Written by Anonymous

12 Feb 2019

As I switch my head lights off a deep breath leaves my body. I close my eyes and replay the thousands of messages I've exchanged with MsP and how we got on like a house on fire. I was nervous, as you're always nervous during a first meet. No one wants rejection or to have this sensational build up, only for the chemistry to not be there. I can feel the wave of over thinking hit me and realize that I just have to go for this. I pull down my car visor and check my make up one last time, making sure my dark red lips are perfectly applied.

I get out my car and make my way to the beachfront restaurant, with the wind blowing as only the wind could in PE. I had made the decision to wear a skirt, immediately regretting it as I was just giving everyone a free view of what was underneath. As soon as I enter the restaurant I try to just fix everything the wind has blown everywhere, but as I look up our eyes meet and we both giggle. I shrug and notion that this is me. I walk over and my word, the tension, built up over months of chatting gives me shivers up my spine. 

I give you a hug like we're old friends and I tell you that you're even more gorgeous in person. I turn to see MrP come in from the bathroom and immediately see how his presence sets you at ease. I give him a short hello hug, as we haven't chatted much, but what I do know is how beautifully protective he is of you and what the two of you have. I smile and sit down, asking the how was your flight questions. 

We start to relax, we pick up right where we left off talking two nights ago. The drinks flow, we laugh and we grow more comfortable. I occasionally catch you lingering on my big breasts, which means your curiosity is growing. You see me looking at you and you blush, I put my hand on your thigh and I tell you it's okay. I try to test the waters and realize it might be a bit too much at once, public place, first time and then first time us meeting so I subtly remove my hand. 

We finish dinner and I can see the two of you start to crave each other. Its one of the most sensual things I have ever seen. The amount of electricity between the two of you could resolve the countries electricity crisis in a moment. I chuckle to myself, thinking of how good my lame joke is, but I'll never be able to tell anyone. You ask me what's funny and I tell you the joke, but you can't hear me. I take the opportunity to test the water again and I sit slide in next to you, hand on your thigh and I whisper the joke to you. After I look deeply into your eyes and you tell me that you haven't heard anything I just said. You've not removed my hand so I move my hand up a little more. I feel a strong hand cover mine and you look over the MrP. You whisper to me that you guys are heading back to your hotel room and want me to join. 

The walk isn't far, just across the road and I try to break the ice by linking in with MrP while you two hold hands. We walk through the lobby, probably a little loud as everyone is looking at us, and we wait at the elevator door. I catch MrP's eyes and it's like he gives me the go ahead. I wonder whether I might just have imagined it, as I wasn't 100% sure what the two of you have discussed in terms of what his expectations and limits are. Also between the two of us, nobody else would have gotten a world in. The elevator door closes and this is the moment I probably fear the most. The moment where you could have a change of heart, and I get sent home. And it's not the disappointment of not playing out a fantasy that would be the worst, it would be if you did not feel comfortable enough to at least try.  

I take a deep breath in and take a chance, placing my hand on your lower back and moving my hand down to your bum. I can see your eyes widen with a little surprise and I give your bum a small squeeze. You try to hide your excitement as the corner of your lips turn up for a smile. I see MrP look down and enjoy the little bit of torture on your face, trying to down play how excited you are. You seem to be enjoying it and I take it as a sign that you are comfortable enough to try and all the doubts fade away and the go with the flow fill me instead. 

We enter the room and most of all, I want to taste those lips and feel your body pressing against mine. You two awkwardly try to find your place in the room. I feel the tension grow and the electricity dim and decide to guide us in the right direction. I ask MrP whether he knows of a fantasy MsP had, that we had chatted about. He jokingly asked which one and the ice was little broken. I told him it's one where he sits in this chair, whereby I guide him to the chair. He sits down, a little hesitant, but thinking he could be up and close to MsP if needed. 

He looks intrigued and you looks nervous. I walk over to you and pull you up from the bed. I knew exactly what you wanted and I badly wanted to give it to you. I can feel the tension in your shoulders and I look into your eyes, trying to reassure you. 

"Close your eyes," I tell you and watch your eyes close. I brush your hair to the back of your shoulders and with my index finger I trace from your one shoulder, along your collarbone to the other. I whisper that I'm going to go slow, that I am going to steal the attention of every nerve ending in your body and that if it's all too much, to just place your hand on mine and squeeze it twice. No words needed, no negotiation, it's over and we stop. I feel your body relax and I now move around your body, standing at your back. MrP is fixated on your face and your body, wondering what will happen next but ready at the word go if he needs to protect you. I give him a reassuring smile and with that enough words are exchanged.

