13 May 2016

I have arrived a little before you as requested.

I enter the room and start to get everything ready for the evening ahead.

While waiting for my dark knight to arrive, I’ll be prepping my body so it’s so wet and throbbing when you arrive.

I slowly slide my panties down and insert my dear little butt plug in, then pull my panties back up.

Will run my hand over my underwear till I feel the stopper of the butt plug and push it a few times, feeling the magical energy that it brings.

It’s now time just to get my pussy a little frustrated and needing. Taking the small bottle brush I slowly trickle it over the opening of the crotch area, just feeling the rubber brush slightly over my pussy lips, she will be screaming for penetration but she’ll need to wait.

Clenching and releasing my pussy, I will feel the butt plug move but will have a finger holding it in snuggly, while my other hand roams towards my exposed nipples will gently caress my nipples making them beg for more, but everything I do is just to keep me on the edge for when my Dark Knight appears. Finally takes over.

Gently tapping of the BP and caressing my nipples it will be sending shocks waves of pleasures into my core and making my pussy drip with envy. Taking Bob I will only use the tip of his head to rub up and down the slit making my legs open wide my pussy wishing she could suck him in.

Hearing a ping on my phone, stating that you will be there in two minutes. I move into position.

You walk in and the first thing you see is my ass high in the air. My head resting on my arms. My knees on the edge of the bed.

I can hear movements but can’t see you, yet. I hear you put keys and phone down.

Then hear your zipper!

I feel you standing between my legs and can feel your legs against mine. Then I feel your hand rubbing over my ass lightly. Then I feel your hand covering my ass and your thumb sliding up and down the center of my ass till it finds the circular stopper of the plug. You start pushing it gently.

Between my legs you see the purple flogger and riding crop. Mmmmmm which one.

I feel the tassels of the purple flogger creeping up my leg then swish over to the other side.

You move the flogger over my ass and move it up my back. You slide the handle of the flogger under my bra to hold in place. I can feel the tassels trailing over my back and side.

You pick up the riding crop. One hand still on the butt plug. Pushing gently all the time.

I feel the crop underneath me and feel it move over my wet pussy, which is peeking out.

You lean over me. I can now feel that you are totally naked.

I feel your throbbing cock nestled between my ass and you whisper Hi.

You say we will go slowly now, as this is a first.

I feel you move my panties between my ass cheeks. Revealing two white cheeks, for the moment.

I feel the leather tip running over my ass. You say to me. There will be four to start with. Two on each side.

They will be quickish

I feel the sting on my ass. It sends shivers into my body. My pussy throbbing. My Ass hanging onto the Butt plug.

You run your fingers over the stripes left on my ass. Feel you slip your fingers into the slip of my panties seeing how wet I am for your needing cock.

You lean over once again cup my breast in your one hand. Feeling my hard nipples.

You lean back say this will be quick. I’m going to quickly coat my cock in your wetness. Then you are going to lie back and lick and suck me clean.

You spread my panties slide between the slit, push into me. Ram me so very hard from behind, as you feel my panties ride up and down your cock.

You slip out. Then I turn over and lie back and tilt my heard back over the bed.

I see you for the first time gazing down at me. Then place the tip of your cock on my lips. I open my mouth and slide your cock into my waiting mouth. Tasting you and me.

You are finally in my reach. My hands running up and down the back of your legs while you gently pump your cock in my mouth.

You lean over and make sure the BP is still securely in place and push gently.

You run your fingers between the slit and push down fingers deep into me fucking my pussy while I suck your throbbing cock.

My body will be hot and throbbing at this point, so needs a little cooling of time.

You reach over and slowly ice around my nipple making them perky and hard.

You lie back; I straddle you, sinking down onto your cock and slowly move up and down while you admire my nipples still peeking thru my bra.

I feel you tug at the bows of the underwear and everything slips away.

Now the fun can begin!!