Written by trynewthings

05 Oct 2014

Piggie Challenge 1

We have had a fantastic day of swimming and diving in the magnificent water. As the evening comes, we are all sitting on the deck of the boat, people from all over the world are just chatting and having sun downers. It is amazing on the Great Barrier Reef and there are about 20 people on board. It is an interesting group of people, some back packers, but mainly people in their thirties with money who like to travel comfortably. As everyone sleeps on the boat and it is a catamaran, generally people have to share rooms, with one double bed and one bunk bed. When we found this Zoe was upset, but she liked the quality of the boat and understood the space challenges on a boat. She asked me what we do if someone snores and I said, well we will just have to drink so we can ignore it.

Sun downers turn into dinner and everyone is just relaxing and enjoying the quietness and the stars. Ben is a one of the people on board and he is from Ireland. He has travelled a lot of the world and is currently in Australia as his sister moved out here a year ago and so he came to visit and decided to come and see Great Barrier Reef. Zoe and I are sitting together, but Zoe is loving talking to him and hearing about his experiences of travelling around Ireland and playing live music in pubs. She has a sparkle in her eye and in her usual way is being as inquisitive as possible. I really like the guy as well and after such happy experiences in Ireland, I am also interested in his stories. The irony was while we were chatting we also found that as he was single, he had been put in one of the rooms with 3 people and he was bunking with us. I was getting a bit of a singsong going and we were all just chilling and laughing. I am not sure where the night went, but many of the people retired to their cabins. Zoe started asking more and more direct questions about whether he has experienced groupies and what the life of a single singer was like? He had lots of stories and the more he answered the more she asked. I was intrigued by how many unusual stories he had and how much he was prepared to have fun and experiment. He certainly did live life to the full with a very carefree attitude and it reminded me of myself and how open-minded I am.

Then his last Guinness ran out and so he decided it was time to go to bed. Zoe had some champagne left and so we decided to stay and finish the bottle. We were giggling and laughing and talking about all his stories. Zoe said that all this talk of action had made her very horny. I agreed, and said I love the stories. The only problem is that the captain of the boat was on the bridge and could see everything. We decided to wait a while and let Ben go to sleep and then we would go back to our room. We chatted, what felt like forever, as I was very horny and Zoe was starting to tickle me, teasing me while she finished her champagne. We went down under to our cabin. We were a little pissed and tried to keep quite but were also giggling and making a bit of a noise. We changed and although we had made a noise with the door, it seemed Ben was sleeping and had his back to us. I asked Zoe if she was still comfortable and she said definitely, it is so naughty and it turns me on.

Although she rarely allows me to, I love going down on her especially when she is horny. I whispered in her ear and she agreed, that it would be very erotic. She lay down on the bed and opened her legs. I kissed her thighs, her stomach and she was twitching as it was ticklish. Then with my tongue I started to tease, first the outside lips and then slowly, ever so slightly touching her clit. She was starting to breath heavily and I could sense she was enjoying it. I started to increase the rhythm and started going deeper and harder. I inserted one finger inside her and then another. She was groaning quietly and I know when she is really enjoying it as with her fingers she pulls the lips back. Only this time it was different, because with one hand she was puling the lips back and with her other hand she was playing with herself. I upped the momentum and the rhythm and she was breathing heaver and heavier. She had her eyes closed and I could see how much she was enjoying it. Knowing her well I knew she was very close and I put all my focus into pushing her over the edge. Finally she shuddered and then gave off a sigh, tightening her legs around me. It was then that something weird happened. She opened her eyes to see Ben, up on one shoulder watching. Her first instinct was to hide under the duvet, but her naughty streak came through and she just smiled back at him. I had not seen him as I was looking at her. I moved up to give her a hug and as we cuddled she said to me, did you know Ben was watching us? I was a bitted shocked and looked back and there he was looking at us. He said, wow you certainly know what you are doing in that department, I am impressed. Then he said, anyway, hope you didn’t mind but I found that extremely erotic watching the two of you. I will leave you in peace though and go back to sleep.

