Written by Delicate Lips

01 Jul 2017

Hobbling and wincing, I stepped out onto the road, from the beauty parlor. No matter how many times you go waxing, you are never prepared it. The worst part is when Sky, the therapist, says "don't clench" as she applies the warm wax to the anus area, aka the "bulls-eye". The urge to clench and tighten is overwhelming, as the warm wax comes into contact with your skin. This is of course made all the more difficult, while you are trying your best to restrain your semi-erect cock from deligitamizing a perfectly legitimate service.

But I have learned to give into the sensation, enjoy it even. In fact, this ability to 'remain open' would lead me down an intriguing path of self-discovery, unbeknownst to me at the time.

I have always considered myself a 'man's man': love sports, handy around the house, lead a team of passionate people in business. The stereotypical Carling Black label ad.

...That's all on the surface. For it would not take much investigation to find an oppugnant story.

Starting with the physique. Again, as mentioned I love playing sports. So naturally I have a well toned body, chiseled abs and the body fat of a lean meat burger for banting enthusiasts to drool over. I do, incongruously, also have feminine hands with long and dainty fingers. Add to that longer than usual eyelashes, hazel eyes, flowing auburn hair kept in a man-bun and a bum that is round (but firm) and you can understand why I often get mistaken for a women.

This is the reason how I met Hailey, my neighbour.

I just moved into this gorgeous new loft. Light, spacious, long glass panels allowing natural light to seep through into the living area in the afternoons. It has a rooftop terrace which has a well manicured garden. I was busy unpacking my boxes when I left to go for my waxing. I was missing one box that I thought got misplaced in the move. As I got back in to the loft and kicked off my shoes, there was Hailey at the door. After the mandatory pleasantries of welcoming me to the building, she open the box, my box, that she had brought with her.

'I think the doorman thought that these were mine'.

I blushed a pinkish shade of swallow me now please world. Hailey was holding my beloved collection of sensual women's wear. Stockings, hosiery, thongs - an impressive collection, if I do say so myself.

She added, to my continued embarrassment, 'I didn't realise you have a girlfriend living with you'.

By now I had invited her inside for a cup of coffee, to try and diffuse the situation. She helped me unpack further and eventually the curiosity got the better of her.

'So those are yours, aren't they?'

'They are... It's something I do, for myself, from time to time.'

'And it makes you feel... sexy?'

'Terribly so. And that's the problem.'

She had an understanding look in her eyes but didn't say anything to that.

We sat together for the duration of the afternoon. As dusk was approaching, I went to light a few candles. The electrican had caused a balls up with my circuits, and I was without lights.

As I brought the final candle to life to bring to Hailey, I saw she was now laying on the floor with her feet in resting on the couch. She was wearing a checkered mini-skirt and elegant white shirt that buttoned all the way up. Long sheer stockings tugged her curves. She is about the same height as me, has sun-kissed skin, long and thin legs and arms and wide hips complement her generous size C breasts.

She was inspecting my favourite thong as I walked to her and put the candle down.

'Can you even fit into this? It looks so small for you.'

'It's a bit small, but I like the tight fit.'

Hailey took a swig of the red wine, that she had brought with her.

'Show me how it looks on you', she giggled.

'Perhaps you've had one too many' I protested.

'Perhaps you haven't had enough.' She retorted. 'Okay fine, if you won't put this on, then I will.'

She said it so nonchalantly that I had not comprehend what she was doing until she tossed her miniskirt over to me onto my head. As I pulled it down off my face, I was greeted by a golden brown skin peeping out over thigh high stockings. Hailey was peeling off her own lace panties when I managed to finally get a few words out.

'If you are going to wear my lingerie', I started, 'at least you could have been shaven' - she had a small triangular muff, not more than one curl in length. For me however, it wasn't appreciated.

'My bush is basically gone!' she said as she pelvic thrusted in my direction. 'If only you men knew the agonies of hair brazillians. '

I smiled, a knowing smile, and watch as she shimmied into my favourite thong. It was black, with a simple, small pink rose in the front, above the panty line. Hailey looked in the long mirror hanging on the wall. She cocked her hip to the right in a way that made her round bum protrude out to the left. She put her left hand on her hip, and with the right dragged her delicate fingers though her auburn hair. It was simply erotic to watch.

