27 Jul 2016

*Part of this story is true, the rest is an imagination of what could have been, or could be...*


I'm browsing through some profiles on a local swingers site one Wednesday evening when I find one that really intrigues me. The married couple in their late twenties (Mrs) and early thirties (Mr) have some very sexy pics on their profile and they are in Pretoria as well. I quickly make my way to the chatroom in the hope that they would be there.

I'm in luck! I send them a private message complimenting them on their pics in a polite manner. A minute or so later they reply, thanking me for my compliment on the Mrs . "My pleasure" I reply. A few minutes go by and they send me a message saying how much they like my profile and if I'm willing to open my private albums for them, they will do the same - no face pics in theirs they warn. Fine by me, I also don't show my face in my pics. Invites exchanged and as I start flipping through their sexy pics, I can't help but feel that something is familiar about them. I have a sneaky suspicion that they are friends of some of my friends. I quickly go to Facebook and go to the suspected Mrs' profile. It does appear to be her. It is Natalie! The woman on Facebook and the woman lying back with her legs spread on the swingers site have the same tattoo. This is evident in the bikini pics taken while suntanning on holiday.

I've always thought that she was hot. We've had short conversations at friends' braais before, but nothing in-depth. Natalie is about 1.7m tall, small A-Cup breasts (I guess), a very slim build with a gorgeous ass and a pretty face with blue eyes. Her shoulder length blonde hair frames her high cheekbones nicely and she always flaunts her long, sexy legs by wearing tight jeans or tight shorts. Her husband, Steve, is a bit shorter than her with a bit of a beer boep. Chubby I'd say. I've always wondered how he managed to get such a hot wife!

While I was looking through Facebook to confirm my suspicion, they messaged me back in the chatroom. "Wife likes what she sees, a lot. Would you be keen to meet for drinks sometime? Where do you stay?" With the new-found knowledge of who they are, I log out without replying. I need to think how I can play this one.

I log back into the site the next day (Thursday) and I see I have a message in my inbox. It's them. "Hi, my wife would love to get to know you better. That means she wants to fuck your brains out! Lol. Let me know if you want to then we can arrange." My cock is instantly hard as I go through their pics again. She has an incredibly tight and wet looking pussy and her nipples just beg to be sucked! Who would have thought that they would be such a naughty couple? Reason gets the best of me though and I decide that I can't risk ruining my mutual friendships if any of our friends ever had to find out. I send them a polite message back that I would love to fuck the beautiful Mrs, but I have to decline their offer at this time. I get a message back with only a sad face.

As the weekend rolls in I have a relaxed Friday evening at home. I watched a movie after finishing some work and then went to bed early. Saturday morning I had to go wash my car and buy some groceries as I had nothing to eat in the house. While I'm at Spar, my friend Johan phones me and tells me that they are having a braai at their place later the afternoon and that I should come! I tell him I'll be there and get a steak to braai along with a 12-pack of beers.

I get to his place a bit before 15:00 and his wife greets me at the door as Johan is busy setting up the braai at the back. I go through to the back, taking a beer with me. I help him sort out the place and find out that some of our other friends will be coming too and some of his wife's friends also said they will join a bit later. I don't think anything of it as we generally have plenty of people at these braais. By 17:00 the fire is going strong and we are about 10 people, mostly my friends. The wives and girlfriends of my friends are sitting on the patio discussing all sorts while us guys are gathered together in the lounge while we wait for the fire to die down so we can braai.

The doorbell rings and Johan heads for the front door. I'm in deep conversation with another friend, Jake, about his new job when I hear Johan close the front door. I turn towards the noise while talking to Jake and look straight into Natalie's face with Steve following her holding a coolerbox on top of his boep. I freeze and just stare for a moment. "Earth to Michael!" She is standing right in front of me waiting for me to say hi! I snap back to reality and hug her. "Sorry, had a bit of brain-fade there, must be the beer!" She moves on to the other people and I shake Steve's hand after he put the coolerbox down. I have to keep my cool.

I continue conversing with Jakes but my eyes follow Natalie as she says hi to the girls outside. She is wearing a tight jean that makes me want to bite the back of my fist. A white tank-top with a push-up bra is making her A-Cup breasts look a lot bigger than what they look like on the swingers site I think... Steve joins the guys in the house after greeting the girls outside. Johan asks him if he can get him a beer, but Steve is already twisting a cap off one from his coolerbox! "No thanks Johan, I've got one!"

