Written by simco

20 Mar 2015

So where to start……….

Well I have this most amazing man, who comes over on business from France. From the first time we starting messaging it seemed great. We connect intellectually and physically, so he had been over a few weeks previously when we first meet and had a few wonderful evenings and even an early morning together, now he was here for 4 days and just the thought of being with him made me excited, he had been away and although I was busy kept reliving our previous encounters.

We would message during the day every day, chatting about everything day activities sharing fantasies, one being him watching another man having sex with me, him joining in one at one end the other at the other being being the one being pleasured.

Anyway I digress…….

I pick him up at the airport at his request I dont have any panties on and have a shortish dress on, just standing there waiting for him to walk through arrivals i feel myself getting warm and wet. He walks towards me i smile one of those that goes from ear to ear and you just feel so happy, we kiss hug each other, people around are looking at us I imagine later thinking those two are really in love, we walk hand in hand and almost dont want to even let go to drive the car.

You know when you do something on autopilot and after think to yourself, i actually dont remember anything about the drive almost like being drunk……

Checking into the hotel the anticipation starts becoming more intense all i want is to get into the room

We get in room and he just pulls me towards him, lifts my dress and pushes me onto the bed, i lie there being loved and eaten trying my best to make it last as long as possible, notice that i have my shoes on, giggle to myself. After he has made me come a few times, he looks at me and says okay so now lets go for lunch.

Walking to the restaurant i wonder what people would think if they knew that a few minutes before what i was doing and that i can still feel his lips and tongue on my clit.

Not sure if it was because he had already pleasured me and now i wanted to do the same to him or i was just being greedy but couldnt wait to eat and get back in the room.

We walked back hand in hand like a normal couple but there was this undercurrent tension needing to get back as soon as possible, even the purchase of the champagne made me anxious wanting everything to just speed up.

eventually back in room, bottle open he presents me with a gift, underwear, stocking and some perfume, says to me that he wants to take a shower I as quickly as possible put on the black bra and panties and stockings lieing on the bed waiting…..

He walks out the shower and sees me immediately he gets hard and now we pleasure each other again and again stopping only for a sip of champagne and to look at each other.

Eventually we are sated for now so go downstairs to the outside area to chat and tease each other more before needing to go back to that room where I was sure people could hear my cries of joy and pure pleasure as only he knows how to make me feel.