06 Aug 2019

He sent me a message via the site. I never saw his profile before....

The message said meet me at the Capetonian room 117 in 2 hours, your keycard to the room will be at the the reception.

I got to the hotel reception, 10 minutes before the time asking for the keycard for room 117. I was handed the keycard and a note, it read "Sit on the left side of the bed facing the window, naked with only your heels on, close your eyes and whatever happens don't open your eyes", I obeyed.

He came in as soon as I sat down, I could hear his footsteps and could smell his cologne. He tied a blindfold tightly over my eyes and told me to lay down on my back, on the bed and to open my legs wide, I did as I was told.

He spread my legs wide apart and tied each ankle to the corners of the bed and knelt in front of me on the bed.

He started kissing the outside of my womanhood slowly biting softly and then started licking on the inside tasting my wetness. He insert a finger into the inside of each of my holes and started to slowly finger me as he was licking and sucking my wetness..... I exploded into a huge squirty orgasm and moaned as I did so, he kept on licking, I must have cum a dozen times until it felt like I was going to go dry...

He untied me and asked me to wait until he left the room then I may remove the blindfold. He left without me ever knowing who he was.....