Written by RenJayKay

23 Nov 2014

God she was tired! One day off a week was killing her, not to mention her feet. Apart from standing most of the night, the damn shoes they told her to wear were killing her feet faster than anything else could.

She looked around and paid some attention to where she was. Good, she thought, almost there.

She loved this part of the walk to the bus stop. She always took her shoes off and walked on the grass, her toes squishing into the grass, the cool, wet damp of it taking away the ache that nothing else seemed to be able to do. She hated being a waitress and barlady at the night club, but needed the money to finish her studies. Just til March, was all she kept thinking.

She slowed and started walking closer to the edge of the grass. She knew she shouldn’t, but couldn’t help herself. He normally left this time of the morning. Sometimes she missed him, but other days she didn’t. She wondered if today was going to be the day she stopped him and asked him what his name was?

A rumbling, growling threat crawled arrogantly across the early morning sky, which wasn’t even light yet, though the promise of a hint of sunrise came to her. Dammit, she thought. The weather report had promised rain, but they were always wrong, and she figured she would be home by then so she didn’t take a jacket or even an umbrella.

Without noticing how, she came to rest in line with the corner. She took a deep breath and lit up a smoke. Not far now, she thought. She could afford a quick smoke break. She grinned and heard the thunder and crack of lightening less than a split second before it suddenly started pelting down. Shit! She stubbed the smoke out and gathered herself for the run to the bus stop.

Sprinting to the edge of the grass, she almost missed his car. He swerved and stopped, his window coming down. “You ok, Miss?” he asked and she loved the concern in his voice, though she could also hear the tiredness. A kindred soul, she thought, just as another white hot lightning bolt streaked down. She jumped, and he bolted out of the car, his jacket already drawn to cover her shoulders.

He guided her to the other side of the car and ran around to get back in. He pulled over and turned to her. “Name’s Grant” he said and smiled. “Name’s Jo” she said and gave a small, nervous giggle.

“Don’t think your bus is coming” he said “Ive been waiting for it and its late or something”. He suddenly gave a self-conscious cough and explained “I see you almost every morning. Its not that I’m stalking you. Its just that we have the same schedule”. He blushed lightly and cast his eyes down.

She laughed a little more confidently than before and he glanced at her. “You use that line on many girls then?” she grinned mischievously. He opened his mouth and then shut it again, suddenly bursting out in laughter. “No, sorry, I don’t” he said and smiled. “Why? Is it working?” and then it was her turn to blush.

He took advantage of the silence this brought to ask “Where you off to then?” and turned on the heater. “Well, it should have been the bus stop which would have taken me to Tasbet Park” she said and almost kicked herself for letting that out.

“Hmmm” he said. “I’m around the corner. If you’d like, I could take you all that way and you could call a taxi or a friend from my place? I’m really not an axe murderer” he went on to say. She glanced out the window and sighed inwardly. Still pouring with rain. She would get sick if she didn’t use his offer to help. Besides, she had watched him come and go for most of the last 6 months, and he seemed stable and harmless.

“Ok” she said, “and thanks”. Crossing her hands in her soaked lap, she wondered how she would pay for the water damage to his interior. “Don’t worry about the car” he said “I’ll clean it while we wait for your friend”.

She looked at his mouth and wondered idly what he would taste like. “OMG” she thought “this isn’t a fantasy-filled stroll to the bus stop”. She couldn’t let him see what she had thought or he would pull over and throw her out. “But” argued a small voice “he did admit to noticing you, too” and she looked at him again. He was still watching her and she smiled. “Beautiful eyes” she thought and touched his arm softly. “Thank you Grant” she said and he smiled too. “You’re welcome Jo” he said, and put his hand on hers. She knew he felt the shiver his touch brought when his eyes flew to her face and he swallowed.

“Was that you or me?” he asked, and she whispered throatily “me, I think” as he started the car. Turning left, he glanced at her briefly. “You’re still wet and shivering” he said. “More heat?” She shook her head, the smell of him overwhelming all else, even the new car smell.

She glanced shyly up at him, and took a deep breath. “Grant” she said “I have a confession to make” and she cleared her throat as he murmured “Mmmmmm?”

“Ive been meaning to stop and ask you your name for months now, but Ive never had the courage” she said. He chuckled and she thought he was mocking her. She looked up sharply. “Ive been meaning to stop and ask you if I could take you home” he said and she felt the tension in the car suddenly heat up. The car itself was stifling hot, or maybe it was just her because her toes were still cold and she was struggling to get a breath out past the sudden icy-hot band that circled her rib cage.

