Written by mmametsa123

07 Oct 2014

Her T journey was now taking her to places that she had never imagined she would go. From an occasional dresser she was now living full time as the kept woman of Brian. Gradually her perspective had altered, from the tentative T curious girl of a year or so ago, to the cock hungry woman she had now become. And her urge to explore, far from being satisfied, was now greater than ever.

Brian had warned her that he was going to be away on business that night, leaving Lucy alone, and frustrated. Her wifely duties had got her used to regular sex, and now she was without. But she also secretly wanted to explore another fantasy. She had been fantasizing about sucking a big black cock for a long time. Looking at websites and pictures on the net, she was mesmerized by the sight of black cock. Perhaps this was her chance?

She went on the web and found a site that listed glory holes in the area and posted a note asking which ones were frequented by black guys. After a couple of days, she received a response from a guy who pointed out two movie theatres in the area that were frequented by blacks. He assured her that she would find black cock there, they were in black neighbourhoods, and were known as places where white girls went to suck black cock. He cautioned her to be careful because the area was not too safe at night, but he said that once she was in the theatre, she would be fine. But he also gave her what seemed like a strange warning. He told her to be careful with black cock. He said that there were girls who started sucking black cock out of curiosity, but then became addicted. Once they were hooked, they started going to look for black cock anywhere they could, and would put themselves in compromising situations just to satisfy their lust. He said that there were black guys who knew this, and took advantage of these black addicted crazed cocksuckers.

That night, she decided it was time to check the place out. She dressed simply, as she didn't want to attract too much attention on the street, a knee length denim skirt, 3/4 sleeved pink v neck jumper, pink bra and panties and cream coloured high heeled strappy sandals. Some basic make up and a dash or two of strategically squirted perfume and she was done, apart from applying the final touches to her pink lipstick which she hoped would soon be smeared all over black cock meat before the night was out.

She waited until late to avoid the traffic. The old movie theatre was open all night and the listings said played straight and bi movies. She parked her car a couple of blocks down the street and walked to the theatre. There were some black guys standing outside smoking, but there didn't seem to be much action going on. She walked past them and heard one of them snicker and say something she couldn't make out. The others just smiled and glanced at her. She remembered what the guy on the website had said, that this place was known for white girls looking to suck black cock and she thought these guys outside were thinking that about her and laughing. The feeling was strange. She was aroused at the thought of finally sucking a black cock, but also at the thought of them knowing why she was there. She walked inside and paid the entrance fee. The guy behind the counter said nothing and barely noticed her.

She walked through some heavy velvet curtains to see a straight porn movieplaying . There were three guys fucking a woman silly. As her eyes adjusted to the dark, she could make out peoples' heads in the seats. There were only about six people sitting and watching the movie. She remembered on the webpage it had described the place and the posting had said that there were glory-holes to the right of the screeen. She walked towards the right and saw a faint red light indicating another doorway covered with heavy velvet. She walked through and down a corridor. The place was very dimly lit and she was barely able to see anything. Then she saw them, the glory-holes.

There was a partition along the hallway with a small sign that said feeders and eaters, with arrows pointing to the left for the feeders, and right for the eaters. She knew what she was here for, so she went to the right. There were a series of holes cut in the partition wall with small dividers separating them, kind of like a men's bathroom with urinals. There seemed to be no one around, apparently, she was the only eater. So she went down the hallway and picked a hole far down where nobody could see her, protected by the darkness of the place. In front of each hole, there were small stools, so she sat down and waited to see what happened. She waited for what seemed like forever, but she finally heard someone walking down the other side of the hallway. Her heart started pounded. She was nervous because not only was this going to be her first black cock, but she had never been in a glory-hole before. She suddenly heard someone stop in front ,the hole was big enough for her to see there was someone there, but it was so dark that she couldn't make out much more through the hole.

As she waited in anticipation, she was startled by a low voice:

"You ready for some dick?"

She was caught off guard by this but was immediately excited and more nervous because the voice was definitely a black guy's voice. She hesitated but, finally responded feebly in the affirmative. She heard a zipper go down and some ruffling of clothes, making her even more nervous and excited. Then she saw a large black cock start to slide through and point towards her. It was fat and big, cut and semi-hard already. It must have been eight or nine inches, at least the part sticking through the hole was! She just stared at it for a second. It looked hot sticking through the wall and throbbing, pointing at her face. She started to get really horny just looking at it. The voice asked:

"You gonna suck it or what?"

