Written by Ilanes

27 Jun 2017

On Tuesday, June 27, 2017, Ilse Burger wrote:

Anyway...so this morning I was imagining how I would come home and you'd already be there to surprise me. The kids aren't home, so you open the door for me and you're standing there, even for neighbours to see, wearing only a small apron with a wooden spoon in your hand that's got melted chocolate on. I asked what you are busy with and reply you're waiting for the cake to arrive so that you can decorate her.

So there you are, standing in front of me waving this chocolate laden spoon in front of me...Before I can say anything else, you smear my mouth shut and start kissing me. Whatever I had in my hands, I just drop to the floor. In plain sight of anyone and everyone we kiss. A kiss so full of passion and want. Eventually we move into the house and close the door. As the door closes you push me against it and tell me to hold the spoon. You start to undress me and when you get to my pants, you go down on your knees. Hook your fingers in my pants and pull them off. They're not even on the ground yet when your tongue starts to lick and flicker over my pussy. Hungrily eating, licking and sucking.

Then you stand up, take my hand and tell me to follow you. You lead me to the kitchen where you have thrown a blanket on the floor. You tell me to lay down. As I do, you take the pot with the melted chocolate and from far above, start dripping the chocolate all over my body. It tickles as it runs down onto the blanket. It's a marvellous sensation having this warm chocolate falling onto my skin.

Dripping it slowly over my nipples, a little onto my lips, going down, dripping it on my tummy...lower...onto my pussy.

Then when you are satisfied with your master piece, you start eating and licking wherever it fell. Tasting every inch of me, teasing me, driving me insane with desire.

Eventually you're hovering over me, kissing my mouth in the most seductive way ever. And when I don't expect it, you thrust hard and deep into my pussy. Leaving me completely breathless. As I catch my breath, you look into my eyes and start moving with slowly thrusts. Just enough to let me know I am yours, that I belong to you. That we belong to each other and we are as we should be...one.

Our bodies are sticking together as we move as one. Thrusting harder now, in and out, but each time with determination. Then just as I feel I am about to cum, you pull out and offer me your cock to worship and to enjoy. Taking you deep into my mouth. Sucking you harder and harder. Teasing you, loving you.

You get off me and orders me onto all fours. Giving you full access to my ass. You drip a bit a the chocolate over and lick it off again. Playing with my ass just enough to relax me and just as I am relaxed, you stretch me open with your cock as you slowly enter. Keeping still for me to get use to it, but then you have had enough patients for the day and start fucking my ass hard. Really hard, telling me, reminding me that I am YOUR slut, YOUR wife and nobody can love me the way you love me and this is just to remind me of that.

The feeling is sensational, exquisite, primal and I am screaming it out for you. I am loving it, loving how you make me yours. Fucking me harder and harder till I scream out my orgasm just as I feel your warm, sticky cum squirt deep inside me. A few more thrusts as the last shivers leaves your body. You hold me in place. Telling with your hands not to move. To be yours just a little while longer. As you collapse your head onto my lower back. Kissing me tenderly there as you slowly pull out. Feeling how our cum drips from my ass. A sight you're admiring. Then I collapse on the blanket and you fold your arms around me, holding me close, telling me how you love me. We kiss and I fall asleep in your arms, just for a while...