I see Natalie getting a glass of wine outside. She is facing towards me and as she reaches across the table to take the glass from Johan's wife I stare straight down her top at her perky little breasts. I realise I've stared for a moment too long when her cleavage is replaced with her face looking right at me. I hope she doesn't think I'm some pervert. She doesn't make it apparent that I did anything wrong and sits down engaging with the other women on the patio. I continue chatting to Jake while Johan and Steve are outside by the fire. Every now and then my eyes would wander to the patio and I would see Natalie looking my way. It's getting quite uncomfortable actually, because all I can see when I look at her is her naked body from her pics and the fact that she wants to "fuck my brains out"! She doesn't know it is me though, so I calm myself with that thought.

I need to get another beer in the kitchen and ask Jake if he wants another one. "Sure, let me go piss." I wander off to the kitchen which is down the hallway at the end of the house and open the fridge. Johan has put all the beer right at the bottom, and his wife has put the salad on top of it so it takes some maneuvering to get the beers out. I finally manage to get two beers free and get off my haunches and close the fridge at the same time. I nearly drop the beers as Natalie startles me. I did not notice her walking up to the fridge door while I was down there! "Jesus Natalie! You'll give a man a heart attack!" I say. She laughs "Sorry! I just came to get more wine!" I stand aside and let her through to get to the wine. "How have you been Michael? It's been a while!" she says while pouring her glass of wine. "You know, all good, just working!" She finishes the bottle into her glass, turns around and looks for the bin to throw the bottle in. She bends down to open the lid of the bin, giving me a spectacular view of her ass in the process. She turns around with the glass of wine in her hand and looks at me "I've noticed you've been having quite a lot of brain-fade today." I start blushing... She is standing with her hip propped out, perfect model pose, softly sipping her wine. What is she doing?! "Uhm, sorry Natalie, I have been a bit distracted with work and keep getting lost in my head!" I lie. "No, you were just fine when you were speaking to Jake." she quips.

I don't know what to say. I just smile and let out a little giggle, fiddling with the two unopened beers in my hands. Would it be rude to just leave I think? She slowly strolls in my direction. "What is it Michael? You've been looking at me funny since we got here!" I try to get my composure back. "Nothing Natalie, really! I guess I should get this beer to Jake!" I say trying to escape this awkward situation. "No, hold on a bit." She slides along the kitchen counter to right next to me where I am leaning against it. "I can't help noticing you looking at me the whole time. It's like you are undressing me with your eyes." I look at the floor then at her. "I'm sorry, I I I..." My mind is racing and I don't know what to say. "It's okay Michael, I like it." She gives me a wink and then bumps me with the side of her hip and saunters off out the kitchen with her glass of wine in hand.

What the hell? I open a beer and take a big swig. I find Jake outside by the braai chatting to Johan and Steve. "Where have you been? I've been dry here for ages!" He takes the beer bottle from me and continues his conversation with Steve and Johan. I stand with them, but I can't get Natalie out of my mind. Luckily she is behind me now, so I can't be caught staring at her anymore! I finish my beer quite quickly and need to go take a pee. While washing my hands I hear a knock on the door "Michael! Are you in there?" It's Natalie. "Yeah, will be out now!" I dry my hands and open the door.

Natalie is standing in the hallway, leaning against the wall, her hands in her jean pockets. My eyes run from her feet to her face as I exit the bathroom. I can't help pausing for a millisecond at her perky breasts' cleavage. "All yours!" I say as casually as possible. Now she is looking at me with eyes I haven't seen before. "I said I like it when you undress me with your eyes." I freeze in my tracks. "Natalie..." We are alone in the hallway. "Give me your phone." I look up the hallway then back at her, not knowing what to do. "Now!" she hisses at me as she steps closer to me so I look down at her, down the top of her tank top. I pull my phone out my pocket and hand it to her. "Thanks!" She says all smiley with a naughty twinkle in her eye. "Steve and Johan would love another beer if you are getting one!" She walks into the bathroom and closes the door.

What does she want with my phone? Should I wait outside the door? Maybe not, that would be weird. I walk down to the kitchen and get 3 beers out the bottom. I hear the toilet flush while I'm busy. Natalie waits for me in the hallway and when I reach her she hands my phone back to me. "There you go." Again accompanied with a wink before she turns around and walks off in a way that would make any man weak at his knees. That ass...

