Written by gtmnonkeyhead

16 Sep 2013

My wife's younger sister was not as beautiful as my wife.

Nor was she as caring and compassionate.

Her boobs weren't as big as my wife's.

And she didn't have all my wife's curves.

But for some unknown reason I wanted to fuck her silly!

I don't know whether it was because her exes had told me how wild she was in bed or whether it was just curiosity but for years my biggest fantasy had been to have a go with her.

I had many times I had "accidently" touched her inappropriately.

Times I had snuck into her room to go through her undies.

But up to the night of her bachelorettes I had never fulfilled my fantasy.

Each time we got to drinking, my sister in law would get flirty, and touchy and feely.

As we were driving towards her bachelorette I knew I would, hopefully have a chance that night.

When we got there she was wearing her usual ensemble of a short skirt and a tight top. A boob tube, which I love!!

We drank and celebrated the inevitable union boys on one side, girls on the other.

Everybody telling the bride how lucky he was.

Later that night the parties came together, and the girls were DRUNK!

They had already started throwing each other in the swimming pool and my wife and sister in law were busy getting dressed in our room.

I quickly went to go and get something (anything) from our room in the hope of finding them there.

As I got there the room was empty, the door locked and their wet clothes were on the floor.

Depressed I went over and picked up my sister in law's wet panties and bra.

Pulled down my pants and was busy playing with them when my sister in law walked out of the bathroom.

She quickly saw what I was doing, she walked over and noticed that I was holding her undies and not my wife's.

Naughty naughty she said to me. What would my wife say if she were to see me?

I was at a loss for words.

Then she stepped over and took my dick in her hand.

So hard just for my undies she said? What if you were to have me?

I replied that she would fulfil my greatest fantasy then! to which she replied by going down on her knees and taking my hard dick into her mouth.

I must say all her exes were not lying! She gave a better BJ than my wife could ever wish to give.

When I felt I was going to explode I picked her up. threw her down on the bed and spread her legs.

Licking and kissing up her inner thighs.

Running my tongue over her lips until she was soaking wet.

As I entered her she whispered fuck me fuck me into my ear.

And I fucked her.

I fucked her in missionary, I fucked her in doggy style.

The feeling of my fantasy being fulfilled, of me being inside her, of her naked body bucking underneath me, the sound of her whimpers and moans became to much and I finally came.

She got up and looked at me.

Told me that she was unsatisfied and I would have to make up for her disappointment at a later stage.

I believe I did do that. Eventually!