Written by BigBadSexyWolf1980

19 Aug 2016

"I'm really rusty at this," I smiled shyly, "but would you hate me if I kissed you?" She smiled. "I mean, hate is a really strong word." Before I could think to stop myself, my lips are sealed to hers and she's pulling me into the kiss with her fists clenched in my hair like she needs me to breathe. I trembled violently. I have no idea what percentage of it was nerves, fear, or excitement. I reveled in the feeling of being wanted again, of being free to let my desire run free. It was like relearning how to be physical with another person after so long. Her nails were digging into my neck, her teeth were biting my lip, her hips were grinding against my thigh, reminding me that this was what passion felt like. It flooded me. While I groaned in desperate fury into her kiss, I was keenly aware of how drunk I was getting off of experiencing mutual need.

It wasn't long until my hand found its way under her shirt. She writhed her breast into the palm of my hand, pressing back with just as much enthusiasm, gasping into my mouth as I rolled her nipple between my fingers. She hissed and dragged her nails down my scalp. It felt so good, so familiar, but like a long lost sensation to have nails rake down my skin that I gasped aloud, realizing too late that her parents were asleep upstairs. "Yeah?" she grinned between kisses. I bit her shoulder, hard. She cried out louder than I had. I felt the waves of electricity rock her whole body underneath me. "Fuck yes!" I whispered a response before biting down again and again, making a trail up her neck. Each time my teeth sank into her, her nails dug deeper and deeper, her grip on my hair got tighter and tighter, and spasms rocked her body so hard I though she might have cum just from that.

"We should move to the bed," she panted. Even as I made to get up, she clutched onto me, holding me tight to her, dragging me back down to her lips. A minute later, the bedroom door was locked, giving us only superficial and completely irrelevant privacy. I tore her shirt off, made quick work of her bra, and shoved her hard onto the bed before taking one of her nipples into my mouth. She cried out again, hugging my head to her chest and wrapping her legs around my waist. She started to grind herself against me. Hard. I couldn't stop myself from moaning if I wanted to. I took that as a cue and ducked my hand beneath her skirt to find her dripping. Thinking back on it, I'm not sure why I was surprised, but I actually muttered "Holy fuck!" I went back to attacking her neck and shoulders while my middle finger circled her clit with furious abandon. I was operating on sheer adrenaline. My brain could only process one goal, and that was to ravage her with every ounce of strength that I had.

Her response was immediate. Her whole body shook with each circle my finger made and each time my teeth bit into her. A litany of moans, cries, gasps, "oh god!"s, and "fuck!"s poured from her lips and never stopped. Not even a minute later, her entire body seized, her nails clawed deep into my back, and her pussy trembled against my fingers. Her teeth bit into my neck so hard I nearly bled and she screamed into my shoulder at the top of her lungs, knowing her parents would hear. Neither of us could possible have given a fuck. "I want to taste you." I whispered, not giving her a chance to recover. Her hands tried to hold me, but I dodge her weak attempts. "Wait, I'm really sensitive." I knelt on the floor between her legs, peeling away her soaked, flowery panties. "Then I'll be really gentle."

Without waiting for a response, I skimmed my tongue over the entire length of her lips, just barely tickling her folds but collecting her cum on my tongue. I actually moaned at the taste. As gently and teasingly as I could, I traced the very edge of her lips, slowly up one side, then down the other, then back up, just barely running the length of her hood with no pressure at all, just to tease her.Her breathing came back down from the fevered pitch that it was, slowly shifting to easy, gentle breaths. I brought her down slowly, but wouldn't let her get all the way. Eventually my teasing got the better of her, and she began bucking wildly into my mouth."Are you sure you're ok down there?" She managed between gasps. My only response was to moan deeply as my tongue began to circle her clit with steadily growing pressure. "Oh, fuck! I'll take that as a yes!"

Her hands were everywhere, one second pulling my by my hair deeper into her, the next clutching at the bed sheets like she may fly away if she let go. Her hips danced with my tongue, emulating the circles I was making on her clit until I changed directions every minute or so, forcing a strangle gasp from her.Her cries built and built until finally she shouted my name, beat her fist into the comforter, pushed her entire torso off of the bed and into my mouth, and came with a vengeance.I had every intention of bringing her down slowly and maybe doing that another time or two, but as soon as her back hit the bed, her hands were dragging me up to kiss her. Her hands worked their way under my shirt and she shredded my back in one long, hard pass of her nails from my neck to my belt, all the while she was devouring my lips, literally licking and sucking her cum off of my lips, tongue, and chin.

