26 Jan 2019

I finished school got my driver's license and was looking for a job. I had no work experience. I replied to an ad and was called the next day. I went in and was interviewed by the general manager as in those days there was no hrm. I impressed him and i was asked when can i start. I opted for the next day showing my eargeness. I arrived at work met a lots of new guys in a tough construction industry. My duties were to drive staff to sites and then assist in whatever driving is needed then fetch staff in the evening. Everything was going great i was spending lots of my free time in workshop trying to learn some mechanical stuff.

Day three i was driving to a rural area and bang the engine went. Since cellphone hadn't been invented yet i had to 2 way radio it in. The mechanic pitched half and hour later then went to get a tow bar to tow me in.

Long story short i got to the office and the GM said pray the mechanic report doesn't say over rev cause it would mean you dropped a valve and driver fault. That means you out the door. I sat in silence waiting.

A few minutes later i was called to the office the GM scribbled an address on a piece of paper and asked if i knew where that was i replied yes. I was instructed to take another vehicle and go there to see the boss. A cold shiver ran down my spine i hadnt met him before and i was not sure why he would want to see me now except to fire me.

I parked the office bakkie in front of the city office and walked in the front doors to reception. There sat a young girl of about my age she was a beaut. I explained my presence she picked up a phone said a few words and another old aunty appeared and asked me to accompany her. I was offered a seat and told to wait.

Twenty minutes later the old woman was back accompanying me into a big office she closed the door and left. I stood fumbling with my fingers. Across the desk sat a huge man with a beard. He said have a seat which i took. He introduced himself as the sole proprietor of the company i worked for. I introduced myself designation newbie driver.

He looked at me in the eye and said nope you fucked my bakkie engine up. You no driver you useless piece of shit. He said your three days pay won't cover costs on my engine.

I sat in silence and he said say something defend yourself. I said i was sorry i have a license but it was less than a month old and i was still getting experience and that i needed the job as the unemployment rate was high and that I'd do anything, meaning any job, but please don't fire me.

He stood up walked around the desk,saying you will do anything, he unzipped his pants and shoved his cock in my face and said suck if you want your job. I sat still shocked. He started rubbing his cockhead against my lips saying don't worry it's just between the two of us.

I opened my mouth and licked the head of his cock tasted a bit salty. I continued licking the head looking down. I could feel the head start to swell i continued licking in circles and he encouraged me asking me to lick the shaft which i did i licked up and down his now hard shaft. I was instructed to go back to the head i was now merrily licking as instructed. As i licked the head i felt his hand behind my head and was instructed to open my mouth which i did i felt his velvety cock slide along my tongue into my mouth. He didn't have a huge cock infact mine was bigger than his.

He held my head and started to fuck my mouth at a slow pace telling me i better get used to this if i wanted to work there and get some experience. I just mumbled with my mouth full of cock. The saltiness was gone. He had picked up the pace and i could feel his balls hitting my chin. For some strange reason my cock was rock hard and i started rubbing it through my worksuit. He pulled his cock out my mouth asking me to open my worksuit i did and he said impressive. I was asked to lie down on the sofa and wank as i shook my hard cock he straddled my chest sliding his hard cock into my mouth and fucking my face while i jerked my cock off. His pace when faster and faster his beeathing also went quicker till i felt his hands hold my head and he stop fucking my mouth. My lips released his cock but he tried to bury his cock in my mouth i felt his pubes in my nostrils as he emptied his balls. I also managed to cum at the same time. He pulled his cock out my mouth and said be a good boy and swallow so i can get off you as i tried to reply i swallowed unintentionally.

He got off me went to his desk wiped his cock with tissues offering me some i cleaned myself up. I stood looking down embarrassed. He walked round the desk and gave me a few hundred said welcome to the company. I was then told on fridays i would be paid at the workshop as normal and on Saturdays his office is closed for business but i was to come to his office to do some extra work and to get some incentive. Being straight i strangely looked forward to Saturday.

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