I unzip the back of your dress, as slow as possible. I hear you gasp softly as my hands, so unfamiliar to you, move down your spine. I move my soft, dark lips to your shoulder and kiss you softly, while my hand continue to caress at your lacey black bra strap. I see MrP grin at the sight of the pleasure on your face. I move my lips, planting soft kisses, up your shoulder to your neck. The kisses grow longer and a little harder, I moan softly as I taste your skin. You reply with a moan of pleasure yourself, as my one hand is still on your side and easy accessible for you. 

Kissing, feeling and tasting you is exciting me, watching and hearing you embrace my touch is even more exciting, but watching MrP is one of the sexiest things I've ever seen. He studies every touch and kiss that is placed on you, ensuring it's all for your pleasure. Allowing you this sensual moment to explore, while his presence alone reassures you it all for and about you. I can see him already ready, to join and take you now, but he patiently waits.

Turning my attention back to your body I marvel at how beautiful you are. Your milky white skin the perfect canvas for dark red lipstick kisses. Your dressed still unzipped and on your body, I feel the need to continue have you guessing where I'm going next. I fall to my knees and slide your dress up, revealing your cute perfect butt. Just underneath the curve of your cheek and above the lace from your stockings, the ones I have read and fantasized so much about, I give you a small and firm bite. Not enough to leave a mark, but just enough to give your body a different kind of sensation. 

My hand moves up from your inner ankle, to your knee and as I reach the beginning of your thigh I give you another squeeze. Your eyes still closed, but now your head is thrown back as you enjoy the sensation of other hands on your body as MrP watches. My hand continues to move up to the little fold between your legs. I can feel your body anticipate my touch, will I be soft and slow or will I devour you. I can feel MrP holding his breath, excited for you and ready to see you melt into the pleasure. My hand lingers between your legs, lightly stroking your inner thigh, just under your lace panty, and next moment another light bite.

I stand up and press my body up behind you, with my hands wrapped around your waist. "You are a goddess in every shape and form and tonight I want to bring you the pleasures of my touch." It's almost like your heart skips a beat and you forget how to breath, your head back on my shoulder as my words ripple through your body. "Keep your eyes closed love, I will be back now."

I move away from your body and you nervously stand waiting for me to return or MrP to join. The minute feels like an hour and soon enough you smell my perfume linger closer and you smile with excitement. I move behind you again and kiss underneath your ear, softly moaning as I do and wrapping my arms behind your body again. I feel myself ache and grow wetter for you, my nipples hard against your back, but bringing you this pleasure is something that I might never experience again. 

My hands criss crossed across your body, I reach for your little dress and slowly slide it up your body. Having your body pressed against mine, I start to sway from side to side and you join my motions. We sway slowly as we remove your dress, giving MrP a very slow and sensual strip tease. I feel the goosebumps over your body as the cold air and the excitement hits you. It's beautiful. Your dress moves over your head and drops to the floor, and there a perfect fantasy is in front of both me and MrP. He devours you with his eyes, studying every curve, kissing every spot and removing all your clothes. 

My hands start to move with more urgency, as we're now grinding on each other. They move down your body and I grip your thighs. A loud moan escapes your body and MrP moves to the seat of his chair. I can see how hard he is, ready to rip off his clothes and take you there and then. My one hand moves up your body and under your bra, gently cupping your breast, while the other slides over your panty. My toes curl as I feel how wet you are, imagining how swollen your clit must feel. My finger gently glides up and down your slit, using the lace to tease your lips. 

Your hips thrust a little forward, inviting my hand, to what I can only imagine is a soft and sweet spot. You start moving your hips and moaning more and a little louder, enjoying my one hand on your nipple, and the other teasing your clit and lips. I kiss up to your ear and whisper that you have to open your eyes. You immediately lock eyes with MrP, his shirt is unbuttoned and he is rock hard in his pants. You let out a loud moan, your fantasy is coming true. He is on his last bit of self restraint, not jumping up, picking you up and taking you right there and then. 

Your hand moves down your body and you place it over mine, I immediately slow down, thinking that this is where it ends, but instead you move my hand inside your panty, and I hear you say; "More. Please, more." Fuck I think, if I was MrP I would be up right now, but he eagerly waits, knowing that the more she indulges in her fantasy, the more he will get to indulge in her pleasure. My hand on your breast moves down to remove your hand from mine and I use your hand to trace and tease your body. Your head is thrown on my shoulder again and I use your body to awaken all your nerve endings. 

