10 Dec 2016

My Fantysee

I was invited to tea by E & E at their home by the sea one sultry sunny Sunday. She answered the door and invited me in and we sat in their sunroom with a view of the waves. He seemed a good guy and immediately I was at ease.

Like me he wore a comfortable tee-shirt and shorts while she was in a whispy wrap that had crazy colourful wavy patterns. I selected a comfortable looking wide armchair opposite the comfy couch where he sat and she crouched beside him, holding his hand in her lap.

From where I sat I could see a lot of leg and I may have leered a little but they took no notice and we chatted, getting to know each other. While it was wonderfully warm the semi-enclosed sunroom attracted a soothingly cool breeze that coiled like a snake around us as we chatted.

She got up to fetch some ice tea and as she passed I got a flash of fabulous fanny as her wrap flapped as she walked - she wore nothing underneath. Immediately my dick became a prick, but continued with the conversation but I could see that he too eyed her with appreciation. On her return, as she walked with the tray held in a strategic way it became apparent that her breasts bounced freely benath the fabric and the wave pattern enhanced the visual aspect in this respect.

Once again crouched coyly on the couch beside him we continued to chat. The ice tea we consumed in appreciative little gulps that soothed the pallet with cool aromatic scent, the tall glass containing the tea and ice cubes chilling my palm.

He remarked that the ice cubes had a certain shape, and I noticed for the first time that indeed they were of an unusual shape. He said that she especially enjoyed that shape and she told that she loved sucking these ice cubes as it gave her a thrill, and she gave a naughty little laugh. On closer inspection the cubes were shaped like erect penises!

This steered the conversation in a sexual direction and soon I noticed that as we spoke, her hand had begun to caress her man, discreetly at first, but became bolder and with more abandon. I could clearly see the bulge in his shorts under the palm of her hand. I shifted my position in the chair to exhibit the bulge in mine. By and by his hand crept under her wrap, along her thigh and soon they were quite openly caressing each other as we discussed different aspects of relationships with emphasis on sex.

I must confess that I could not contain myself and began touching my bulging boner as I watched their emboldened caressing. Imperceptibly the wavy wrap seemed to unwrap and I was treated to a sexy scene of naked boobs being caressed and squeezed, the strawberry nipples standing proud. Meanwhile the hand had uncoiled his hard cock and in plain view was massaging his proud erectness. I took this to mean that it was ok for me to release my the source of my strain and stroked my standing up cock as I watched him begin to explore the crack between her thighs.

The conversation had stopped as soon their mouths were occupied with other activities and they shed thier clothing. I too followed their example and moved closer for a better view. I marvelled at his manliness as her hand held the engorged cock, stroking it with love while I stroked mine with throbbing thoroughness. She held his cock offering it to me and I slid it between my lips, licking the pre-cum, my tongue flicking the head and I felt him shudder with enjoyment and she reached out and started to stroke my cock.

She bent her head down and for a while I shared his cock with his wife as she and I kissed, his cock in both our mouths as we did so. My hand moved to her mound and I felt her heat and the moistness as she opened. His fingers and mine delving her depth as her finger rubbed at her clit.

Soon this tangled heap of masturbators lay back on the couch in ecstatic biss, spent and soothed. As I extracted myself he made room and I began to lick her clit, my tongue diving into her hot wetness while he used his tongue to revive my vigour and as I licked his wife's pussy he rubbed his hard cock against mine as he kissed his wife. She had a tongue in between both sets of lips and began to moan with pleasure. Soon he joined me at licking her pussy while rubbing our cocks against each other.

Afterwards we had more delectably cool fragrant tea as the cool breeze licked at our naked bodies.