'So, what do you think?' She said after catching me staring.

I went over for a closer look.

'It's a bit small around the ass' I said as I lifted the strands higher into her waist. 'And the front is a bit loose. It's not used to having a vacant front section, you see'.

Hailey turned her head to me while keeping her body still. She smirked and said, 'yes I see your point. So why don't you wait here'.

I watched as she, still in just her white shirt, knee high stockings and my best thong, skipped down the hall and out of the front door.

I was slightly confused. Perhaps it was the painkillers I took after the wax, combined with the red wine, but the whole night had a fairy-like haziness to it thus far. Hailey had left the front door open. It didn't matter, I knew it was only our two lofts on the top floor of the building, and nobody would come up the elevator at this time. I went over to my lingerie box. So many different colours and textures. I picked a dark purple pair of satin lace panties. I liked the way it feels on my skin. So delicate, so smooth... With this thought, I remembered that I was newly waxed! Oh happy day. All the pain would be worth it, as the satin touched my bare skin. Proceeding to disrobe right there in my living room, with the front door wide open, I reeached for the satin panties after caressing my naked ass. Milky smooth.

My cock was semi-erect, once again. I saw a few drops of precum on my leg. I wiped it off, and tucked it into the panty as I pulled it up onto my hips. My cock was bent, a little awkwardly, into the panty. However, the panty had been stretched in the front, after years of grappling with containing erections, as I had mentioned to Hailey.

Hailey...Where did she go to?

I felt a pressure feeling on my ass. It happened so swiftly, I was taken by surprise.

'Hands up!'. It was hailey. She had snuck up on me, grabbed me by both hips and was nibbling on my ear.

'Is that a gun in your pocket officer, or a you just pleased to see me?' She said as peered down my shoulder towards my cock.

I felt a second thrust on my ass., this time it felt more upright. Something was sliding up and down my crack.

'What you got there?' I said as I tried to turn around. Hailey's hand grabbed me around my chin and kept me facing forward.

'It's for me to know.. and for you to beg for'.

Hailey hunched me over slighlty and was now running both her hands up and down my toned chest and torso. All the while, she thrusted backwards and forward, causing my anus to clench and release. I heard a cap open, and the gooey sound of lube being expelled. It wasn't long until I felt a sudden chill as she slid her middle finger, decorated by red nails, start to massage my perineum and anus.

'Ooh, so that's why you meant by I should have shaved! It feels like silk.'

'I just waxed today. Front and back'

And with that she needed no further invitation to take her other hand and wrap it around my waist, under my panty, and grab my cock. She stroked the length of it, stopping at the tip to gather the precum into the mixture of lube and sweat, and proceed to jerk it up and down. All the while, she was massaging my anus, ever so gently.

I forced myself free from her grip. Why should she have all the fun? I grabbed her by both wrists, opened her body up and kissed her wildly. She softened with each protrusion of my tongue into her mouth. She tasted like a combination of olives and desire.

I hastily unfastened her shirt and exposed her beautiful perky breasts. I was surprised by the heft of them, on such a slender physique. She has light brown nipples which is accentuated by varying colours on her skin, indicating a bikini-top tan-line. I noticed now what was thrusting up against my ass. It was brown, thin, had a few veins for authenticity and was standing upright in her panty. It was a strapless dildo.

My cock was protruding out of the panty on the side, slightly uncomfortably. I grabbed her by her (my) thong and tore it off to the floor. Our cocks were now touching. Hers was slightly longer, but mine had the girth advantage. Hailey took them both in her hand and jerked them up and down.

'Turn around and show me that silky ass again' she commanded.

I did as I was told and bent over, onto an ottoman. With my face down, ass up and legs apart, I turned to her and invitingly. She grabbed my cock by the base and pulled it towards the floor. She started to lick my smooth balls, each one in turn.

