

“Now it’s my turn” I said as I pushed you back on the couch. I slowly spread your legs to reveal the most beautiful smooth shaved pussy. You were soaking wet already and I could see your love juices running between the lips. I dove between your legs and slowly started to lick around your pussy. Softly kissing and licking around it and I could feel the goose bumps on your legs as I went on. I then moved my tongue between your pussy lips and licked all the love juices. If taste like honey and was sweet and I loved it. It turned me on like crazy and I focused on your clit. Sucking it softly and playing with it. You arched your back and soft moans slipped from your mouth. I sucked a bit harder and faster and I could feel your body shiver as you reached your orgasm. I stuck my tongue between your pussy lips and licked all your love juices. It was running from my chin and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Then you said that we must take a shower together. Obvious I was still as horny as can be and my rock hard cock was beating like a drum to enter your wet shaved pussy. In minutes we were both naked under the shower. The warm water was running down your gorgeous body as if it was wrapping you in its droplets. You looked absolutely gorgeous. I pulled you closer and kissed you with passion on your soft lips. You kissed me back and without a blink our tongue met again and started twisting and playing in our mouths. I lowered my one hand and cupped your gorgeous arse and pulled you even closer pressing my hard cock against you. You were a lot shorter than I am and I had to lean against the wall before my cock your slip between your legs. In the same motion you spread your legs a bit allowing my cock to penetrate your pussy lips. I turned you around facing the wall. I pressed against you, pushing my body against yours, almost drowning you in the water stream. You feel my hard cock pressed against the crack of your ass as I was rubbing it against you. A slight moan left my lips because I loved doing this and you could feel my pre-cum run down the cheeks of your ass, like a lotion.

You felt my strong hand on your back, pushing you forward. You could feel my wonderfully stiff cock making its way to your wet hot pussy opening, parting its lips, slowly shoving it deeply inside you. You gasp as my manhood fills you... the pleasure is ecstasy. "Oh God, mmmmmm... yes..."

Holding on to the tap, you feel my thrusting into you with long slow strokes - at first - but the excitement of being in the shower makes my thrusts more and more urgent. You couldn’t help yourself, and cum much too quickly, by body spasms and you groan in intense pleasure as I continue to use you for my pleasure. The retracting of your pussy muscles around my cock makes me speed up my strokes and as I hammer into you, fast and hard, you could feel my body begin to tremble and you know what's coming next. My cock swelling and throbbing inside you, causing you to moan with delight again as another orgasm floods your body. And then you feel me shoot my hot cum deep in you. You could actually feel my hot love-juice surge into you, little spurts like butterfly wings. But there is so much of me, it begins to squirt out around my thrusting cock, running down the insides of your thighs. As I pulled my cock from your pussy you turned around and took my member in your mouth, sucking vigorously as if you are sucking on a straw and cleaning every last drop of cum from it. You then smiled and turned around again as if satisfied.

You then felt my fingers thrusting in and out of your lubricated pussy and your body lights up again, incandescently as you moan in pleasure. You knew our night is going to be an exhausting one, but you looked forward to being completely sated by our time together.