10 Aug 2016

Well it starts like this. I stay at the day and my gardner just stopped at the gate. I go outside and open for him wearing a thight fitting jeans and and thight white top with my pink bra showing thru. I explain to him what needs to be done where and I can see him looking at me. I go into the house and look at h thru the window and wait for him to start cutting the grass at my bedroom window. I then "change" clothes right in front of the open window with my back to him pretending i did not see him. I go and sit in the livingroom.and watch some TV. A while latter I go to the sliding door only wearing my bra and panty and ask him if he would help me move a table. Leaning foward showing some cleavage and moving the table. As we put it down I ask him if he likes what he sees. He replies yes and I say well touch them and see how they feel. As I feel his bick black hand on my breasts and lose controle and gonon my knees and start pulling his pants down. Out slips his massive BBC and instart sucking on it. He is just standing there holding my head I can hear him moaning and just as he sais he wants to cum I let go and stand up. Take him by his hand and lead him to my bed. I take out a condom ons put it on with my mouth and go and sit on the bed say now you can fuck me hard. He comes closer and grabs my hair and start kissing me like a mad man. He then turns me around and bends me over. He slowly puts his cock in only a little bit at a time and the he start ramming me harder and harder. I try to pul away but he is to strong. He then sais he is gone cum and turns me around again and pulls of the condom and pulls me by my hair closer and cums in my face and mouth. I go take shower and he goes back to work.