Written by Slowvelder69

16 Sep 2018

We went to visit my wife's little sister for Christmas. Shes only 22 and just got married last year. A real sweetheart, she has these tiny little tits with big pink nipples that stick out a few cm's! A natural redhead, she's got an ass to die for and I had the hots for her big time!

We had dinner when we got there and then talked for a while before they showed us to the guest bedroom where we were to sleep. I heard Stella in the bathroom across the hall and I wished I could sneak a peek in there and maybe catch her changing into her pajamas but no such luck.

Later on, I woke up to the sound of talking coming from the living room. I decided it was time to visit the bathroom for a quick pee and, when I did, the conversation from the living room was loud enough to understand. I hid around the edge of the room where I could see our hosts. Stella and her husband Russel were putting some presents under the tree, apparently for my wife and I. Russel had a package from Victoria's Secret that he was teasing Stella with.

"Won't your sister look hot in these little pink panties?" He teased his young wife. Stella seemed less than thrilled with her husband's gift. I think Stella knew that Russel had the hots for my wife Jess. I was thinking maybe we could get a little swap going but I quietly watched to see what would happen next.

Stella opened the package and soon held the sleazy panties in her hand. "Want me to try them on Russel?" she teased. Without waiting for an answer, Stella pulled off her pajama bottoms and I was briefly treated to a shot of her bare pussy before she slipped the pink panties on! she then pulled off her top and her tiny little tits were exposed. What a hot woman she was! Her nipples were pointing out in front of her and her pussy was just barely covered by the gift panties intended for my wife.

The two young lovers then embraced and kissed by the Christmas tree. I could see their tongues intertwining as they smooched by the light of the fire. Russel's hands moved down to Stella's shapely ass and cupped her rear cheeks, squeezing them sensuously.

"Oh Russel!" I heard my little sister in law call out, "Take off my sister's panties!" Russel was quick to comply and knelt before his wife and began to pull her panties down, thereby exposing her little pussy to me. Stella lifted her foot and allowed her husband to completely remove her panties leaving her completely naked! They kissed again and I could see Russel's cock hardening in his PJ bottoms and, eventually, it began to poke out at Stella's loins. Stella moved down to her knees and pulled her husbands cock out and began to kiss it and lick it.

Now I was hard from watching this lurid display! Stella then plunged her mouth onto Russel's cock and began to suck on it while I watched from my hiding place. I thought he was going to come in her sweet mouth but he pulled her to her feet and then pushed her onto the sofa. Stella spread her legs wide apart treating me to a perfect shot of her naked pussy. Adorned with curly red hairs, her pussy was soft and pink there in the fire light. Russel knelt before her and leaned out to kiss her pussy. Stella moaned when she felt his tongue touching her vagina. She spread her legs even wider and told her husband to "Lick it all over!" Russel did just that giving my wife's little sister's pussy long sweet strokes from her asshole to her clit.

Russel then turned Stella over onto her knees and prepared to fuck his horny young wife while I watched nearby. "Lucky Dog!" I couldn't help but think. Russel's cock penetrated Stella's little pussy and he pushed almost all of it home in one stroke.

"Oh Russel that's so good!" She gasped. "Fuck me now...fuck me real good honey!" Russel did his best to comply and threw all he had at his beautiful young wife. I saw her nipples jiggling as Stella's husband fucked her with all his might until he cried out in pleasure "Oh, here it comes Stella..."

"No Russel!" She shot back, "Not in my pussy! I'm not on the pill!"

"It's too late baby!" He gasped. But it wasn't quite too late. No. Stella quickly pulled her husband's erupting cock from her well fucked pussy and moved it up the the tight little hole of her anus. With Russel sputtering behind her, Stella took all of his load on her forbidden little asshole. Splash after splash of semen landed on her puckered little rear hole as Russel moaned in ecstasy behind her.

I had to sneak quickly back to the guest bedroom. The next morning, my wife was embarrassed when she opened the gift from Victoria's secret. I was pretty turned on and couldn't wait to fuck my wife wit those same panties that had initiated the encounter the night before!