Written by Mosscup

05 Apr 2015

The Neighbour

After a romantic dinner and an early night out we got home had a bath and it was time for bed. So she thought …………… but I had other plans.

Laying in the room chatting I changed the conversation to the movie Shades that was going to be screened in the near future. The conversation got heated and I saw her nipples started to rise ever so slightly and I knew it might just still turn in to an interesting evening. I move closer and started by ever so slightly sliding my hand up and down her leg while in conversation, not to make my intentions to obvious.

To my surprize her legs parted to give me easy access to where she wanted me to go, as the gentleman I am I obliged. Feeling that she was moist I knew this was going to be a great evening. One thing lead to another and before we knew what happened we had no close on and we were making love like there was no tomorrow. As the two of us are we needed more adventure……………………… that meant balcony here we come.

Now just to explain we are on the second floor and any car driving by will be able to see what is going on and that is the adventure we liked to have. Once in the open air I moved her to the edge of the balcony so that any passer-by could have a great view of what we were up to. I leaned her a bit forward to make her sexy breasts easy to get to when the time was right. She opened her legs ever so slightly, I took up position behind her and slowly entered her with my shaft as hard as a rock I moved in and out in a slow motion to get her use to the motion and the started moving a bit faster and with a bit more impact. I heard her moans start soft at first and growing louder with each impact. She was having fun, the only thing we needed now was a car to pass that would have sent her over the edge.

What happened next was even better than a passing car ……………….

With all our passionate love making we never heard our lady neighbour come out for her evening smoke, nor did we see her as there is an 8 foot wall blocking our view. How long she had been their neither of us hand any idea. We had been so close to the wall that she must have had a great view of these firm D sized boobs with the hard nipples rocking bag and fourth with each time she was pounded from behind. I guess this drove her to the point where she had no resistance left and her hormones took over her fear, the next moment this hand came around the wall and lightly caressed the breast. My wife was startled at first but then the adrenaline kicked in……………… this was driving her up the wall and she came for the fifth or sixth time I still can’t remember but this one was extremely intense like never before……….

The two ladies leaned closer and kissed each other this was more than I could handle and my wife could feel it building up and she pulled of me in a nick of time. I thought nooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not now. She moved me closer to the wall and the edge of the balcony, she stood behind me wrapped her arm around me and grabbed my shaft in her hand and started playing with it then again the hand appeared to help with the job on hand. This was something that drove me over the edge and I could hold back no more and I let my load go. It went over the balcony over the neighbours hand down my balls and just kept on flowing.

We were out of breath after a good intense session like that. We were still standing there and the neighbour said that was fun but she needs help too.

But that is a story for another time………..