I put my phone back in my pocket and join the guys on the patio with their beers. The meat is almost done. It's a hive of activity as everyone scurries about to get plates and cutlery and and and. Steve and and Natalie are seated together and I see them talking to each other, she’s whispering something in his ear. Shit. His eyes glance towards me while she is whispering. Shit. I'm still busy helping Johan take meat off the braai. As the last meat gets taken off Natalie calls me over and offers me the seat next to her. It will be weird if I don't accept I think. It's a 6-seater table so the other people will eat in the house at the dining room table or in front of the TV. Myself, Natalie and Steve sit in the darker side of the patio while Johan, his wife Karien and Jake sit opposite us.

Everyone is eating nicely and conversation is good. Halfway through my steak I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket. I ignore it as I don't want to be rude at the table. I continue eating when I feel a hand on my thigh. It's Natalie’s. Nobody can see that her hand is on my thigh, and she is done eating already. I look at her hand then up at her. She's laughing at something Karien is telling her, not looking my way. I just play dumb and finish my meal. As soon as I put my fork and knife down I feel her hand slowly but firmly stroking up and down my thigh. Seemingly oblivious to her though - she is still engaged in her conversation with Karien! Jake excuses himself and takes his plate with him. Johan soon also gets up and takes everyone's plates with him. "I'll be right there to help you Johan" Karien yells after Johan. "I can't leave him to pack the dishwasher and I'd rather do it now than tomorrow." She finishes the last drop of wine in her glass and excuses herself. Steve also excuses himself and walks to the garden with a cigarette.

Natalie's stroking of my leg has persisted and I don't know what to do. "Check your phone." she tells me while keeping an eye on the lounge. She takes a sip of her wine and takes her hand off my leg. I pull my phone out and see I have a Whatsapp message from a number that is not saved on my contacts list. I open the message. It just says "Your phone takes nice pictures." My heart starts racing. I glance over at Natalie who is sitting back in her chair with her glass of wine. Her eyes wandering into the lounge. I open my phone's gallery. I nearly choke on my beer as I open it. There, on my phone, is a picture of Natalie's reflection in a mirror, Johan’s house’s bathroom mirror, standing in just her underwear, a tiny black panty with a matching black bra pushing her breasts up high, her one hand pulling the bra strap off her shoulder. I quickly turn off my screen. I stare ahead of me drinking my beer. What. The. Fuck.

“Natalie…” I look at her. She is smiling at me, a naughty smile. “Is it as good as you imagined it to be?” I decide to be honest. “You look amazing, but…” I can’t finish my sentence as Karien comes back onto the patio to collect more things off the table. Steve appears out of nowhere and offers to help her. “Thanks Steve!” Karien and Steve go off chatting into the house. “You were saying?” She’s sitting up now, her legs towards me, leaning in a bit. “You look amazing, but why?” She chuckles, in the naughtiest way. “I’ve already told you, I like it that you undress me with your eyes. Plus, I’m not completely naked there am I?” I swallow hard.

Shall I tell her that I have seen her naked on their pics on the swingers site? Shall I tell her that is why I have been looking at her so much today? “Michael… you are doing the brain-fade thing again!” She giggles and puts her hand on my leg again. “I have seen you naked before!” I blurt out. This seems to have caught her by surprise. She takes her hand off my leg and sits away from me. She is confused. “How?” She is a bit scared it seems. “I’ve seen your pictures on the swingers site. Sorry.” I blush and I truly feel like I’ve ruined everything. She sits dead still and I can see her thinking. “I haven’t told anyone, don’t worry. I just happened to find you guys there and I matched up your tattoo with your bikini pics on Facebook.” She looks at me with her naughty look again. “So you’ve been perving on me for a while?” She comes closer again, her body language a lot more confident all of a sudden. “Yes, you are hot!” I manage to utter softly. “Have we chatted on the swingers site?” Genuine curiosity in her voice now. “Yes.”

