Written by Rocketman

06 May 2015

It is Saturday morning and l arrive at your house as arranged. I knock on the door and you open it shyly. In the flesh you are even more alluring than in your photos. Your striking pale blue eyes are the first thing one notices. You greet me demurely and invite me in. I wait as you close and lock the door the follow you to the couch. As l follow l notice you have prepared well for the massage as your long black hair is tied up in a ponytail high up on your head so as to keep it out of the oil. You are also wearing a loose white t-shirt and what appear to be long pink satin-like pj pants.

Before we get to the couch you turn and ask me if l would like coffee before we start. Knowning how nervous you are l accept. I sit down on the couch and leave you to go make coffee in the kitchen - giving you time to calm your nerves. You return with the coffee, hand me mine then sit down next to me with you legs curled up beneath your bum. Your body language has changed a little - you have relaxed a little and you sit facing me - a good start as it means you are opening up to the possibilities. You hold your cup in both palms as you sip your coffee and your eyes smile at me over the brim as we chat and as l lovingly stroke your forearm. You are still nervous but your body is begining to betray your arousal - your cheeks are a little flushed and your nipples erect and clearly visible through the cotton t-shirt.

When we have finished our coffee l ask you if we are going to do this or not. You smile, stand, offer me your hand and lead me to the bedroom. There too l see you have prepared well. You have covered your bed with a large towel and have placed two more on the nightstand. The heater is on and you were very clever by placing the bottle of baby oil in front of it to heat up. As l remove my ring and watch l tell you to undress and lie down on the bed on your stomach. As l turn around to face you l see you drop your satin pj pants in a pool around your feet and step out of them. Then you lift your arms in an invitation to me to remove your t-shirt. I do this gladly and as l pull it over your head, l kiss you gently on the forehead as l softly stroke your round smooth breasts. You pull back and smile ar me - no longer shy as you are totally comfortable in the magnificence of you nude body.

As you lie down on the bed as instructed, l pour a liberal amount of the warm oul onto my hands and your back and quickly spread it all over your shoulders, back, bum and back of your legs. Then l start by gently but firmly massaging your neck and shoulders. As l feel the tension and knots disappear from your muscles you let out a series of little moans of pleasure. I slowly move down to your lower back and bum. As l massage the beautiful round cheeks of you bum, l tease and tickle the opening of your anus with my slick finger tip. This has you thrusting up towards my hands. I trail my fingers between the crack and flick at your labia that are swelling with arousal.

Before you get to aroused though l move quickly down and begin to massage your feet and toes. I do this for a while and every now and then illicit a groan of pleasure from you as l take your toes in my mouth and suck them. Then l turn to your calves and the back of your thighs. I massage your legs thoroughly but avoid touching your pussy. Whenever l come near it you thrust up or from side to side trying to get me to touch it. By now you are totally relaxed but fully aroused. You have spread your legs giving me a perfect view of you beautiful clean shaven pussy that is now wet and swollen in arousal and the lips have opened like the petals of a rose. Finally l give in to your silent pleas and cup your whole cunt in my hand and squeeze it firmly while sliding my middle finger in and gently finger fucking you. As l do this l can feel your muscles tremble and pulsate around my finger and l know you are very near to orgasm.

To your dismay l stop my finger fucking and order you to turn over onto your back. You protest and beg me to continue but eventually do as asked. When you are on your back the full extent of your arousal is now clearly visible - not only are your nipples erect, but areoles too are swollen and standing proud. I take more oil and spread it over your magnificent round tits, stomach and thighs. I start by massaging your thighs which cause you to bend you legs and spread your thighs - willing me to return to playing with your pussy. Once again to loud protestations l move away from your legs and begin to gently massage your breasts. I avoid contact with your nipples for what seems ages. This makes you wild and you beg me to touch them. When l finally give in, l rub them between thumb and forefinger and pinch and twist them hard. This makes you cry out in pain and pleasure. Then l lean in and take them in my mouth and suck and nibble them while my hand slides down your stomach and my hand cups your pussy. As l continue to suck and bite you nipples, l slip first one then two fingers between your swollen pussy lips and begin to slowly finger fuck you again. Again l can feel you pussy muscles clamp down on my finger willing me to go faster and harder as your orgasm builds.

I know now that you are about to bubble over. So without stopping the movement of my fingers in and out of your hot wet pussy, l leave your nipples and quickly position myself between your legs. With my left hand l spread your pussy lips to reveal the hard nub of your clit and I lean in and flick at it with my tongue. This makes you buck and moan and cause your muscles to clamp down even tighter on my fingers. Then to your utter delight l take your clit into my mouth and begin to suck it hard while continuing to rub your g-spot with my fingers. You scream out that you are about to cum. I move slightly away as you arch your back and thrust your pussy out even further. Suddenly your orgasm erupts and a stream of cum squirts out in an arch drenching my face and beard. I continue to finger fuck you as you cum and resume sucking your clit. This drives you more insane an orgasm after orgasm floods over you and you continue to squirt which l continue to lap up with glee.

Eventually l relent and stop my fingers and mouth so that you can relax and recover. When you regain some form of normality in your breathing you as me to please undress and lie with you. I quickly comply and as you snuggle into my chest, you take my throbbing cock in your hand and begin to stroke it gently. You look up at me with those amazing eyes and with a smile you tell me as soon as you have recovered a little you are going to suck my cock and then fuck my brains out.

With that and with my cock still firmly in your grip, you slip off into a wonderful post orgasmic nap to regain your strengths to fulfil your promises........