They had gone almost 20 kms when next he spoke, the tension almost unbearable by then. “Would you like to stay for coffee?” he said and she swallowed hard. “Yes, please” she almost whispered. “You ok?” he asked and glanced at her as his hand found itself to hers, still in her lap. “You’re still soaked!” he exclaimed and reached for the heater again. “Oh please don’t. I shant be able to breath if you turn it up any more” she said, and his hand fell back to hers. She left it there, feeling strangely comforted.

Another 10 kms passed without comment, his hand still on hers, only moving it to change gears. “Grant” she said “do you feel it too, or am I an idiot for thinking that we may have something? I mean, we have barely spoken, but I LIKE this, being here. With you, I mean”.

His hand tightened around hers and it was his turn to clear his throat when his whispered “yes” didn’t want to come out. “Shhhh” he said. “Let me just breathe you in” and she felt her heart suddenly slam up against her chest.

On the outskirts of town, he slowed and stopped, the car still idling. “Jo” he said “I want to spend time with you. What time do you have to be at work, and who would you need to call to arrange it?” She smiled sadly. “There is no-one” she said “I live alone”.

“Can you stay?” he asked and she nodded. Without a word, he started the car and drove for another 4 minutes before turning left into a driveway. The pelting rain had followed them all the way home and she couldn’t see the outside of the house. “Stay” he said and jumped out to open the doors for her. Minutes later he rushed back out with a towel. “No umbrella, I’m afraid” but she just smiled and covered her head with the towel, leaving her purse and her shoes in the car as she sprinted for the back door. Punching the remote to activate the alarm, he followed her inside and closed the door.

“Home” he said and she turned to face him.

“Yes” she said and looked around a little self-consciously as she dripped water onto the floor. “You’re soaked!” he exclaimed and stepped towards her, his hand reaching out for the towel as she moved slightly, and his hand caught her cheek. She left it there and dipped her head slightly so that his palm cupped her cheek.

“Jo” he said huskily, and took a step towards her again. “Shhhh” she said and lifted her face to meet his mouth, her lips lightly touching his, not sure, but seeking. Her hands rested now lightly against his chest, her finger tips against his chest hair at the top of his shirt and his mouth took her firmly.

She broke off and cleared her throat, her heart thumping wildly. He growled softly and stepped back to her side, his hands circling her waist as he picked her up and placed her on the long kitchen counter. Stepping into her space, he stood between her legs and looked up at her as his hands started to undo the buttons of her wet cardigan. Once again, she placed her hands against his chest, her fingers seeking the hair that peeked out of his shirt.

He peeled the cardigan from her shoulders and noticed that her white uniform shirt was wet too, the nipples hard against the see-through fabric. He reached for those buttons too, and brushed the back of his hand across her nipples as he did. She inhaled sharply and her own fingers reached for his shirt buttons. “Grant” she whispered but he just continued to undo her shirt buttons and then slip that off too. His eyes roved across her skin, her nipples tightening at his gaze.

Bending slightly forward, he licked the edge of her breast, at the point where the bra started and the skin ended and her nipples tightened even more. Slipping her bra straps down her arms, he licked his tongue across first one, then the other nipple as she shuddered. He slipped his mouth over her nipple and sucked softly, her back arching to meet his mouth, her pelvis pushing against his waist, her hands now running across his chest. When had his shirt come loose, he wondered?

He took her other nipple in his mouth now, the previous nipple not forgotten as his hand stole up her skin to take it into his fingers and roll it gently, brushing the tips of his fingers across it. She shuddered again and sighed.

He lifted her up and carried her into the dining area, placing her on the edge of his dining table as his hands stole around her back to undo her bra. He slipped her bra down her arms and laid her back gently, her pelvis now resting at the edge of the table. He slipped out of his own shirt and reached for her belt, his eyes never leaving hers as he slowly undid her belt and then slipped her pants down over her ankles. Stepping back, he removed them, and then her panties. Not once did his eyes leave hers and she waited as he slipped out of his own clothes to stand naked in front of her, his hands sliding slowly up her legs.

He broke eye contact and followed the path his hands had made up her legs, coming to rest on her shaven pussy, the clit just peeking through the folds of her lips. He inhaled sharply and leaned down, his tongue just catching the edge of her clit, his mouth wetting her lips as she widened her legs and invited him in closer.

He moaned softly and slipped his tongue down her lips and into her pussy, his fingers following his tongue, one hand reaching around to slip a finger into her ass slowly. She moaned loudly and bucked her hips up to meet his mouth. He licked her clit slowly, swirling his tongue around the rock-hard bud, slipping it into his mouth and sucking gently as her ass began to buck slowly in time with his sucking.