This brought her out of her trance and she knew it was the moment of truth. She reached up , grabbed the hot throbbing cock in her hand and slowly started to massage it, making it harder as she did so. Then she just plunged in and did what she had come for, she opened her mouth and slid the cock in as far as it would go and started to suck it slowly, moving her mouth back and forth along the hard shaft. She knew she was doing OK because she could hear him moan, his cock was clean and he had a musky masculine smell to him. The taste of his cock immediately made her mouth salivate and she made slurping sounds as she sucked on his cock. She was becoming intoxicated by the taste and smell of his black cock in her mouth. She let go of his cock and got on her knees with her hands pressed against the wall. Her body connected to the cock sticking through the hole only through her mouth, her head moving slowly back and forth and sliding her lips and tongue along his hard black cock shaft. The more she established a rhythm of sucking, the more she started to moan and slobber all over his cock. He started moaning louder and louder:

"Oh fuck yeah, suck that cock! Suck it good."

She was getting hot as hell and started taking more of his cock into her mouth until her nose and lips were starting to touch the wall. She was in such a passion that she did not even think about the dirty wall! She started moaning like crazy, unaware of what she was doing, not realizing she was probably making a lot of noise. Her mouth continued to water and saliva was now dripping out of the sides of her mouth as she furiously sucked on this black cock. She was in a trance of black cock.

The sound of the guy moaning and saying:"Suck it, suck it good cocksucker. That's it. Oh yeah, don't stop," only made her hotter.

She was obviously doing a good job and all she wanted at that moment was to please him and make him cum in her mouth. She wanted to taste the cum of a black cock, she wanted to feel it explode in her mouth.

"Oh fuck, take it, take it all cocksucker" the voice moaned, and he started to cum in her mouth.

She felt his cum hit the back of her throat and her tongue with force. He was cumming like crazy! She swallowed as fast as she could, but this guy just kept cumming and it started to come out the sides of her mouth. She simply kept sucking feverishly and tried to swallow as much as she could.

"Clean it up cocksucker, lick it clean for me," he urged.

And she did what she was asked. She was in a total state of frenzy, a feeding frenzy if you will. She wanted more black cock, and she was not finished yet.She was going to get it. As she licked his cock clean, he said,

"Oh yeah, you a good cocksucker, girl. That was some good sucking. You one of them white girls that like black cock, aren't you cocksucker?"

As she continued to lick his cock, she mumbled,

"Yes, I love black cock."

She didn't even realize what she was saying at that point, she was still mesmerised by the smell and taste of his cock and the feeling of it sliding in and out of my mouth, and all she wanted was more!

"I got more black dick for you if you want it," he said.

"Yes, I want more black cock," She replied as she was still licking his semi-hard cock, sliding her tongue up and down the sides and wishing she could taste his balls that were stuck on the other side of the hole.

"Meet me in the bathroom in five minutes and I'll give you all the black cock you could want."

When he said this, he slid his cock back through the hole and she was left on her knees with her mouth wanting more. Still in her frenzy of cock, and flushed by the new experience of sucking black cock, she got up and went to the bathroom. She had to go through the screening room to get to the bathroom, and two guys watching the movie looked over at her as she came out. They obviously knew what she had been doing, because they had probably seen the black guy walk out before her. When she reached that bathroom, she looked in the mirror and saw that she had some streaks of cum on her chin and hair, and then it struck her, she had just sucked a black guy's cock in a movie theatre and he must have cum so much and with such force that she had not even noticed the cum on her face! If she hadn't come to the bathroom, she would have walked outside like this!

She began to come out of the cock haze she had been in and started to clean up. She was getting a little nervous again but all she could do was think about what she had just done. She could not get that cock out of her mind. She was going over the scene in my head in detail, she was almost consumed with the idea of the cock she had just sucked - and also confused and nervous. She had almost forgotten she had said she would meet the guy in the bathroom, and then the door to the bathroom opened.

Three black guys walked in. One guy was in his late thirties or so and well built, the other two were younger, maybe late twenties or early thirties and they were all well built.

"This is the cocksucker I was telling you about," said the older first guy.

He was obviously the guy I had just sucked.

"This bitch just sucked the hell out of my dick and wants more cock, and she loves black cock," he said with a smile on his face.

She just stood there in a bit of shock. This guy had just walked into the bathroom with two other black guys and he was calling her a bitch and a cocksucker and saying she loved black cock, she couldn't believe what she had gotten herself into!

"She swallowed all my nuts and licked my dick clean. You should have heard this bitch moaning on my dick! We got ourselves a white cocksucker that likes black cock."