It was then that Zoe whispered in Sean’s ear, why don’t we get him to join us. Sean was a bit shocked as they had not spoken about it, but was always up for trying new things. He asked if Zoe was sure and she said as long as we play safe. I said Ben, if you are not sleeping why don’t you come and join us as long as we play safely. Again I was shocked when he said, I wouldn’t feel comfortable coming to join you unless we all play together, otherwise it could be awkward and Sean you might get jealous. I wasn’t sure what he meant, but I agreed anyway.

He jumped down off the bunk bed and although we had seen each other in costumes, I hadn’t taken any notice. I am not sure if Zoe had, but he was a fairly skinny fellow, but a nice looking guy with dark brown hair and a nice smile. He was wearing boxers. He said, look guys I have played these games before and I suggest we get the nerves out the way and so I am just going to drop my pants. He had an average penis and I was relieved to see that it was no bigger or smaller than mine. I looked at Zoe and she was smiling nervously. He was obviously already turned on and he rolled a condom onto his penis.

He suggested that we allow him to take the lead and suggest what he has found to work. He positioned Zoe horizontally on the bed and suggested I lift up her feet and put them on my chest and penetrate her. She was so wet after coming that it just slipped in and I pushed in as hard as I could. He clicking thing on her pelvic muscle was doing its thing and that is when I know she was completely turned on. I was moving slowing and watching what Ben was going to do next. He moved onto the bed and started to kiss Zoe on the neck. He moved his way down her neck, teasing her and then onto her breasts. Also she doesn’t normally like foreplay, she was loving being teased and the fact that I was hard inside her, meant she had a double pleasure. I was looking at her and watching her face. She had her eyes closed and was just loving the moment. Then she opened her eyes and looked straight into mine and blew me a kiss, watching what we were doing. I couldn’t take it anymore and really didn’t last very long. It was all too erotic for me. Ben asked me if I would mind if he was to help Zoe. I said, well if Zoe doesn’t mind then I am up for trying anything. He suggested we get in the 69 position. I was on the bottom and Zoe lay on top of me. I began licking her again and she was fondling and playing with my balls and teasing my shaft. I could see that Ben was hard and he started to move towards Zoe. He looked at me and I gave him a wink, I suppose he took that as permission and slowly started to insert himself into Zoe. She was now properly moaning with me on the bottom and Ben taking her from behind. My mind was racing and I didn’t know what to think but I was loving it. His penis was going in and out and my mouth was licking and playing. On many occasions my tongue would actually go up and down his shaft as he went in and out. It was insane. The next thing he pulled out and with his fingers he continued to play with Zoe. However he said to me, why not try something you have never tried before. I was on my back and so adjusted onto my side and licked his cock up and down, teasing and playing. I licked his balls and now I can see why Zoe always wanted me to shave as I was relieved his was shaven. With my finger I also started to play with Zoe’s bum hole. Teasing her, running around the outside. I thought giving a man a blowjob would feel weird, but it was insanely erotic. Zoe was watching and moaning, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Then he slowly help the back of my head and put his cock in my mouth. I sucked on it as deep as I could and as I did that I inserted my finger deep into Zoe’s bum hole. She gave off a yelp in surprise! Taking the full length of his shaft in my mouth was unusual, but I was so turned on with Zoe playing with me, me playing with her and trying something so naughty that I just enjoyed the moment.

I thinking watching me sucking off another man, Ben’s fingers working magic and my fingers playing with her bum was just too much for Zoe and she started to shudder again. Ben pulled out of my mouth and inserted himself deep inside her, deep and slowly. I was licking and the momentum was amazing and the rhythm grew fast. Ben was inside her, I was licking her. She groaned and put her hand down to open her pussy flats as wide as possible and then exploded like I have never seen before, shuddering almost uncontrollably. Ben kept going and wouldn’t stop, helping her experience the intensity for a short while, until she couldn’t take it anymore, tightening her legs around me head and puling forward away from Ben. I had never experienced so many juices flowing.

