Written by Anonymous

25 Jun 2019

The holiday is long over due, and the time is perfect. I booked for a resort as I needed some Island holiday relaxation. I packed light clothing as I wanted to lounge around with little as possible. I got to the airport and checked in. I felt a stare, I looked around but could not see anyone. I still felt that I had been watched. No sooner did I have to board my flight and all was forgotten. Portuguese Islands here we come. I moved down the isle to my seat. I noticed a man with a hoodie over his head and it was only when I passed that I only got a glimpse of his dark eyes staring at me. I moved slowly trying to see more but realized I was holding up a que. I put my bag in the compartment above and sat down, with the hoody man stare still haunting me. We took off and for the rest of the flight I closed my eyes trying to relax. Then there was an announcement that refreshments would be served. I needed to use the toilet, before the trolley came down the isle, coming back I found myself pressing against a body feeling every part of the person; before I could turn to see who it was, there was no one and my hoody man was seated, but did not look up. After that; time passed by swiftly, and we were about to land. I waited for a gap and got up. Then saw that my hoody man had already disembarked, O well the holiday awaits. Getting my luggage a hand pulled my suitcase and put it on the trolley before I could look again to thank the person, there was no one in site to thank. I then left for the hotel resort. It was such a beautiful ride to the resort and it was breath taking. After booking in I flopped on to the bed. Taking a deep breath and decided to take a walk on the beach before supper. I put on a long flowing dress; hanging on my body with a slit on either side for my legs to freely move. The sunset was so beautiful..again I turned to see if someone was watching me, but there was no one. I went off to supper and ordered a cocktail, enjoying my meal. I was looking out to sea. Right by my ear I heard a whisper, "don't turn around, don't look, just trust me". He told me to meet him at my room. When I got there was a note with a blind fold and instruction to put it on. My heart was racing, as I put it over my eyes, and stood for what seemed a long time before I could feel his body up against mine. I felt his breath on my neck and him softly telling me to relax. His lips brushed along my collar bone. With his hands touching my thighs moving down to where the slits of the dress start, moving his hand under my dress pushing my dress up over my head. The feel of his shirt rubbing against my bare back. His hands moving to the front of my stomach finding their way up to my breasts teasing my nipples. His lips brushing along my neck. He then whispers in my ear to put my hands behind my back crossing them. I feel a cloth wrapped tight around my wrists, he then jerked at the cloth, forcing me to pull back into him. I could feel my heart in my throat, but I can feel how I am throbbing from excitement. He whispers again in my ear "you are not going to move. He then slowly pulls my underwear off. He then guides me to the bed; eases me on to the bed. He tells me to kneel down my face on the bed, my bare bum in the air. Slowly blowing on my back and bum, all the way down my crack with his hands he parts my bum cheeks and runs his tongue by my bum hole. I can feel getting wet and throbbing. He again blows under my bum, at the opening of my pussy. I push my bum out searching for him from behind. I then feel his hard cock teasing my pussy, just with his tip, and my mind is all over the place. He then rams his full hard cock into me and I want more, moaning from pleasure. He then unties my hands turns me around and penetrates me, his tongue fully searching for mine, my legs crossed over his back and I am completely lost in him. After we both exploded, me reaching orgasm, and him cumming. He left me breathless. With a kiss on the cheek I heard the door close. I pulled the blind fold off. Me naked on the bed alone with a rose placed next to me.

Tags: adventure, bondage