They smiled as he said this.

"Look at this cocksucker, her lips are drooling just thinking about sucking more black cock!"

"Let's give her some then."

The two younger ones started to unzip their pants and move towards her. She stopped frozen in place, not sure what to do, but the sight of their cocks dangling in the air and walking towards her was mesmerising. She couldn't take her eyes off them. They dangled obscenely in from of her, large and throbbing, two black cocks ready for sucking.

"Let's go, bitch, start sucking."

She just dropped to her knees in front of them and grabbed one cock in each hand. As she licked one of them, she massaged the other with her hand. She traded off from one to the other, licking the heads and the shafts of their cocks in turn. She noticed that one of the guys she was sucking had huge balls and she thought of the amount of cum that they must hold. She raised his cock up and begin to lick and suck at his ball sack. They were all moaning and making lewd comments about her. The older guy was just watching and smiling.

"Suck that dick, cocksucker. Suck it good, bitch. Eat that black dick!"

As they get hotter at the feeling of her sucking, they began to grab her head by the hair and pull her head towards them, forcing her to take more of their cocks, guiding her from one cock to the next. As she sucked one cock deep, the other one was rubbed across her face and placed on my head, resting there like some sort of obscene hat, the balls pressing against the side of her face. The two guys she was sucking laughed at the sight of this,

"Look at this cocksucking bitch! You love black dick all over you, don't you, bitch? Look at me when I talk to you cocksucker!"

She looked up at them with a cock still in her mouth.

"You love black dick, don't you?"

As she tried to answer, the one asking pressed her head towards his cock . They laughed some more. She was now switching from one cock to the other, saliva and had precum all over her face, neck and hair. She was smeared with the smell of their cocks and balls all over her. She sucked and moaned moving furiously from one cock to the next, back in her cock daze and wanting them to come in her mouth and on her face. As she sucked on their huge cocks, she massaged their balls with her hands. She could feel them boiling up to bursting point and knew they were going to spunk all over her.

"Oh fuck, swallow that cum, bitch."

She tried to swallow all she could. One pulled out of her mouth and as she went to suck the other one, the one with the really big balls exploded. Cum dripped out of her mouth and down her chin, a trail of cum hung from the tip of his cock to the side of her face when she went to take the other one in her mouth. She sucked hard, wanting him to cum also. While she sucked, the one who had just cum smeared the side of her face with the leftover cum from his cock. She was covered in cum now.

"Look at that cocksucker. This bitch is hungry for black cock, can't get enough cum. You nasty ass bitch, full of cum on your face!"

He slapped her face with his cock. But Lucy just closed her eyes and kept sucking the second cock, waiting for the eruption of cum from those huge balls.

"You want my nut cream, bitch?," asked the second one.

"Mmmmm, mmmm," is all Lucy could manage as she sucked and looked up at his face.

She could feel his balls shifting in her hand and she knew he was getting ready to cum. She sucked and licked one last time. It was all he needed.

"I'm gonna fill you with cum, slut! Eat it all, bitch. Ahhhhh!," he cried as he ejaculated glob after glob into her mouth.

He pushed her head back and took his cock out of her mouth and continued to shoot loads of cum on her face. She opened her mouth but he shot past it so that she was lashed by hot and thick strings of cum across her face, from her forehead to her chin. Her d├ęcolletage was obscenely splattered with slippery sliding blobs of black cum drawn into the v of her cleavage.

"Lick it up cocksucker. Man, you was right, this bitch is a real cocksucking whore. You love black dick, don't you, whore?"

When she didn't answer, he pulled her head back by her hair.

"I said, you love black dick, don't you slut?"

"Yes, sir, I love black cock," She responded feebly.

They laughed as she continued to suck and lick and clean up all the cum on their cocks. The older guy, who has been watching this spectacle all along laughed;

"I told you this bitch was a real cocksucker. I told you we found ourselves a real cocksucker, a white girl that loves the taste of black cock in her mouth! This bitch can't get enough black cock now."

She was left humiliated and exhausted, kneeling on the floor of the bathroom, awash with the cum of three black men. As she tried to wipe some of the cum from her face, she remembered the warning the internet guy gave her about black cock. And he had been right, she had loved it. But she hadn't taken it up the ass, and so in her own mind she had not been THAT unfaithful to Brian.

Leaving the theatre the cool night air swished between her legs. The groups of men were still there, looking at her, knowing that she had sampled cock that night. The light tapping of her heels as she walked taunted those who had not sampled her delights.