Just then, Steve, Johan and Karien come walking out onto the patio. Natalie gets up and goes to Steve. “Let’s go for a smoke hun!” She drags him by the hand into the garden. I need another beer and quickly make a dash for the kitchen, but first I have to pee. After my pee I get into the kitchen and find myself a beer. My mind is going crazy. What did I just do? I’m pacing up and down the kitchen with my beer trying to think how I can get myself out of this mess. Suddenly I hear Steve’s booming voice from the doorway. “Michael! Where did Johan hide the beers? My coolerbox is empty.” I got a bit of a fright but say “It’s in the bottom of the fridge, I’ll get you one!” As I hand him a beer he looks at me. “Nats tells me that you’ve seen our pictures on the swingers site.” Damnit, he’s blocking my exit. “Yes, but it’s not on purpose I swear!” He laughs and grabs me round the shoulders in a friendly hug manner. “Don’t worry man, she’s been on my case all night about you. Apparently you’ve been making her wet since we got here today with your looks! The fact that you are open to something like this just makes things easier!” I sigh a sigh of relief as I was getting ready to get punched in the face!

“Tell me though, what is your nickname on the site?” he seems genuinely interested. “Looker” I reply shyly. “Oh fuck! Really?! Fuck man, you’ve got a monster! This just gets better and better! You have no idea how disappointed she was when you turned us down! She’s never had anything as big as what you are packing!” He is really excited, and I’m scared other people will hear as he is quite loud now as well. “Okay, I’ll tell you what, I’m not going to tell her who you are on the site. I want to see her face when she pulls that thing out your pants!” He laughs loudly and proudly. “When we go out now, go with her when she goes for a smoke in the garden. I’ll give her the greenlight.” All I can say is “Okay”.

We walk outside and Natalie is chatting with Karien and Johan. Steve shows her a thumbs-up and taps me on the back as we walk up to her. “Where have you guys been? I’ve been dying for a smoke!” Neither Johan or Karien smoke, so they excuse themselves and go sit in the house with the other people. Steve joins them saying he just had a smoke. I’m nervous as hell. Natalie walks into the darkness of the garden and I follow her. “Michael?” She is looking for me in the dark. “I’m here.” I walk up behind her and put my hands on her hips. We are completely out of sight of everyone else. She turns around and without warning grabs me by the back of the head and pulls my face down to hers. Our lips meet and our bodies connect with a thud as I pull her close and kiss her, passionately. My hands find their way down to her ass, squeezing her firm cheeks while pulling her towards me. My cock has suddenly come to life and is growing at a rapid pace. “Fuck, but you kiss well!” She says with an animalistic satisfaction as she lets go of me. “I’ve been so fucking wet for you since our kitchen rendezvous.”

“Come here, how wet are you?” She comes up right against me again and kisses me deeply “Check for yourself!” I turn her around, she pushes her ass against me, against my now rock hard cock that is straining down the leg of my pants. I reach around and undo her jean’s belt. I feel her hand reaching round to feel my cock. As she touches it, I slip my hand into the front of her pants and my finger glides straight into a sopping wet pussy. Her legs buckle a little and she groans quite loudly. I slip my middle finger into her wet pussy like a hot knife through butter. I give one or two flicks at her g-spot and she starts to shake uncontrollably. She’s cumming. Hard. I stifle her moans by kissing her mouth. My other hand is under her tank top and is squeezing her breast. She starts to regain the use of her legs. I pull my hand out of her panties, putting my finger to my mouth to taste her. Mmmm. It’s so sweet! She fastens her jean’s belt and gathers herself. She falls into my arms again, kissing me. She breaks away, puts her hand on my cock that is trapped in my jeans, pulls my ear towards her mouth and says “I can’t wait to feel that fucking cock deep inside my pussy!”

She lights up a cigarette and I leave her to compose herself so the rest of the party don’t see how flushed she is. Before I leave the darkness I shift my cock upwards so my belt holds it in place and my t-shirt hides my raging erection. I get inside and find Jake busy greeting everyone. “That’s my queue as well then” I say, much to the dismay of Johan and the others. “You are getting old man!” I look at Steve and ask him if they are staying. He looks at his watch then says “I think we’ll probably also be heading home hey, will just wait for Nats to finish her smoke!” She joins soon, looking a bit ruffled, but not to the extent that anyone would suspect anything. We say goodbye to everyone and we walk to the car. Steve walks next to me with his cooler box and whispers to me to follow them home. They don’t stay too far.

