Written by simco

05 Apr 2015

Oh my gosh so how does one recover from a night like that, when you think that you have done so much and then the boundaries and limits keep on moving and more and more things are added, I have dabbled with anal but always with men who are average in size never with someone like him. He fills me totally normally and now between him and the vibrator I thought that I may explode oh dont get me wrong not in a bad way the way you see in the movies and wonder to yourself how the fuck do they do that never mind enjoy it, well if they enjoyed it like i did then i do understand, oh dont misunderstand this its not something that i need to do all the time or even would but hey the feeling of just being so consumed by him and the toy was one I honestly can remember even sitting here writing this.

So when we wake up he says that he now would really like to see me with another man and have them both fucking me at the same time. Goooood morning world, its like okay then so what now, while we are making love he gets more intense about wanting me with someone asking me needing my response which makes him more and more excited, which in turn makes me excited and so we fed off each others feelings and even though we are basically having straight vanilla sex, its explosive the mind does work in wonderous ways.

So now he starts to try and find us a male who may be suitable to join us, so there is another day of anticipation and there being this build up of what may happen later, All I want at the moment is to please him, not in a submissive way just that if there are things I am able to do which turns him on why not and have learnt that pleasure is something you should grab with both hands as so many people deny themselves and have learnt what is good for me and am still learning what I can do and what I enjoy. I am sure people go yes of course but there are things that I would never have tried if not for the safety and comfort of being with someone whos main interest and concern is me and my satisfaction and well being. Even when we do something a little new he knows that its okay and that i will respond positively at least to what we doing obviously if I enjoy then its so much more added pleasure.

And finally he comes back and yes we have someone we will be meeting later, I almost jump him well actually he kinda does that to me laying me down on bed head back mouth open and so intently fucks my mouth, I try not to gag but eventually it overwhelms me. okay he says lets get ready for this, haha I have to laugh as we wash dress and go sit downstairs like any other normal couple waiting to meet a friend.

We chat and he arrives, okay I think not to bad and so I relax and see what progresses, after almost an hour the subject is broached are we comfortable and do we want to do this. This is crunch time, I look at him, and say okay lets do this......

We move up to the room and things quickly get going its very good and I am feeling comfortable and at ease enjoying the experience of two men paying me attention.The next part kinda happens quickly although we have discussed that he wants to have a double vaginal penetration our visitor isnt aware of this and when it happens he complies readily.

Well after the night before which i thought was the cherry on the top now there is still more and i am amazed how I want this and want it more and more. I am even more turned on by the fact that I am aware of how much my man is enjoying it. When I am giving our visitor a bj I catch his eye and see how he looks at me and thats just amazing same when I am giving him a bj and being fucked at the same time, he loves this whole experience which adds to my pleasure..................