"Fucking fuck!" She gasped between kisses.I grinned wildly. "Yeah?" She smiled the most beautiful smile. "I'm feeling like things really aren't fair right now." "Oh yeah? How?" "Well I'm basically naked," she said, tugging at my shirt, "and you still have all of your cloths." I chuckled. "And who's fault is that?" She rolled her eyes and stripped me of my shirt. She began kissing my chest and shoulders as soon as they were revealed, running her hands up and down my back. I couldn't help but sigh. I actually felt quite guilty for having her attention focused on me, so I grabbed her face and crushed my lips into hers. She moaned into my kiss, her fingers immediately digging into my back. Our kisses got hotter and hotter, each of us totally incapable of resisting each other, until she was again grinding into me. While one hand held my lips to hers, another snaked its way into the back of my pants, desperately forcing me to grind my still jeans clad cock into her already thoroughly abused pussy.

Eventually she tired of that and undid my belt and pants in about five seconds flat. Her hand shot into my pants and began stroking my cock, drawing a moan from me."Yeah?" She teased, grinning into my kiss. She pressed her forehead to mine, watching my every reaction. Again, she raked her nails across my back and I shouted mindlessly in euphoria. She smiled wickedly. I tried to kiss her, but she sank deeper into the pillows, keeping her lips teasingly close, yet just out of reach. As soon as I had her cornered, she grabbed a handful of my hair. I gasped. Her fingers began rolling my balls gently, a totally new sensation that made me sigh. "Mmm, good?" I could only nod, and even then only as much as her grip on my hair would let me.

With surprising strength, she pushed me over onto my back. Before I could even react, she had my cock down her throat, forcing herself to gag on it over and over while her fingers still gently massaged my balls. I was speechless, genuinely flabbergasted. I'd never thought that this woman that I'd known for years would be this much of a rock star in bed. When my senses came back to me, all I could do was moan uncontrollably from deep, deep down in me and thread my fingers through her hair."You good?" She asked mockingly. I could only nod, and then gasp aloud as she dove back down on my entire length. I started feeling guilty again for being the center of attention, but was helpless to do anything. Eventually I just threw an arm over my eyes and laughed openly in pure happiness."What?" She smiled up at me.

I grabbed the back of her head and crushed her lips to mine, willing her to know how much this all meant to me through sheer passion. "You," I finally whispered, pressing my forehead to hers. She smiled. That fucking smile. Without a word being spoken, she grabbed a condom, rolled it on me, straddled my hips, lined me up, and sank down slowly. So fucking slowly. We both groaned in unison, our foreheads still pressed together. She began shifting up an inch, then down an inch, slowly working more and more of my length into her body. I let out a breath that i didn't even know I was holding when her hips met mine. We kissed tenderly while she began to grind on me, occasionally punctuating the sound of our bodies moving together with a gasp, moan, or sigh.

I ran my hands up and down her back, down her thighs, and up her chest, treasuring every inch of this incredible woman. Slowly, her pace quickened. My fingers began digging in, leaving marks to match the collection that was accumulating on my own back. I moved my kisses to her neck while she cradled my head to her and let out progressively louder sighs. Her grinding became more insistent, then outright aggressive. Finally, she tightened her fingers in my hair. Her hips quivered on top of me. In that instant right before she came, I took a massive bite into her neck. She jerked, every part of her going stiff while she exploded over the edge. She came and came, shuddering on top of me, gripping my cock with her inner muscles. I held her tight to me, but her nails were ripping up my back and neck in a frenzy, her face buried in my hair. When it finally passed, she fell forward onto me, pushing me backward onto the bed.

She began giggling through the exhaustion."What?" I asked, smiling down at her face buried in my chest. She smiled back up at me. "You."I smiled and kissed her forehead. We both clearly needed a minute. We spent half an hour holding each other, me running my fingers through her hair, her skimming her fingers up and down my side. We talked, sharing our feelings and thoughts so far, all much more positive than I'd expected to hear at the beginning of the night. I found myself getting lost in the feeling of holding someone and being held, of knowing that this is right. I drifted in the sensations of running my hands over a lover's body, feeling her warmth and curves, appreciating every inch of her. Honestly, I could have fallen asleep then, holding Ruby in my arms and being held with just as much intensity. "What are you thinking about?" She whispered, looking up at me. I smiled warmly. "I just want to kiss you." She smiled back. "Then why aren't you?"