On the drive to their place I get a Whatsapp message from Natalie. “I’m on the pill and we are clean, are you? I don’t like condoms.” I message her back “I’m clean.”. We pull up into their driveway. Natalie gets out of the car and walks towards me. She grabs my hand and says “Come” in the sexiest way she could without sounding desperate. Steve already opened up the front door and turned on the lights in the house. The moment we walk into the front door I stop and pull her towards me. “I can’t wait for the bedroom” I pull her close and kiss her deeply before she can protest. Steve closes the door behind us. I push Natalie against the wall, grinding my rock hard cock against her pussy through our jeans. My hands are under her tank-top and under her bra, squeezing her breasts, making her moan into my mouth. I feel her loosening her jeans and then mine. Not so quick I think.

I break away from our kiss and drop to my knees in front of her. I pull down on the sides of her jeans and panties. She struggles to get her foot out of the jean’s leg and I help her. I spread her legs open while she is standing against the wall. I need to taste her pussy so badly. I go straight for her dripping wetness. I pull her pussy into my mouth as my tongue finds the folds and the depths of her tightness. She has her hands in my hair pulling me deeper. She’s moaning loudly. I see Steve off on the side standing naked with his cock in his hand, masturbating at the sight of his wife being eaten out by me. I push two fingers into Natalie’s pussy. I immediately start working on her g-spot. I leave my fingers in and get up, forcing my fingers hard and fast in and out of her. She’s already taken off her top and bra, my mouth finds a nipple to suck on while my other arm pulls her hips forward. I can hear her pussy’s wetness waiting to explode. She’s screaming out now and all of a sudden her legs buckle and she gushes her wet pussy juices everywhere as she squirts in a tremendous orgasm. She falls down on the floor shaking violently. I slowly pull my fingers out of her, letting her orgasm subside. I lie on the floor with her and kiss her small but firm breasts while she recovers. Steve has also cum it seems. A puddle of cum lies in front of him and his smallish cock is going limp. “Fuuuuuuuuuck!” Is all that escapes her mouth. She is still shaking. With a smile on my face I say “I hope you are ready for more, cause that’s just the start!”

She lies there for a while longer. “I have never squirted before! That was fucking unreal! Steve, did you see that?!” I hear Steve laughing from where he is sitting on the steps that lead up to the bedroom. “I saw that baby, I also came all over the floor!” Natalie looks at me “Thank you!” I smile at her, kiss her then get up and pull her up. “Get that gorgeous ass to the bedroom!” She giggles and sprints passed Steve up the stairs in all her naked glory! Steve gets up and follows her and tells me “You haven’t even taken your cock out yet and that was probably the biggest orgasm she’s ever had!” I just smile at him as we climb the stairs together.

We get in the bedroom and Natalie is lying naked on the bed on her stomach, her beautiful ass in perfect view. “I’ve been rock hard since we stopped in the driveway. I can’t wait to feel your pussy around my cock” I tell Natalie. She jumps up and sits at the bottom of the bed, her legs spread, wetness still clearly visible. Steve tells me that he’s just going to watch, he won’t be able to get hard for a while now. “Enjoy her!” I stand in front of Natalie “Take my cock out and suck it. I’ve been leaking precum since we first kissed!” She groans and unzips my jeans. She pulls down on my sides and my cock jumps out, hitting her on her cheek with a thud! She yelps. “Fuuuuuck! I don’t know if I can take that!” She seems shocked and scared, but she wastes no time to put her hands around my cock. Precum is literally dripping off the tip. I reach down and push a finger into her pussy, she moans and I tell her that I’m going to fuck her pussy with my cock after she’s cleaned the precum off with her mouth.

She hungrily takes my cock into her warm mouth, her jaw stretching wide to accommodate me. She gets a bit more than the head in then releases it with a slurp. “Fuck it’s so big!” She takes it into her mouth again, trying to see how much she can fit in. She doesn’t get much further than her first try. I reach down and fondle her breasts as she bobs on my cock. It feels so damn good. She knows how to suck cock, that’s for sure! I push her face off me and say “I need to fuck your pussy, right now!” She jumps up and lies back on the bed, her legs spread wide, like in her pics on the site! Fuck she looks so hot! Her eyes are burning through me and she’s licking her index finger on her left hand while her right hand has a finger inside her pussy.

