Written by BigBadSexyWolf1980

26 Sep 2016

Freshman year of college, I played it pretty cool the first couple of months, because I was crushing pretty hard on a girl from back home. I drank a lot but didn't do much in the way of hooking up with girls. That all ended when the girl back home helped me reach the devastating realization over Thanksgiving break that it was never going to happen. The result was me looking to relieve my sexual frustration with the first girl I could find. One Friday night I tagged along with a friend to an apartment party , and that's where I met Liz, a freshman at another nearby college. Liz took a year off before college, so she was also a freshman, but a year older than me. She was average looking: about 5'5", shoulder length brown hair, an ok body with a few extra pounds in the hips (freshman 15), but beautiful lips and a gorgeous smile. She had on a lacy black tank top and bra, and tight black pants. Even though it was chilly outside, it was hot in the apartment, and folks had stripped down some.

Liz and I hit it off, drinking shots in the kitchen. It was one of those friendly parties where everyone is just getting to know people in their drunken states, and everyone was chill. There was one nice guy with no shirt on in the hot apartment handing shots to everyone he saw, and so Liz and I kept downing shots when they came our way. I was flirting pretty hard with her, and a couple of times I tried to kiss her as we went back and forth from the kitchen to the narrow hallway of the apartment, but she politely turned away each time. Liz knew the hosts and a lot of the other guests, and at some point I looked up and realized I didn't know anyone there anymore. My friends had bailed a while ago (who knows how long in the time warp of drunken fun) when I told them I would walk back myself. Her whole group of friends knew one of the guys in her group had a crush on her too, and while she was flirting with me she was also glancing and smiling at her friends, as if to let them know she was more interested in me than the guy in her group of friends. I'm an average looking guy, but I'm tall (about 6'1") and was on a sports team, so I was in great shape: above average six pack, not big arms but pretty defined, etc.). All in, I'd say I'm above average.

Finally, I convinced her to come out to the porch with me for a cigarette (I was a social smoker despite my athletic career). She pulled on a puffy black coat, and we walked out and smoked on the porch. Some other people were out there, but they finished and went back inside. That left just the two of us. I sat down on the sofa on the porch and pulled her on top of me. She straddled me, sat down, and began kissing me deeply. I put my arms around her and slid my hand down to feel the top of her ass. I began to grind my growing cock into her. I tried to slide my hand up her jacket, but she pushed me away.

"Let's go inside," she whispered into my ear and stood up, taking me by the hand. We walked back through the apartment and into a sparsely furnished bedroom. There was an air mattress leaning up against the wall, and in one motion she tipped it onto the floor and whirled around to kiss me. I closed the door and put my arms around her as we unzipped our jackets and began groping at each other.

We fumbled around for a minute as we groped and unzipped various zippers and then fell onto the air mattress. I stripped off her tank top and squeezed her breasts through her bra. She stripped off my shirt and ran her hands over my chest and stomach before digging her hand down through my unbuckled jeans and boxers to pull out my already hard cock. It didn't take her long to turn around and go down on it. It felt amazing feeling her warm, wet mouth on my hard shaft.

I slid my fingers into her pants and began playing with her pussy. She was dripping wet already, and I could feel the heat even though we'd been outside in the cold. I played with her for a second and then started sliding down her pants to get a better angle while she worked. Then I got a better idea."Take your pants off and turn around," I said. She stopped sucking and looked back at me, with a devious grin. She stood up and stripped off her tight black pants, revealing a lacy black thong, and then lay back down with her hips resting next to my shoulder and head near my cock.

I ran my hand up her thigh and fingered her wet pussy through the lace. Then I slipped off her thong and positioned us so she was straddling me. I felt her take my whole cock into her mouth, as I looked up and stared at her dripping wet pussy between her soft white thighs. I dove right in, licking up and down from her clit to asshole, and then buried my tongue inside her pussy and heard her moan.A few minutes later she pulled her head off my cock and spun back around. We kissed deeply, our juices intermingling on our tongues. She leaned back, and I felt my cock start to slip into the lips of her pussy.

"Ohhhh, god," I said. "Wait, we need a condom." It took all I had to get those words out. Here we were, craving each other, and her ready to go, but something told me to wrap it up. "Wait here," she said. She fumbled around for her shirt and pants. "Where are my panties?"

"You don't need them," I said, and smiled. She smiled back and slid her pants over her trimmed, wet pussy hair, and walked into the next bedroom. I heard some talking, and then she came back with a condom in hand, looking me in the eyes and smiling that gorgeous smile.I kissed her and stripped her pants and shirt off as we lay back on the air mattress. She grabbed my cock, played with it a bit, and rolled the condom on. Then she straddled me and sunk my thick cock deep into her wet pussy."Ohhhh," she said, with sort of a sigh. I sat up and kissed her and then sucked on her breasts before lying back down to look at her from below. I began pumping up into her as she bounced on top of me. I watched her boobs jiggle as she leaned back, then she leaned forward and caressed my chest, and then leaned down and stuck her tongue deep down my throat.Our flesh slapped together as I pounded her pussy and she breathed raggedly into my ear. She sucked on my ear and I felt her hot breath on my neck and teeth graze my ear as she began to lose control.

"Fuuck," she gasped as she came hard on my cock. I keep pounding upward into her; I was so close myself. I heard her moaning into my neck as her orgasm subsided and felt myself sliding in and out of her as I grabbed and pulled at her ass. Finally, I blew my load and filled the rubber while still in her wet pussy. We slowed and came to rest, her lying on top of me with our sweat sticking us together. "That was fun," I whispered, and we smiled at each other and kissed. I was going soft and felt myself pull out of her right before she rolled over, and we both stood up off the air mattress, still holding on to each other.We took turns walking across the hall into the bathroom to clean up, and when I came back, she was dressed. She handed me a slip of paper with her number on it. "It was great to meet you," she said as she handed it to me.

"Same here," I said. "I enjoyed it," I added, laughing playfully. I folded the paper and put it in my pocket, and began the cold walk home to my dorm just before dawn.