Written by simco

05 Apr 2015

So its our first night that we will be sleeping together therefore waking up together. This can always be a little scarey, all those things real people have to consider, What if i snore or dribble or even fart haha, never mind what now happens in the morning, do I wake up before him run to the bathroom to do my thing what happens if we have sex before all this. These thoughts and others are running through my mind as we make our way up to the room.

Walking in he grabs me and carries on the kiss we started in the lift, moves me to the bed and kissing starts playing with me, some how clothes are removed and then its the most amazing feeling of just surrender while he makes love to me hard then soft just knowing what i need, want and hadnt realised i liked until he does it.

We have a break every now and then to sip on some Chilean wine, and then it just carries on, becoming so intense that i actually dont know if i want it to stop or carry on, my mind floats away to another place another world where there is only pleasure. Eventually I beg him to come inside me and he obliges now its over we are both spent and without another thought about morning and whats going to happen I fall asleep in his arms.

Morning comes and it seems incredible that we both just cant seem to get enough of each other and not in that way that one feels obliged or that you hestitate to touch him in fear he rejects you its natural and the wanting is both of us and the giving is both and shit I dont know how I am going to manage the whole day while he is busy with his meetings.

We discuss the possibility of having another couple joining us, he knows an internet site he says and will see whats available, the thought of now sharing him with another woman flicks between sheer terror and the hugest turnon, The day moves from us having breakfast to me reading, watching tv and longing to him to get back to the room.Message pass between us, he has made contact with a couple, they are keen to meet with us that evening I wait eargerly for him to come back.

He does and again we just fall into each other, not sure if it is him, the thought of what if supposed to be happening later or just me, but he hardly has to touch me before I have cum and am amazed that he makes me again and again.So he then tells me that we have a date for that evening with a couple at another hotel, I get myself ready we have decided to go earlier to have something to eat before, some time for us to relax and chat, which with us just flows so easily, even on the drive there we enjoy just listening to the radio comfortable with each other, I just feel so peaceful when i am with him, there is no need to play the games people usually do its such a revelation that two people can get along like this.

Well lets just say that we dont meet the couple as arranged, not sure what happened but had a great evening out flirting with each other and again there was that sense of anticipation hanging around, we decided to go back to hotel straight after eating. I just needed to be alone and naked with him, wanted him to play with me and tease me.

We get back to hotel room and I am now feeling rather frisky so i get out some toys and start to play with myself while he watches, not sure who its a bigger turn on for him or me. He then joins me with them playing and yeah its perfect I am again amazed at just how in tune we are with each other and the merest suggestion to do something new I go with taking it all in enjoying every last moment never wanting this to end. Becoming his slut for the taking in anyway he wants............................