05 Dec 2016

We just bought a new place and our Gardner now stays in the building outside. On the 3day as we moved in we stared helping him.bring his stuff in and we all helped him . I was walink behind him carring a box end he was walking in front. Hubby was on his way back to the truck. As we got into his room he trned around and grabed me by my neck and said now i will make you my personal white slut.i started kissing me. I pulled away and said are you crazy my husband will see us and he replied we hsve all the time in the world. That night i went outside for a smoke as my hubby does not smoke. Went around the corner and saw the gardner voming out of his room.and coming towards me. He came strait to me and said if you dont want to give me anything i will have to to tell your hubby. So i sked what he wanted as my hubby will know something is wrong if i stay away to long. He then stared pulling down his zip and pulled out his BIG cock. And said well i'm.sure there is something you can do about this. ? I slowly went on my knees and starting sucking him of . I stopped for awhile and said please just tel me before you cum and carried on. A few minutes latter he started moaning and grabes my haid and held it tightly and all of a sudden blasted a huge cumload into my mouth. It was somuch that it came out my nose and dripped on my blouse. I pushed him away and ran into the house where hubby was standing. Hubby asked what was wrong ad i was holding my face and blouse and just replied I spilt some coffee love dlnt worry and ran strait to.the bathroom.......