Written by TanyaFantasy

07 Dec 2014

I walk into the lounge, my heels clickity click on the marble floor.

The room is barren save for a long, plush, leather chair. He sits quietly, watching me, eyes silently commanding me.

I reach behind my neck and undo my dress, the gossamer fine silk slips over my body, and succumbing to gravity, pools at my feet. I take one step forward and stand, hands on hips, breasts pushed forward, legs wide apart.

The heat in my groin has already made a wet patch in my panties, and his eyes narrow slightly as he sees it, and smells my musk.

My nipples are stiff against the elastic of my bra and my breasts ache for release. I walk slowly, seductively, twirl, and my bra flies off and my breasts jut proudly, rosy pink nipples crinkling in the sudden cool.

I carry on walking and my panties slip down my stockinged thighs and my smooth pussy gleams with my juices.

I reach him and and start undressing him. I straddle his lap and feel his cock thud impatiently against my cunt.

I take off his shirt first while he caresses my legs, but, butt, boobs, I kiss him deep and long and slow and we moan into each other's mouths.

I kiss his chest, work my way down to his trousers and pause just long enough to take them off.

His cock is pulsing, a deep angry red, swollen, the veins pumping hot blood. I can barely close my hand around it but my mouth has no problems.

As I take the head in I can taste his precum and I slip my tongue gently into his little hole and cup his heavy balls in my other hand. My lipstick mixed with his oozing precum lubricates his beautifully hard cock and I swallow him hole, his fire reaching deep into my throat.

I swallow and massage him with my throat muscles and he starts trembling, he's been rubbing my clit with a strong thumb and it's time.

His eyes widen as I lift one heel over his head and swivel, presenting him with my velvet cunt.

He wastes no time in burying his cock in me and o o o he's huge, he's hard, I cry out I think I'm going to tear but at the same time it feels just right.

He freezes inside me and I grip him with my cunt muscles and I feel his cock throb...throb...throb inside me and I squeeze...and relax....and squeeze....and aaaaah he slips a dildo in my ass switches it on and the vibrations travel through my body to his cock and my cunt squeezes and he can't hold any more and he pumps, pumps, and I shriek as I cum and his cum is thick and hot and there's no space in my spasming cunt for his jerking cock and cum and it runs out and I scoop it from between my legs and rub on my breast and he scoops some up and rubs it on my ass.

He removes the dildo and while I'm still shaking from the aftershocks he bends me over the couch and rams his fat hard core cock in my asse, I'm so stunned my breath is taken away but he doesn't stop he works harder and faster and each time he pumps all I can do is ah aha ah aaaah ah and it feels as if he grows bigger each time.

I lift up a leg to make more space and the smell of his cum mingled with the perfume of my groin and the sight and the feel of my leg in its stocking and he distracts me for a bit, until I realize he has more space to work and now he's fucking me hard, my other foot isn't even on the floor any more and my cunt explodes with orgasm again and he cums so deep inside me I can feel his cock against my spine.

As he slows down I spin around, I want his cum in my mouth and I'm lucky, he spills the last of his seed on to my face and I lap it up like its the best thing in the world.

I'm finished. I slip on to the floor, lay on my back, relish its cold against the heat of my skin, slide my cum soaked thighs against each other, cup my still pounding cunt. My heels raise my mound and they start to beat a gentle tattoo as I tap a finger against my clit.

Yes. More please.