I bit my lip in nervous happiness and drew her up to me. For a time, we stayed like that, just kissing each other, running our hands over each other, feeling each others' body against ours. Subtle shifts this way or that sent waves of intimacy through me. I'm a giver though, and my sex drive would not stay content for long. Still, I was enjoying the moment too much to change it. I decided to compromise, eventually running one hand between her thighs, which she eagerly opened for me. I traced her lips, again just caressing her outer wetness. She sighed. For a few minutes, that was it. Just up and down one side, then the other, then just barely tracing between them, each stroke as leisurely and relaxed as our kissing. Then I started to just barely run the tip of my finger down her hood, all the way down to the base of her opening. Each time I reached her clit, she would give a little gasp. Every time I brushed against her opening, she would give a little moan. Eventually, I found that the gasps for her clit were pretty static, while the moans for her opening grew and grew. I began to circle the tight ring of muscle, making her groan into my lips. I let my touch wander back up to caress this side and then the other, casually teasing her. Then back down to a moan, up to a gasp, down to a larger moan.

Finally, i pushed one finger just inside of her. She stiffened and clutched onto me. Her tempo had shifted, but I was determined to keep this going. Slowly, gently, I rolled my finger up into the roof if her tunnel, feeling her whole body undulate with me. Slowly, teasingly, gently, over and over. Her moans turned to whimers, then quiet squeaks and "fuck!"s. One hand held my head tight to her, the other dug her nails into anything she could find. Still, while she was shuddering, frantically clawing, and undulating her whole body to a faster pace than I was setting, I stayed true. I didn't care if this made her take three hours to cum, I wanted to enjoy this. She had other plans though, and started physically forcing me to go faster. Her hand clutched my wrist, moving it to her needs, complimented by her hips writhing in time. Well fine.

I rolled us over so that I was on top, and began ever so slightly building speed and pressure. Not all at once, but working her up higher and higher, touching her harder, faster. Every muscle in her body slowly tensed, building and building to what promised to be a great orgasm.Finally, she came, holding onto me for dear life, her face buried in my chest, her body completely curled in on itself, convulsing as wave after wave rocked her to the core. All I could do was hold her tight. She didn't even stop cumming before her hands and mouth were all over my cock. She would force herself down my length as an aftershock passed through her, simultaneously gagging and crying out onto my cock for about fifteen seconds. Then, she laid back and pulled me into her with everything that she had. Her legs clutched my hips, one hand pulled me into a kiss, and the other fed my length into her still squirming cunt. She shouted into our kiss as soon as my head passed into her, clutching and clawing my back, chest, and arms as inch after inch filled her.

"Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!" She whispered frantically as I bottomed out.Together, we ravaged each other savagely. There was nothing gentle or teasing about it. We fucked each other with equal ferocity, me plowing her into the bed and her all but climbing on me to thrust her cunt up around my cock. Her teeth found my neck, biting me deliciously over and over while her nails destroyed my back. At two o'clock in the morning, every neighbor knew exactly what was happening in her bedroom. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, sometimes words, sometimes just screaming. I felt myself building, a tension tightening inside of me. I wasn't going to last much longer."God, Ruby!"I gasped. "Fuck me! Fuck me!""I'm close!""Me too! Oh fuck, me too! Ohhh!"

She crashed over the edge, clutching onto me again while her whole self came crashing down. I felt a wave of warmth burst inside of her, and it set me off. I thrust myself as deep into her as possible, feeling her grind herself back into me, knowing what was coming, wanting it as deep inside of her as physically possible, and the dams broke. It shook me to the core. I felt my bones shift, vertebrae pop, and I think my heart might have stopped. I let out a silent scream so powerful I thought I'd lost my voice. I bent her metal bed frame, I was gripping it so hard. At some point, I lost track of time. My senses blurred together, all that existed was this incredible woman who was cumming with me, just as hard as me, and we were holding onto each other like there was nothing else in the world. At some point, one of us said, "It's ok, I've got you," but when the smoke cleared, neither of us could remember who said it.