I couldn’t believe it but he had still not cum. He put his penis back inside Zoe and held her tight. Then he said now I want you to focus on your man. I am going to hold you tight, but I want you to blow him and most importantly I want you to play with his bum. He reached for his bag and produced a bottle of lube. He tossed it to Zoe and said, use this, every man enjoys you putting your fingers in their bum. I was lying there, with another mans cock in my wife and just enjoying as Zoe went to work. First tickling and then kissing. She was playing with my balls and with her other hand she was tickling my bum. I suppose as I had done it to her, she knew what I liked. Then Ben said to Zoe, put it in deep. It was a little sore, but very erotic. She was now sucking me properly, with quite a bit of momentum and then he said, put in another one. I was shocked, but surprising it fitted. It was sore, but once inside it was uncannily pleasant. The next thing he said to Zoe, is he ready? She looked at him and said for what? He said never mind, you just keep what you doing? He pulled out of Zoe and went around to the other side of the bed. My legs had been bend up and on the bed. He lifted my legs and I couldn’t believe what was going on. Zoe was sucking on my penis, I had her dripping fanny in my face which I was enjoying and now Ben was lifting my legs over his shoulder. I wasn’t sure, but I decided to go with it. Slowly I felt the tip of his penis near my bum hole. I was nervous, embarrassed, but excited to try something for the first time. He slowly entered me and I could feel him going deeper and deeper as he held my thighs. Zoe was sucking me but had her eyes wide open watching as another man was going deep inside her husband. Finally he was fully in and he asked, how does that feel. I was surprised at first with the pain, but then it went away and it felt amazing. He started to slowly go in and out and I could not believe what was happening. I looked around Zoe’s bum and it was certainly an amazing sight as they were both working on me. Although I had cum already this was too much and I exploded in Zoes mouth. Zoe as she always does was a legend and sucked up every last drop. I shuddered and squirmed and the excitement obviously got Ben and the next thing he grabbed my things, clenched and held on tight as he too came. Wow what a feeling.

He pulled out and Zoe rolled over and lay on her back. She had a smile on her face and said, so you were thinking this was only about me. I turned around and made my way up to lie next to her. I gave her a huge hug and a kiss and said, I told you I am game to try anything, as long as it does not mess with our relationship and I smiled at her and gave her another big hug.

I looked up and Ben was putting his underwear back on and then jumped back up into his bunk. Zoe said, so I guess you have done that before. He replied, just a ‘couple’ of times, but I so much prefer it when everyone is prepared to play as then no one is left out and often I find that when it is male, male and female the females don’t get jealous., especially if their man is also being looked after.

I couldn’t not believe what I was hearing or what happened. I just lay there and enjoyed the moment, cuddling with Zoe. She said to him, surely 2 girls and a guy is also fun though. It must be amazing when a woman goes down on another as they know what to do and what you as a girl are feeling. Ben laughed and said, well I guess you will have to find out, but I can tell you as a guy it is a real turn on as well.

Then there was silence and everyone just lay still, I think with Zoe and I still shocked at what had just happened.

We were on the boat for 3 nights and so each night we would have dinner, drink and have fun and then retire to the boat to play together, trying every position we could think of. Zoe was keen to participate, but said only if she gets to try a woman in the near future. I said it was a deal and we would make a plan. Ben gave us some great tips of how to set this up with normal people.

When we weren’t playing, we were questioning him about his experiences and learning so much more about the wild side of life. Something which was so awesome is that while we lay in the cabin and talked, Zoe knew how much my love language was touch and so she would tickle me, up and down my inner thighs, playing and tickling my balls while we talked and I think she just loved the intensity and the quality time, having my full attention, her love language.

Unfortunately we swapped numbers and said we should go to Ireland to meet up, but we lost his number and we haven’t heard from him again. I guess he is having lots of fun in Ireland, but we certainly credit him on helping Zoe and I explore our natural, non-judgemental wild sides. I was so grateful as Zoe and I seemed to just drop our inhibitions and just did what felt right and with this new found sexuality the quality and excitement in our romantic relationship went through the roof, as we experienced something neither of us had every experienced before. Finally rather than me travelling on my own, Zoe now used to join me as we agreed it was better to do this in places where the story couldn’t get out and with people who you didn’t know. It gave us lots to look forward to on my business trips though!