Written by ACuriousAnomaly

01 Nov 2014

We had been seeing each other for some time. The sex was amazing - older women have a confidence and a level of comfort within themselves that is very sexy. We had discussed our fantasies, as new lovers do, but had yet to act out any of our more wild impulses.

We decided to meet for dinner – a regular night – in a regular place. I arrived at the restaurant a little earlier than usual, booked a seat and ordered our favourite wine. She arrived some time later wearing a short white skirt, a thin strappy top and a long black leather coat, finished off with open sandals. Her legs were exposed well above her thigh, and I suspect that she could see the surprise on my face as smiled shyly. For all her lack of inhibitions and confidence in the bedroom, Di was not the one to usually dress like this!

We made small talk, and I specifically ignored the subject of the very short dress, and revealing top that exposed her breasts and allowed her nipples to poke through the soft fabric. “Notice anything different about me?”, she ventured with a coy smile? “Your hair, did you colour it?”, I joked. “No, it’s not that – it’s something else”. “Um, new shoes? New perfume? Or could it be your sexy new short dress!”. “Um, actually, it’s none of those It’s something that you cannot see....”, she replied.

Now I was confused – and being a man with simple emotions she could sense it too. “Do you know why I was late?”, her eyes were shining and I could see her cheeks starting to flush. I replied that I had no idea. “I’m not wearing any panties! I was sitting in the car building up the courage to come up here – the stairs were the scariest part!”.

I could feel my cheeks starting to flush too now, and I felt my cock harden at the thought of that tiny dress, and the easy access that could be had to her wonderful pussy! I could see that she was also aroused – the exposing of the sexy little secret made it real. Now somebody else knew and was thinking what she was thinking - it reinforced the fantasy.

My mouth was dry and I could think of nothing clever to say, luckily she took the lead: “I took a lot of courage to get up here, and I’m not going back to my car – until you fuck me!”. I almost choked on my wine, and it took some time to register what she had said!

We quickly decided that we had to find someplace quiet where we could blow off some steam! We decided that the most convenient place would be the cinema, only a few shops down, we could be there in under 5 minutes! We raced to the cinema, leaving half eaten food and wine behnd, and found the ticket machine – where I ordered tickets for the least busy show – since they had all started about 30 minutes earlier. We were lucky to be able to get one of those lovebird seats, the double seat without the armrest, we could get closer; and closer was better....

We’ve just bought our tickets to the show and are on our way inside the cinema. We are barely able to keep our hands off one another as we hand the ticket to the attendant – I briefly wonder if she knows what we are about to do. I grab your hand and pull you towards the swinging doors – they swing open and flash closed again. We are in total darkness. For the first time since dinner, nobody can see us.

I pull you roughly towards me and I feel you gasp with surprise. I grab your hair and pull your mouth towards mine as our lips meet in a passionate kiss. I can feel your heavy breathing as our hands explore each others bodies, hungry, greedily. I push you up against the wall, and reach under your skirt as I grab your ass with both hands and pull you towards me. You lift your feet off the ground and wrap your legs around my back as I thrust my hips into your exposed pussy. “Lets go find our seats first!”, you breath into my ear, your voice deep and husky with desire.

We manage to separate from our passionate embrace and find our seats. The movie has already started, and people seem quite interested in the plot. We are only interested in each other. There is nobody sitting in our row, and only a few people scattered around. It is clear that we would need to be cautiously silent to avoid unnecessary attention.

We sit down and I immediately grope at your breasts. You pull me close to you as I undo the buttons on the front of your shirt, exposing first one breast then the other. I take your hard nipple in my mouth as I run my hand gently down the inside of your thighs. I can feel your hot pussy, and the moisture on your legs. I move my lips from your breast, up to your mouth and kiss you deeply. I feel your body moving against mine, as I kiss your neck and gently pull your hair as I nibble on your ear.

I can hear you moaning softly in my ear as I reach between your legs, and gently touch your wet pussy. It feels slick to the touch, and you push your hips closer to my exploring hand. I trace the outline of your lips with my fingertips and gently insert a finger into you. You throw your head back in pleasure, and I feel your hand reaching for my cock through my jeans. You hand fiddles with my zip for the briefest moment, and then suddenly my cock is out and in your hand. You caress my hard cock, as I work my finger deeper and deeper into your pussy. I rub your swollen clit, and you reciprocate by giving my balls a gentle squeeze.

I whisper into your ear that I want to go down on you, I want to taste your pussy and feel you come in my mouth. But there is no room on the small chairs, and you reply that you want me inside you! You pull your skirt above your hips and hold it in place in front of you, as you draw your legs towards your chest and lie on your side, on the cinema chair, presenting your inviting pussy to my throbbing cock. I pull my jeans to my ankles and and turn my hips square to yours, as I gently rub the tip of my cock against your very wet pussy.

I can feel your body tense and you let out a deep moan as I easily slide my cock into your warm, wet pussy. I look around but, cannot see anybody else, and I am not sure if we have been noticed yet. I start to gently move my hips as I slide my cock deeper and deeper into you. I feel your pussy tighten on my cock with each thrust, as I probe increasingly further into your quivering pussy. I take hold of your leg and use it to gently pull you closer to me as I thrust inside you.

The feeling of being inside you is amazing! I feel a wave of pleasure with each stroke, every thrust takes us closer to the edge – to the point where we are the only people in the cinema, the thought of getting caught , or somebody noticing us is forgotten as I start to thrust harder, and faster. I can hear your breathing increase, and you start to moan softly as I move in and out of you even quicker.

I can feel the sweat dripping down your leg, and can see your glistening breasts in the dim lights as I close my eyes and prepare to try to climax without making a sound. I feel your legs tense, as your pussy clamps down on my cock. You drive your hips into me and feel your hands pulling me closer, deeper yet into you. I can hear your moans getting louder, as the sensation spreads from your legs, to your stomach, up through your breasts till it reaches your head. I feel your body stiffen, and spasm, as you drive your hips into mine and let out a muffled scream.

I thrust one last time, and feel myself exploding inside you, as my vision blurs and I see stars in my eyes. We climax together, our stiffened bodies locked in an exquisite embrace, where time and space fade into the distance - replaced with the feeling of wave after wave of intense pleasure. Two people dead to the world, momentarily possessed with primal passion, the lust for flesh and the sweet, intense satisfaction of release.....