He adjusted his position and stepped back to turn her onto her stomach, her knees now on the table, her pussy just inches from his hard, throbbing cock. Slipping a finger into her ass again, he slowly slid his cock into her hot, wet pussy, almost cumming just at the feel of her around him. She murmured his name and he withdrew his fingers and reached around to her breasts, fingers seeking nipples as he slid his cock all the way into her. She bucked slightly and he moved to meet her needs. She arched her back and he felt her ass tighten, the lips of her pussy sliding up and down his shaft, stroking him.

He realized that he was panting, or was that Jo panting? He didn’t care. He felt her pussy squeezing him, her breathing coming in short gasps as his fingers squeezed her nipples harder now. “Ah fuck” she said “Grant” she said “please, please, please fuck me hard and deep. Don’t stop now. Please” as he passed the point of no return and slipped over the edge into his own orgasm, her pussy cumming hot, hard and fast all over his cock. Rocking gently in her, not wanting to leave, he tried to stay and couldn’t.

He stepped back and turned her around to lie on the table again, his fingers slipping into her wet, wet pussy to bring her down slowly, his eyes never leaving hers as he did. “Lets go shower” he said, and smiled as her eyes lit up.

He lifted her up in his arms and carried her, still naked, down the hallway and into the bathroom. Placing her gently on her feet, he wrapped her in his shabby old nightgown that hung behind the door. She smiled up at him, grateful for the gown. As romantic as his move had been, she was bluddy freezing!

He turned away and so did not see the fleeting look that crossed her face. Talking to her over his shoulder as he reached in to turn on the shower, he said “theres a spare toothbrush in that cupboard over there” and she moved to take it out as he he adjusted the water temperature.

Nodding slightly to himself, ever pedantic, he smiled across at her and took her hand to lead her over to the shower. Dropping the gown from her shoulders, he bent and kissed each nipple softly and then her lips too. Taking her hand in his again, he helped her into the shower and then stepped back to strip naked as well.

Standing in the shower, she leaned her head back and let the warm water run down over her face and hair, stripping the rainy grime from her hair and refreshing the skin on her face. She didnt notice that he gently closed the shower door behind himself as he stepped in close and softly kissed her exposed throat. She giggled throatily and his hold against her hips tightened. He again leaned down and kissed her nipples softly, then reached behind her to take the soap and the loofah from the small shelf he had installed in the shower.

Soaping the loofah, he gently turned her around to stand with her hands against the wall, legs slightly spread. He drew in a sharp breath at the pose she struck, unknowingly so damn sexy that he almost gave in to his desire, his want for her. Swallowing hard, he continued soaping the loofah and then moved her hair out of the way. Starting at her shoulders, he washed her back in gentle circular movements, slowly moving ever downwards.

He dropped the loofah, forgotten, into the water running down the drain, and rubbed his hands gently across her skin, loving the silky, wet feel of her here. She sighed and shifted slightly and he felt his cock stir again. He concentrated harder on washing her skin, his hands now moving down to her ass, rubbing in circular movements, slowly trying to turn her on without touching any of the obvious places.

Kneeling down in the shower, he let his hands slowly wander across the back of her body, down her ass and to her legs. Picking up the forgotten soap, he used the bar to spread soap across her left leg, then spread his hands across her skin again. He looked up and watched as her eyes sank closed and he let his hands wander higher. His thumb brushed against her clit, the top of her lips, as he moved his right hand across to her other leg. Both his hands now caressed her ass and his cock was beginning to throb slighty at the promise of unspoken things to come.

His resolve snapped and he spread her ass cheeks apart slightly, his tongue running across the top of her ass where her cheeks meet. His fingers moved slowly downwards, one of them rubbing softly against her ass, probing, sliding in easily, wet and soapy and she gave a soft sigh as he slowly, ever so slowly entered her ass with his finger.

He let his other finger enter her pussy, also slowly as his other hand moved up her body to gently stroke her nipple. He stood up slowly, still ass and pussy fucking her slowly with his hand. He withdrew his hand and fingers and turned her around and kissed her long and deep.

Jo whimpered and spoke his name softly. “Grant” she said “please make love to me? Now, here?” and he sank to the floor, giving in to her.

Resting on his knees, he pulled her down on top of him, entering her easily. She leaned back and placed her hands on the floor behind her as he raised his hips and sank even deeper into her hot, wet pussy, the shower, the cascading water, all forgotten.

Taking her to the edge of a climax was easy, her back arched, her pussy tight from the way she was positioned. His left hand gripped her hip hard and he pulled her even deeper onto his cock with every stroke. His right hand played with her clit and he watched the expression on her face as the hot water drummed down across her nipples.


This is one of my own short stories.

Feel free to copy it, but please give credit where it is due.