My hand between your legs start slow, again up and down your slit. I whisper; "Hmmmm you are so wonderfully wet. I can see how much MrP is loving the view of you being worshiped and teased. Look up at him." You look up again and moan. He stands up, he's on his last bit of restraint, but I look up and shake my head. "Not yet." He almost looks like he wants to tell me that yes now, but instead doesn't move and continues to watch. 

I trace your hand over your lips and then bring it up to my lips to kiss your hands, fingers and wrist. My other hand have now started to trace your swollen lips, so wet after I teased your slit. The feeling of your wetness, your swollen lips and your body asking for MrP makes me moan and I lightly bite your shoulder. With the bite, my hand slides inside of you and you moan loudly. MrP takes a step forward, he starts to unbuttoned his pants, before they tear off of him. You see the desire and urgency in him and you bite your lip. 

I suddenly stop, your body drains of all pleasure and fills with disappointment. You both look at me with surprise. "MsP, lie on the bed and MrP, lie beside her." Just as you want to climb onto the bed I remember that you're clothed. I pull you back and while MrP gets comfortable on the bed, I undress you once more. I feel your body exhausted and unable to take another tease, but I'm going to try to push you a bit more. My hands move up your body, to your breasts. My fingers run over the lace and over your hard nipples, you sigh and throw your head back. I see your toes curl with torture and pleasure. 

I move my body away from yours and kiss down your spine, my hands moving to remove your bra. A sigh of relief as your breasts are released, and a sign of excitement from MrP. I move to the front of you move down with my lips. Kissing and nibbling down your chest, my tongue gliding around your erect nipples. I sit on the edge of the bed, moving down more. You look down and watch me, you catch me looking up at you, you moan again. It feels like with every moan, there is a gush of wetness to your sweet spot. I reach your panty and kiss your hipbone, giving you a little suck on the bone. 

I want to tease you much longer, I want to run my tongue up and down your lacey slit, I want you both begging for it, but I decide not. I pull your panties down, hard and fast. Another sigh of relief, as your now completely exposed to us, except for your stockings. I feel your anticipation, your need and your want for my lips on your swollen lips. I kiss you just above the slit, as my hands caress and squeeze your butt. I get up and I finally kiss you on your lips. You're taken a back, I've kissed and teased your whole body, but yet to kiss your lips. I kiss you hard and passionately. We both moan and melt into each other. My hands wrapped around your body, your hands feeling my breasts, we turn around and I lay you down on the bed. 

I break our kiss and move down your body with my lips. MrP does not miss a beat and his lips lock with yours, while his other hand cups your breast. I kiss down to the unattended breast and softly suck your nipple. Slow and soft sucks, while I hear the two of you moan above me, finally enjoying the tension that has been building up. I move down fast, your hips are already grinding and moving with want and need. My arms wrap around your thighs aggressively and my mouth devours your swollen lips. I suck your beautiful and wet lips, moaning as I taste you. I pull you in deeper into my mouth, you moan louder and I feel MrPs fingers, playing with your swollen clit. 

I lick harder and deeper, tasting every inch of your sweet spot, and your legs have now hooked over my shoulders and you've released MrP from his underwear. His hard member in your hand, being stroked slow but hard. I give you one last deep thrust with my tongue moving up to your clit and suck you hard. My hand travels up to MrP's thigh and I give him a squeeze just above the knee. And my mouth is replaced with his fingers as you two continue to kiss passionately. I move away from the bed and he moves on top of you, ready to slide himself inside of you. I quietly gather my handbag and coat and leave the room. I stand with my back against the wall next to the door and try to take in what just happened. 

I leave the hotel in a daze and in thought and fantasy of the sex the two of you are having now. Wishing I could watch, but I know that my time had come to end, for now. I drive home and as soon as I get inside my house, I see a text from you. 

"Wow. Thank you for the amazing evening. I don't have the words right now, but why did you leave?" I smile, knowing that this is an experience that I will keep with me and fantasize about a different ending each time. I reply; "I had an amazing time, but I know that if I ever wanted to be invited into your bubble again, there would be a time for me to leave. I hope we get to see each other again, but if we don't - tonight will be a night I will reply and fantasize about for the rest of my life. Love, Cat x"

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