I put the tip of my cock at her wet opening. She is truly drenched! Her legs are spread as far as it could be. I see Steve on the side of the bed, wanking his limp cock, his eyes glued to my cock at his wife’s wet pussy. I start pushing into her, very, very slowly. She starts moaning and she throws her head back as my cock’s head disappears in her. “Fuuuuck!” She looks down at her cunt while her knuckles turn white as she holds onto the sheets. I stay in her, with just the head in her pussy. I slowly push in more. With every cm disappearing inside of her tight pussy, her screams intensify. I take hold of her breasts, squeezing them hard. I’m about half-way inside of her. I lean forward ever so slightly, I look her in her eyes – they are filled with pleasure and pain and wild passion! She’s gritting her teeth at me, grunting and wiggling her hips, trying to get me to push in more of my cock.

With a smooth motion, I push hard into her, pushing all of my cock into her extremely tight cunt. She starts shaking uncontrollably and as I settle all the way inside of her, my balls pressed up against her wet asshole, I feel her orgasm massaging my cock like it’s trying to suck the semen from it. She’s screaming very loudly at this stage. I release her breasts and fall on top of her, my cock still inside of her – to the hilt. I kiss her screaming mouth then slowly pull the full length of my cock out before slowly pushing it back into her. I do this a few times. Her orgasm seems to be ongoing – her legs are still shaking and her eyes don’t have anything but dazed and confused written in them. I pull out of her, letting her catch her breath. I look over at Steve on the side of the bed. His face is one of pure happiness as he looks at his wife’s pleasure. His cock is still limp.

After a few minutes Natalie has gone quiet and still. Her eyes are closed, but she isn’t sleeping. I’m lying next to her, my cock still rock hard and pushing against her thigh, my hands gently tracing paths all over her body, from her neck to her nipples to her hips to her pussy. She opens her eyes and looks at me. “Fuck Michael! This can’t be real!” I just smile at her while my fingers gently explore her body. She puts her hand on my hard cock, “I want you to fuck me hard now. No holding back. I can take you, so give it to me… Now!” Her tone is one of extreme lust. I don’t need a second invite!

I flip her over onto her stomach, put a pillow under her hips and spread her legs. She has made a massive wet puddle under her thanks to her incredible orgasm. I get behind her and slowly push my cock between her dripping wet lips. She’s looking back at me and I push all of me into her with one hard stroke. She yelps and starts moaning as I start fucking her pussy hard. Steve has gotten some hardness back in his cock and he comes closer to the bed. She’s moaning like crazy with me fucking her deeply. I feel her pussy spasm around my cock and I know she is cumming again. I aim my assault on her pussy to her G-Spot and within a few deep thrusts her pussy clamps down on my cock, I pull out and jets of female ejaculate squirt out of her, soaking the pillow below her. Her body is in a frantic seizure it seems as she bucks wildly, her hands gripping the bed so tightly that I’m scared she’ll tear the sheets. She’s screaming at the top of her lungs into the pillow. Steve is stroking his cock in awe right next to her head. He is close to cumming again and he reaches down for her head. He picks her head up and guides his cock into her mouth. She automatically starts sucking his cock furiously. Steve has both his hands at the back of her head fucking her face as hard as he can!

Natalie has turned to her side to suck Steve’s cock and I see this as an invitation to fuck her pussy once more! I lift up her one leg up to my shoulder and push all of my cock into her wet cunt, scissoring her while she sucks her husband. I can see he is about to explode. I tell him to cum all over her face as I start pounding her pussy relentlessly. I can feel the cum working its way to the tip of my throbbing cock as well. Natalie is screaming onto Steve’s cock as I fuck her with all I have in me! Steve pushes her head away from him and cums with dribbles of cum out of his cock onto her face! He doesn’t cum much having cum earlier already.

I tell her I’m close… I thrust harder and harder and then I feel the familiar grip of her pussy as she starts cumming again. This pushes me over the edge and I pull out of her spraying her stomach, breasts and face with long jets of my cum! She is in the throes of her own orgasm and collapses on the bed, covered in cum! I sit back on the bed admiring the pleasure and the beauty of Natalie. Steve has collapsed onto the chair he was sitting in earlier on the side of the bed with his limp cock in his hand. “Fucking wow!” is all he keeps saying, laughing breathlessly. Natalie is trying to catch her breath while lying flat on her back, legs spread wide, staring at the ceiling. She seems extremely content. She looks down at her cum-covered body and laughs! “You could have warned me that you cum like a fire-hose! There is even cum in my hair!” I chuckle at her.

I look down at my cock, I’m still hard. I still want more…