Written by bornready4fun

30 Jan 2013

When will I ever say enough is enough.............. Haven’t reached that point in my life yet and really would love to actually just for once have that feeling off oooooooooooooooo NO now I can’t take a cock at all. Had the first privilege to feel sore the next morning after my double penetration encounter and that was absolutely great............ made me so horny the whole day when I moved and felt that numb sore.

Have done the gang bang with 13 guys it was really amazing but still went home horny.

This is my ultimate fantasy and my partner is working hard to make this happen. Can’t be easy for him all the time because I know myself and I'm really one of those women who are insatiable. Everything turns me on and very little can calm me down. I am a nymphomaniac and tried everything to calm down but nothing works. Sometimes I wish I was more like other woman that can switch off my libido........... But boy o boy that switch broke, maybe at birth.

Please people if you want to judge on my most secretive fantasy just stop reading here and now. I m writing this one cause so many asked me about my ultimate fantasy and its def not for the faint hearted. Negative comments not needed but positive ones please feel free to post them because I really need some encouragement on this one. Of course any suggestions to enhance the experience are always welcome, as well as any white guys who feel they might want to be a part of it are welcome to contact us.

We always go to Kempton for our naughty parties if we don’t do it at home so logically burger will be the host for my 40th party..... I’m turning 40 in September and I WANT 40 MEN TO SHAG THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF ME.........

This is how it happens in my fantasy

I’m laying on a massaging table with mr massaging my back as all the men gets closer and takes a number from the hat. Standing around the table I turn on my back and the men really starts massaging my body I take a cock in each hand and one in my mouth and starts sucking on it softly mmmmmmmmmmmm def something that I love .............. Clean shaven cock. I love it to taste a man and to feel how he grows in my mouth. Feeling and hearing his reaction makes me so horny and wet. I can do this for hours and love taking a man to the edge. Off coursing wanting him to fuck me I won’t make him cumm in my mouth today.

I can feel how some hands are moving down my thighs around my pussy........ Wow what an amazing feeling to have someone’s hands there working me in frenzy without me knowing who it belongs to. Suddenly I feel a man’s mouth going down on me ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fuck I love it and its not long before I start squirming and not long after that my first earth shattering orgasm breaks over me............................. fuck fuck. Cunnilingus is def my biggest turn on and this I can def enjoy for hours. The feeling of a man that knows how to satisfy a woman with his mouth and fingers makes me sssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooo horny. Just imagine every time after a few men fucked me one goes down and eat me up in another mind-blowing orgasm.

Suddenly I feel a hard cock entering me and some one is holding my legs in the air .................. what an amazing feeling to be fucked deep and hard when the first guy cumms he pulls out and shoots his load on my tummy suddenly everyone moves around in a circle so two new cocks in my hand and mouth and another one in my pussy. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fuck this is what I have dreamt about all my life and cant believe how good it feels. Orgasms breaks over me', one after the other and in between I’m squirting like mad. Can't believe that every cock still feels different and it such a beauty to see all these rock hard cocks for me to enjoy mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Ideally each guy would get at least one turn in each position, mouth, hand and pussy, hopefully much more than just that too

With so many men involved there would obviously be a few health and safety questions, so preferably we wouldn't want the guys Cumming inside me. A better option I for them to pull out and cumm on my body mmmm cumm galore

This is my fantasy so I can go on and on and will def cumms for the whole Swinging heavens group lol