Written by Charlie

02 Oct 2017

It has long been my fantasy to seduce a married woman. Mrs FF was just that woman, she was very married and very scared to step out of her comfort zone but after a little online chatting I soon managed to get her to open up as to what she really wanted.

So many ideas flooded our minds in our correspondence but finding the time to actually escape the daily grind without our respective partners knowledge would be a challenge and many of our fantasies would need more than just an hour or two to explore. Settling for just a short break seemed to betray these fantasies from being fulfilled but ultimately we both wanted to let go and just indulge ourselves.

Fantasies of picking her up from work on a rainy day and driving to some deserted gravel road cutting through open fields, taking her out of my pick up and undressing her in the pouring rain, kissing and caressing her body as I remove clothing slowly, watching the goosebumps run over her skin. Letting her cloths drop to the ground as she helps me out of mine simultaneously until we are both completely naked. Eventually making love to her in the rain with the risk of somebody spotting us just increasing the intensity of our fantasy.

Alas the rainy season has passed us by before she could take a days leave from work.

Our next fantasy was to sneak away during work and go on a hike in the hills and find a forest that I could press her up against a tree while undressing her, ending much the same as the previous fantasy but alas, yet again time has escaped and the fantasy has not been fulfilled.

Now we live even further apart and the likelihood of any fantasy been fulfilled has all but become a unlikely dream...time has come to find a new friend who can make the time to escape and actually live a fantasy