To my delight, she allowed her tongue to explore the area between the base of my cock and anus without inhibtion. Slowly she edged her way towards my anus. I moaned with pleasure.

'Put your tongue in... ' I pleaded.

Hailey grabbed me by both ass cheeks and planted the tip of her tongue deep in my ass.

'Yes... Like that.'

My cock was throbbing. The sensation was new and overwhelming. Each time she planted her tongue in and out of my ass, my cock jumped with excitement.

She gave a slow lick of my anus, and then stood up.

'let me see you gape for me. Spread you ass babe'.

I loosened up best I could. She lifter her cock up and slapped my ass with. She bent it downwards along my ass and pressed it against my cock. She slid it back and let it rest on my anus.

'Ease back onto me'...

I backed up onto her cock. Just the tip first. *gasp*. I felt the air escape me as the sensation rised up through my body. She applied more lube and pushed in deeper, further. I felt her cock on my prostate. Firm, tight and slightly painful.

'Ooh, your cock is my on prostate'.

'Your c-spot ey? Don't cum just yet then'.

I was trying my best follow that command. I climbed onto all fours. Hailey started to come out of my ass slightly. Just before she was completely out, she directed it all the way in, hitting my prostate again.

'That's right... Just there' I moaned.

She pulled out slightly and drove it in faster and deeper this time. Deeper and faster. Harder and further each time. I reached back and stretched my ass open further, Allowing her to go even deeper inside me.

She was pounding my ass inceelssantly. I heard her starting to moan too. The other end of the dildo was rubbing against her clit. She stopped pounding me abruptly and I could feel her legs vibrate as she dug her nails into my back.

'I'm...coming...' she breathed out in stages.

She collapsed all her weight into my back and wrapped her arms around chest. I could feel her warm moist pussy against my ass, as her cock fell to the ground.

We stayed like that, with our naked bodies entwined, for a few mintues.

I broke the embrace, turned around and lifter her to her feet.

'I've never experienced anything like that before...' I confessed.

She smiled, and wrapped her arms around my neck and drew me close, 'you're my bitch now baby.'

We smiled and kissed again. My cock was semi-erect, but quickly rose to attention as I felt the moist juices of her pussy on the shaft. We continued kissing as I felt my way down her waist and grabbed her ass on both sides. I pulled her close to me and she directed my now throbbing cock slowly inside of her. It slipped in so effortlessly.

'Mmm baby... It's so smooth...and filling'.

We kept out lips locked as I moved in out and of her, as she was doing to me moments ago. The comparison was not lost on either of us.

'My turn to hit your c-spot', I grunted as I lifted her legs up and let them rest on my thighs.

She smiled and forced me down on the couch. She tucked her legs back, bent over and grabbed my chin. We looked deep into each other's eyes as she moved up and down my shaft. She was riding me faster and faster. Deeper and deeper.

'Just there!'

With her thighs vibrating again, she was breathing heavily as I started thrusting up deep into her. I lifted my cock deep into her as she moaned loader.

I'm cumming!' she exclaimed as I held onto her ass for leverage. Her pussy was opening and closing around my cock. That, with the warm liquids dripping down my shaft, was bringing me so close to point of no return.

Her breathing was more regular now as she put her hands on my chest and turned around. She slid her pussy along my chest, up my neck and was now sitting on my face.

'Put your toungue in my pussy'.

I allowed it to explore all the beautiful pink crevices of her clit and lips as she bent over and started to put my cock in her mouth.

'Cum deep in my throat' she commanded.

She was riding my face and I started to thrust deeper into her throat.

Within a few thrusts, my cock throbbed and my load was about to cum.

I'm...gonna cum' I breathed out.

'... give...it...to...me' she demanded, inbetween thrusts.

The warm white goo shot down her throat like a shotgun. She coughed, but continued licking the tip. I moaned as she slurped up what she could, and let the rest run down my shaft. She swallowed hard as she lifted herself off my face and came to lay next me oh the couch.

We layed, naked and entwined, as she lit a cigarette, puffed out a cloud of smoke and passed it to me.

'Welcome to the loft'.